BIAFRA: We Are Ready For Discussion – Northern Elders

On May 20, 2017 211 Comments

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) have announced their readiness to join the ongoing discussion on restructuring Nigeria or supporting secession of South East.

The group said claims by South East leaders that they are sabotaging efforts to restructure the nation is untrue and that South East leaders are likely feeding on assumption.

This statement was made by the spokesperson of NEF, Professor Ango Abdullahi during an interview with The Sun newspaper. Abdullahi said: “You see the issue of restructuring is one of the fundamental issues that shape Nigerian history from 1914 up to 1960.


“In fact, we are not aware of any sabotage, may be the South East leaders were working on assumption.

“But if restructuring will save Nigeria, I think it is a matter that affects every Nigerian including those in the North and we are ready to engage in it to correct the anomalies in Nigeria starting from 1914.”

While reacting to the agitation in the South East for Biafra, Abdullahi said: “You see, the issue of Biafra is all part of the discussion of restructuring Nigeria.

“Yes, if Biafra means negotiations, yes, it’s all a matter of discussion, if it means Igbo want to have a country of their own separate from Nigeria, it means a matter of discussion and we are prepared for the discussion.

“This is all I have been saying that if Nigerians are tired of staying together, they should be prepared to accept divisions instead of remaining in agony and disappointment of one another.

“You see, what I am saying is that every Nigerian should be able to speak his opinion about the state of the country, and the country has laws.

“If it is discovered that the law of a country is violated, that some somebody has gone beyond his fundamental rights, the law is very clear on this.

“What perhaps government is concerned about is that violence was part of Kanu’s agitation, to realize his dream by force, I think that is what government is trying to tackle to my understanding.

“So if Kanu is talking about Biafra, he is free to talk about Biafra and everybody is free to talk about his understanding of the Nigerian state.

“We are always talking that the Nigerian state is not working and how can we make it to work? And if the best option, is to call for separate countries, why not?

“Well, if you read our communiqué in Kano recently, we categorically stated that the Northern Elders Forum is prepared to engage in any discussion with any group that is supporting restructuring of Nigeria, so, this means that we are fully supporting restructuring.”


Comments (211)

  1. OluwaFemi Olojede says:

    Because we southerners have the fear of GOD and can’t hurt fellow human beings because of positions and so far have been keeping the unity of the country,you northerners have been killing our leaders without the fear of GOD,and thought you people are wise,it’s a pity and shame on your race

  2. Uzoma N. Okezie says:

    Who are these bunch of jokers that call themselves Northern Elders? What section of the Constitution created them? Who elected them into what office? Why do they think that they are relevant? Arrant Nonsense.

  3. Sire Berry says:

    Instead of them to think of how Nigeria can make them president. So that we can trust them again. The greed in them won’t let them have peace. Am Yoruba. The reality of biaffra depends on south south which south have denied them. Greedy fools. They said they are creative. When u guys live Nigeria. U will see creativity among other tribe. The business they do is it lesser biaffra population that will buy it. The rubbish goods they produce that do not meet global standards.


    • Bombe Ani says:

      i can feel the hatred in u and frustration Sire Berry but pls if u aint happy with biafra pls go and hang ur self or better still go hug a necked wire or take a dive into a lagoon idiot see ur useless life

    • Sire Berry says:

      Cannibals. Lol. Hard working igbos na. Only these hungry igbos agitate for biaffra. Even ur brothers at the government offices are not agitating. Division amongst u all. Greed. Lol.

    • Sire Berry says:

      The food u eat in ur east who are those feeding in ur land. Is it not only cassava and palm oil u have in ur land. Who feeds u guys in ur land. Is it not the people u called slaves that are feeding u.

    • Innocent Anierobi says:

      Syria abi na sorry Berry,you son of a father of three side of a coin,half Muslim,half christian and half ifa’s only a warthless Fulani slave and coward like you can place his destiny in the hand of man.your stupidity and your chronic brain has blinded you to the fact that Mere human wishes can not sustain you any descendant of slave and coward

    • Sire Berry says:

      Lol. Say whatever u say. If you like carry dictionary check words. U guys feel u are important where as u are nothing. Ur case will be like west And east German.

      We Yoruba have no single problem. Divide or no division we are strong and we are united.

    • Promise Chinenye says:

      After d war dat we where giving one pond 2 start a life,our money in d bank,our houses and properties where siezed by d yorrobasterds and huasa terorist,jst look in2 ur life and dat of Igbo and see if u are ahead of them despite being marginalize by d zoo govt.?

    • Promise Chinenye says:

      Go and die of heart attack.u are jst pitying urself bc u knw what is ahead of u when Biafra 1. Is dat even if we get Biafra peacefully,we must avenge d death of every Biafran dat died 4rm 1966 till date

    • Akana Gabriel says:

      @ sire berry Is it by force to be together ,????? after the igbos were giving just twenty ponds wares all there property & money were seized and declared abandoned property we are still growing stronger and ahead of others ,let me say this, yoruba’s are useless cos envy is killing u guys ,look at scheme of things in Nigeria they are the fools in making ,imagine how ur brother MKO Abiola was kill with rat poison ,yet as a foolish slave u guys cowardly remain deaf and dump , recently buharis latter to national assemble deny him the acting capacity and introduce a wicked clause, yet he says buhari treats him that is 62yrs old like a son ,slaves and cowards thats what u guys are , the ile ife killing the Dss arrested ur monarch and treated him like a common criminal naked him and put him in cell , but not even a single hausa man was ,not withstanding that they the one that course the fight , u should go and hide ur face in shame

    • Sire Berry says:

      i am not insulting u. if u like insult is not reaching me in anyways. u dont know me i dont know u. biaffra wont stand without south south. we all know this. u guys done hav anything for a strong economy. the crude oil owners have denied u. agriculture u guys dont practice. the only tin u have is cassava and palm oil. ur

    • Sire Berry says:

      talking about business. what do u tink is the reason why ur business are moving in nigeria. u guys dont tink beyond the box. nigeria is one of the most populous black nation. so whatever business u do. people will buy. whats is igbo population. are u guys up to 20 million? keep producing goods in biaffra and ur 20 million population will patronise. tahts if they have d money. double coincidence of goods. ur goods dont meet global standard.

    • Sire Berry says:

      we yorubas we dont about religion. we are flexible in both ways. God knows who serves him. so igbos u guys should tink outside the box and set standards before ur fellow brothers will risk their life for biaffra the second time.

    • Sire Berry says:

      Promise Chinenye in what way? explain? did u go to school at all? or u paid bribe to have ond or hnd? mention two things that make a nations economy? let us discuss

    • Sire Berry says:

      Lol. Na so e dey pain u. Who is slave here. Is it not slaves that fight for freedom. ? Illiterates. Am I fighting for freedom. Or u have forgotten that we were slaves wen we fought for independence from colonial masters. U guys are slaves to be factual. Until u fight pay with blood. Then ur children will be free. Not u

    • Sire Berry says:

      When isrealites were in Egypt as slaves. God helped them out of slavery to promise land. I pray biaffrans story will be like that. Cos seriously I pity these agitators a lot. I wish I am president I would given u guys ur freedom without looking back. Lol

  4. Sire Berry says:

    Biaffrans should be freed. They have nothing to the economy of Nigeria. They will become a land locked country without south. I wonder what a landlocked conurty to be great. No sea or ocean for import nd export. No majour river. Non fertile land. No land mass. Yet biaffra.

  5. Ikechukwu Okolo says:

    Wat stupid discussion I ask u?U fools.We gave u chance to do so but u fink ur d lord of d zoo,now we av reached a point of no return or discussion or negotiations or evn ur unreasonable restructuring, all we want now weda life or death,is Biafra n d earlier u understand DAT we r not going bk on d restoration of Biafra d better for u…All hail Biafra!!!

  6. Moses Ikechukwu says:

    We must continue nothing like discussion Biafra or nothing don’t be carried away Biafrans all eyes open the zoo must fall, I and my family stand with Nnamdi kanu Biafra or death

  7. Chijioke Nwa Jioke says:

    Hahahahahaha, you cant find slaves and almajiris comments again, biafraud, biapig, biapdp, etc etc these were the constants in your words, but today you never believed it will play out this way, biafra is a spirit its unquenchable, i said it earlier you people cant stand the force coming, there are powers in innocent blood spilled.

  8. Adigwe Solomon says:

    Let me tell argument people: all these things happening in Nigeria to day, it’s because of the innocent Biafra blood that Nigeria wrested. Now the consequences has came in heavily

  9. Chijioke Lasbrey says:

    Please keep consulting and keep debating,we have passed that stage we cannot come back.when we shouted for restructuring nobody gave a hut now we are headed home,no turning back

  10. Olasunkanmi Mie says:

    real muhammed abi na waitin u call urself, why are u callin dem slave, are u so dear dat u did nt hear the way ur killer brothers killed 9pple in delta state last 2weeks and put one of their head in a stick, wat did u pple say abt it, u pple a demon, animal in human skin.

  11. Chris John says:

    Discuss what?.Are you answering the same surname with Biafra? .Are you tired of war now that Biafra is ready to correct their little past mistakes in war?.Is naija no longer ur inheritance? .The best and lasting solution in naija is for every region or tribes to have a country of their own,GOD Almighty did not made naija to be a country that’s why HE made everything differences in language, climate, attire,customs and traditions,religions and beliefs, characters,etc.
    “Unity in diversity”, is it not so deceitful????

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