“Go Home And Stop Your Hopeless Agitation, Igbo People Are Not Interested In Biafra” – Joe Igbokwe Tells Nnamdi Kanu

On April 26, 2017 172 Comments

Joe Igbokwe, the Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) in Lagos State has advised Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the

Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) to go home and stop his hopeless agitation for the realisation of Biafra.

Speaking in a chat with Independent, Igbokwe while reacting to the bail granted the IPOB leader said Igbo people are not interested in Biafra republic.


Describing the agitators as collection of illiterates who are just wasting their time and energy, Igbokwe said the leaders of IPOB are only using the Biafra agitation to dupe gullible ones of their money.

” Now that he has been granted bail, he should just quietly go home and rest. We are not a candidate of Biafra. They are just dissipating their energy for nothing. I just hope he will just go home quietly and stop disturbing the peace of the country”.

“We are not for Biafra. We can’t build Nigeria for others.The so-called Biafra is too small for us. Nigeria provides a big stage for us. We own this country. We are a major ethnic group in this country. How can you go for a small pond when you have Atlantic Ocean?”

“So Nnamdi Kanu should go home quietly. He should stop his reckless and stupid agitation. The agitation has no political or economic sense”.


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    On a very good authority, I heard that josephat igbokwe washes under wears for remi tinubu. this bastard’s real biological father is muhammed ismaila zamfara. so no one should wonder where he is coming from.

  2. Uc Hans says:

    Idiotic fool, you and your family member Evans (the billionaire kidnapper) should hide ur face in shame. I hard that you were the one who has been supplying him with information of those to be kidnapped. You time with the law is here, fool.

  3. Rufus Emmanuel Chinonso says:

    @Igbokwe or whatever, I think you need a medical check up, you are one of the problem we have in Nigeria, all other leader like you are suppose to have some medical attention before coming out for any election, All our leader in this country which includes you needs medical attention, you are saying this rubbish because you have your children abraod, you don’t understand the death and surfering of the people you are leading

  4. Igwe Innocent Nkemakolam says:

    Whatever…keep broadcasting what ever you like whether it’s true or not. The only thing I can remind those that reads bible is this. Even when the children of Israel get to the point that Moses sent some men to go and observe the promise land . When they came back, 98% were afraid and they said to Moses they can’t take that land because of the hefty men and army they saw in that land that God has already promised them..but what happened next? Only Joshua and keleb could stand strong and said they can make it and they will take the land and all they that said they can’t take it ended up dying without entering the promise land. So my fellow biafrans, to me..I believe in dream since I was born and it has always favoured me..any igbo man or woman who has in one way or the orther betrayed us by saying one discouraging words or the order..my prayer daily is that they will never witness that biafria..even if God is going to approve it next year..all of them that are from igbo land saying they don’t need it..they will all die before then !!! I believe in biafra !!!

    • Ike Asonye says:

      #Biafra or Death . We will give it to Nigeria anyhow they want it . Peaceful option or total chaos . They should make their choice because either way Biafra will win because whichever way it goes Will end Nigeria .

  5. Okorie Okafor says:

    Joe igbokwe u r a lost sheep already a criminal like u who ran away from his home town after stealing with Eddy Nnogu to is not qualify to speak concerning Biafra, already you are a slave where u are

    • Ndubuisi Morris says:

      @hassan if Fulani or north provide us food for Biafra land, or any part of South’s how then is there hunger and poverty in the Northern region?……. You can’t force Igbo’s who are mainly Catholics, who feed thousands and million of beggars from northern regions, you can’t force them with lies to remain with you in Nigeria. Go to most Catholic Parishes and Southern churches and see hundreds and thousand northern beggars but can you find Christian destitute on your Mosques? Yet this are people you kind love to hate, I keep saying this, the only people in south giving you northerners the audacity to claim Lordship over others are the Yoruba’s and they are doing this out of greed not because they truly love Nigeria. Well history with you northerners and Yoruba’s has shown you don’t like yourselves, the people that make you One are the same Igbo’s and South you call Iyanmiri….. Nigeria will continue to suffer because we hate truths. Lies can never make a country.

  6. Chimuanya Ambrose says:

    Pls oriental times, has this man gone deaf and dumb since after this post some months back- because I have not heard of him again since then not even after the 30th of May sit at home. Biafra is a spirit.

  7. Ugwu Christian says:

    joe igbokwe or what ever they call you are you speaking for your self or for ndigbo in general.hav u make your consultationa bc as much i kw u are not speaking for the igbo youths.idolt

  8. Makachika Karicha says:

    Psychiatric Test Conducted On Kanu When, He Was In Kuje Prison Prove That He Is Suffering From Schizophrenia, A Mental Disorder That The Prison Cant Handle And The Court Have To Grant Him Bail On Health Ground. Kanu Is Also Possessed By Evil Spirits.

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