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6 Ways To Prevent Hard Drives From Being Corrupted



Losing data can be an extremely frustrating experience, especially for business owners, employees or students. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 6 ways to prevent your hard drive from being corrupted and prevent the incidence of data loss or hard drive failure.

Proactively Monitor the Health of the Hard Drive

Users should proactively monitor the health of the hard drive regularly with the S.M.A.R.T tool (if your hard drive is compatible with it), to help detect errors or issues on the hard drive. The S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology System) tool basically advises users about the condition of the hard drive and promptly informs of error or issues on the drive.

Use a Very Good Antivirus Software on Your System and Update It Often

Having a good antivirus software installed on your computer system is very important because you typically share applications, documents and files between your system and hard drive. Malware infection is one of the major causes of hard drive corruption. A good antivirus software helps to prevent malware infections and thus prevent hard drive corruption.

Properly Eject Hard Drives from Computer Systems

When you want to remove an external hard drive from a computer system, you remove it through the ‘safely remove’ option rather than just yanking it out. This eliminates the risk of electrical damage when the power to the drive is shut down.

Take Proper Care of the Hard Drive

Due to how portable external hard drives are, there is the risk of unconsciously manhandling them when you carry them around. It is ill-advised to move or bang these devices at any point. It is also advisable to carry hard drives around in a soft case to protect it from any damaging impact, especially those that can harm the magnetic media of the hard drive.

Avoid Using the Hard Drive Near Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can damage the electronic components of the hard drive. Exposing the hard drive to solar flares can also corrupt the data in the RAM. Suitable temperatures and proper airflow should be available to the hard drive to prevent data corruption and loss. It is more appropriate to use a hard drive at room temperature.

Avoid Using Hard Drives with Unstable Power Supply

Power surges and sags are bad for hard drives especially for those in a computer system. Ensure there is good quality and uninterrupted power supply when making use of hard drives, either external hard drives or system hard drives, because power surges, unstable or poor quality power supply is one of the major causes of hard drive corruption and failure. A UPS is great for helping to regulate power supply.

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BREAKING: Google Is Now A $1 Trillion Company



Google has recorded a milestone achievement of $1 trillion, joining the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

The search engine company was able to achieve the feat on Thursday, after its parent company, Alphabet ended the day’s trading at $1,451.70 per share, up 0.87 percent.

With Thursday’s achievement, Google became the fourth S&P 500 component to top the lofty level. Business Insider reported that while Apple and Microsoft are still valued at more than $1 trillion, Amazon which was the second US firm to ever hit the $1 trillion level back in September 2018 has since fallen below the number.

This is the first time that three American companies are worth at least $1 trillion at the same time. The most valuable company on the planet is still the oil giant Saudi Aramco, who went public last month at a valuation of $2 trillion and is currently worth around $1.8 trillion.

Alphabet’s record market valuation came after a historic change in leadership at the company. Recall that Sundar Pichai became the CEO of both Google and Alphabet after co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced that they would step back from the company which they founded in 1998.

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Apple App Store Breaks Record, Earns $386m In A Single Day



Apple has reportedly broken a record by earning $386m from its app store in one day.

The App Store revenue for 2019 was record breaking and so was the amount earned just between Christmas Eve and New Year. The app store racked in a sum total of $1.42 billion between Christmas and New Year Day alone.

This is a 20% increase from 2019. 2019 was a great year for Apple as it was the launch of the Apple TV+, News+ and Arcade. Combined with Apple Music and Apple Pay.

However, Apple did not indicate the exact numbers each service brought but noted that Apple TV app will be coming to LG, Sony and VIZIO smart TVs.

Apple paid developers $38B in 2019, a quarter of what they’ve earned since the App Store launched in 2008 which is $155B.

Also Developers were paid $34B in 2018.

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BEWARE: Your BANK Account Could Be Emptied Without An Alert → SEE HOW!



bank hack

Dear All, Please let’s be very careful.. There is a new HIGH TECH FRAUD in town called the SIM SWAP FRAUD, and hundreds of persons are already VICTIMS.

How does it work?

  1. A new fraud called SIM SWAP has started. Your phone network will momentarily go blind / zero (No Signal / Zero Bars) and after a while a call will come through.
  2. The Person on the other end of the call will tell you that he is calling from (your cell phone company) depending on your network and that there is a problem in your mobile network.
  3. He will instruct you to Please press 1 on your phone to get the network back.

Please at this stage don’t Press anything, Just cut or END the call

If you press 1, the network will appear suddenly and almost immediately go blind again (Zero Bars) and by that action, your phone is #HACKED.

Within a second they will empty your bank account, thereby causing you untold damage.

– What you will experience –

It will appear as though your line is without Network, meanwhile your SIM has been SWAPPED.
The danger here is that, you will not get any alert of any transactions, so please those of us doing USSD Banking and Mobile Banking BEWARE. Let’s be very careful.

Please, share this article to your contacts, loved ones and friends. The fraud is increasing day by day.

Message from: a Cybersecurity Group

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