BREAKING: Abiriba King Orders Immediate Closure Of Police Stations In Abiribaland Over Assault On Biafran Women

On May 20, 2017 292 Comments

The traditional ruler of Abiriba, a town in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia state has condemned what he described as atrocity committed in his land by men of the Nigerian police and army.

Recall that Oriental Times reported yesterday that soldiers allegedly invaded the conference venue of women of the Indigenous People of Biafra, assaulted and arrested many of them.

The monarch has however reportedly ordered that all police stations in Abiriba be closed down or face unnamed punishments.



Comments (292)

  1. Aminu Musa says:

    according to constitution of the federation, king is answerable to local government Chairman and chairman is answerable to state governor, so even the state governor has no power to close or open any police station in Nigeria. So stop posting rubbish news pls.

  2. Godswill Adonye says:

    If one man cooks for the govt,govt will finish the food without remainder,but if the govt cooks for one man or a community,they cannot eat 13 of the food. lets thread with caution.

  3. Ifakunle Ifayemi says:

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  4. Merife Eliezer Merife says:

    @MohammedKabiru aboki and their level of understanding .Is only few of the abokis can read and write well.It is not surprising you reason the way you do. God help them and Nigeria.Without the South I don’t know what can become of the North.The level / sense of judgement is very awkward.

  5. Usman Sifawa says:

    Thoso useles people callng themselv as biafran u be fool.why that of kanu mothr nd wife cant join u for struggle to actualise biafra land,re they not human being like u,

  6. Frank Eze says:

    In the absence of police they can form strong and well armed vigilante group in the place of police, just like in my town the vigilante group is more active than that of the Nigerian police.

  7. Sunday Ezekwesiri says:

    A real king can not fold his hand and watching small rat molesting his followers impossible,what kind of law re pple taking about as long as nigeria is concern nothing like law, i give 100% support to dat king,let d war start

  8. Isa Imodagbe says:

    This is not good enough. Why not report the police to appropriate authorities so that those involved to be punish. If violence break out now, the police would still be useful.

  9. Cigomet Trump Bullet says:

    For those making unguarded statements just know that because traditional institutions allowed Hausa /Fulani police to thrive doesn’t mean we don’t have our traditional way of settling issues, so they should not dare the powers of our land because if they do, they will see the consequences

  10. Emeka Eluwah says:

    For oñce our traditional institutions are speaking up as against their dormancy while hiding In the comfort of their palaces, at least they can for oñce become relevant in the igbo society. I stand with this decision

  11. Mohammed Muktar says:

    Hahaha…. Ndigbo king. Somebody should Educate the illiterate 4th class king that he is under the local government chairman and he has no constitutional power to stop police from discharging duties.

  12. Berny US says:

    Failed country mitchww
    instablog9ja FG ‘paid 2 million euros’ for release of Chibok girls – BBC
    The release of the 82 girls came with a price, BBC reports. Five senior Boko Haram militants were moved from a high security unit to be driven to freedom.
    The details of the deal are sketchy. Our sources don’t want to be named and their version of events is hard to confirm, but they say the men were high-level Boko Haram bomb-makers, and that they were accompanied by two million euros in cash.
    Paying a ransom as well as swapping prisoners was a sticking point that almost unravelled the whole deal, one source tells us. President Buhari has not revealed if a ransom was paid
    “It should have happened sooner, but the president was hesitating about freeing the five – and especially about the money,” says the person with detailed knowledge of the deal.
    Persuading him was “very, very difficult. It was the most difficult part of the whole negotiation. He didn’t want to pay any money.
    “The ransom was two million euros. Boko Haram asked for euros. They chose the suspects and they gave us the list of girls who would be freed.”Governments rarely admit to paying a ransom, and this claim could not be independently verified.
    Reaching that point took a lot of time and there were many setbacks, but trust was gradually built on both sides. The Nigerian army’s surge of military success helped strengthen the government’s hand.
    load more comments
    saidah_sgGirls were release, weather money was paid or not we are still in recession. LET’S MOVE ON!

    • Ukaegbu Agbai says:

      lf other kings don’t has power Abiriba has the power in their kingdom. Go and read the history of Abiriba verywell we are difference with others that is why their build themselve without the help of any government. All Schools primary and secondary, court, hospitals, post office, liberary, roads, school of nursin, markets, two stadium, police station, school of mid-wifery etc. was builth and donated by the kingdom withouth the help of government. nigeria can mess with other kingdom but their cannot mess with us.
      Long live the king the Enachioken of Abiriba Ancient Kingdom
      Long live the Abiriba (A.K.A SMALL LONDON)
      Long live Biafra nation

    • Ugochukwu Okoye says:

      Yes, your useless and cannibals bunch of unprofessional bokoharam policemen started the war by molesting our women, so our women should not hold meeting again? That’s why we igbos name you zoo people because every white is black in your sight and you all reason below real human.
      On Sunday every dick and harry will be matching to church with bible and Koran, buh what is rightly within their soul is devilish and wickedness.
      Black man’s mentality.

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