That Awkward Moment Drake and Rihanna Bumped Into Each Other at Mutual Friend’s Son’s Birthday [WATCH]

On April 12, 2017 0 Comment

Celebrity exes, Drake and Rihanna on Sunday ran into each other at their mutual friend, model Cappadonna’s son’s 1st birthday party.

Obviously, running into your old flame unexpectedly has to be the most awkward things to happen. But bumping into each other at a children’s party has to be even more awkward.

From the snaps and pictures that ended up on the Internet over the weekend, it definitely seemed that way for Drake and Rihanna, who were spotted at a children’s birthday party for a mutual friend.

From one of the Snapchat videos that surfaced, the two can be seen hanging out on different sides of the party, which is kind of weird, given the fact that these two are usually seen all buddied up whenever they’re together.



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