BREAKING: President Trump To Declare REFERENDUM For Biafra July 21

On June 16, 2017 549 Comments

US President Donald Trump will on July 21st, 2017 declare a referendum for Biafra.

This was made known by Candy Stallworth an American and a principal officer of the Indigenous People of Biafra in the United States who has been working closely with her government to ensure that IPOB gets official support from the US.

On her Facebook wall few hours ago, she wrote “Biafra, the biggest moment we have waited for in history, July 21st 2017, President Donald Trump will declare referendum for Biafra. 5 of IPOB US Leaders will be entering the Whitehouse for the purpose of referendum that day. We have been invited July 21st 2017 for this glorious day”!


This development is coming a day after a Turkish Diplomat visited IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu and assured the pro-Biafra group of Turkey’s immense support towards the actualization of Biafra.


Comments (549)

  1. Akinola Adeolu Fashedemi says:

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  2. Anthony Oshilim says:

    You guys should be waiting for him till the end of his 4 or 8 years. Trump cannot declare it. It is you people who do not vaule the peace we have in this Nigeria that are calling for biafra.

  3. Saviour Iwu says:

    All this hausas commenting here will be crying by now but when you look at dere faces it looks like they are smilling, please if you are hausa or hausa fulani it will better for you people to stop crying cos your cry can’t change enything

    • Udochi Edey Nwakanma says:

      Adebola Adeyemi Isaac so called, what is your problem? This is the reason why Yoruba man push Nigerians into the suffering we are today. Myopic reasoning. Sometimes, we think that Yorubas went to school, but they always show their going to school without intelligence. No back-bone. sorry, you are one of them – is a shame that you are. Thanks youoooh, but see Biafra coming to past.

    • Raymond Akpos says:

      Why r yorubas so annoying?..D igbos dnt even hv problems with u bt hausa/fulanis yet u guys will be d first pple to attack d igbos.Are u pple afraid of igbos leaving Nigeria,or are d fulanis paying u guys to thwart their emancipation,freedom n movement.Yoruba fight ur course n leave d igbo man alone pls.

  4. Iyke Ufoo says:

    yes i belive u trump if some people did not need biafra wht about those dat belive biafra is dia last hope just lyk me nd my fellow biafra abeg trump i can wait God Bless Biafra Nation

  5. Edwin Oliver YungZeal says:

    I see people insulting the Ibo’s, and calling them names,. My question is this, since the northerners and Yoruba’s have heard of Boko Haram, what have they done to the Hausa’s because Boko Haram is an Islami☪ name. They started executing their evil plans when Jonathan was ruling, claiming that they can never be ruled by christian infidel. Insulting christians and our believe, yet they say “one Nigeria”. A woman was beheaded in North simply because she insulted a Saudi Arabian preacher, the Hausa’s say “one Nigeria” and yet, your own Nigerian woman was beheaded, and Fulani Herds men killing people and raping peoples wife in the farm, meanwhile nothing was done to end this evil plot, And I hear people saying “one Nigeria”. Nnamdi Kanu fought and still fighting for Biafrans Referendum and he was arrested and Jailed. The leader of the Arewa youths ordered the exit of all Ibo’s out of the north, yet nothing like arrest or jail sentence passed. My people ‍‍ make Una think, marriage nor be force. Unity no be force. So abeg make you people leave the Ibo’s alone, they survive as and island or not is not your damn business. Biafra all the way.

    • Aruna Abdulrauf says:

      let me a question, are the igbos ready to stay alone? u are abusing muslims and hausa abi? don’t have muslims has friends or u don’t use to buy something from them to eat or use, or if u are going to somewhere and a muslim was driving the bus to take u to where u are going will u reject it, think.

  6. Elvis Okpokam says:

    Trump have not solve America problems all, he is coming to tolk of Biafra that will never work. Has he been to Nigeria before? What dose he know about Biafra? Is he the president of Nigeria? Let him solve the problem of terrorism and racism in America 1st b4 thinking of Biafra. Ndi igbo ndewoh

  7. Alexander Alex Junior Uzoma says:

    Only the hausa-fulani are just stupidly replying to this post with their zoowich experience. Can you emagine! What a local nation! Because they saw the word “declare and freedom” they have started killing each other.
    By the way, what will make the IGBOS and the zoo called nigeria a one nation?
    We don’t eat the same food.
    We don’t wear the same clothe.
    We don’t speak the same language.
    What of religion?
    Infact any zoo member that I meet in east, will join the ancestors.

  8. Evarest U. Chiemey says:

    Nigerians don’t know anything, if he’s only American President, why would he interfere in Korean nuclear weapons, why would he back off from climate change meeting and hinders it, why would the Russians, Germans and UN seek for Americans consent before carrying out any sanctions on other countries. Why is Democrats Senators looking for a way to limit his powers in other to abolish the travel ban he imposed on those Islamic countries. Nigerians will always remain a zoo because they don’t know anything. Look at the foolish comments that was made, it all came from useless Awusa Nigerian Graduates. Mtcheweee people that don’t know anything yet they dominate the government. Zoo.

  9. David Samuel says:

    You can fool yourselves but you guys can’t fool others. The person that posted this rubbish think via his Anus. A president of US declaring a referendum in Nigeria!!! And the ignoramus are happy

  10. Endurance Afe says:

    Well, dont construe this as a mean of igniting acrimony with some concerned persons herein… Jettison this notion of being autonomous and embrace Nigeria as an entity… Work hard and trust me the fruit of this will radiate ubiqitously and will be a surrogate to this marginalisation…

  11. B Muh'd BG Muh'd says:

    It’s lie for you nigeria is pass your power insha allah by the grace of God almighty what a Shane thing always america are burutal and connecter to fight even even in the same country we are waiting for any kind of destiny we sacrifice even our live

  12. Mustapha Ahmad says:

    I thought he’s American president, so what has he got with Nigeria’s polity?

    Or, aren’t we sovereign on our own?

    Besides, the average rational ibo wouldn’t want this referendum of a thing seeing how perplexed and worried they were simply because of the kaduna declaration. This inevitably indicates they can never survive on their own until they interact with the west, south and especially the north.

  13. David Emmanuel says:


  14. Onyemaechi Igwe says:

    Oji onu Kara umunna,@candy stallworth you have two mouths ,the upper one and the lower one,you uses two of them to deceive men, the two mouths you have are smiling like rotten fish.

    • Davids Mactony says:

      Nigeria is not an independent nation… Nigeria is a country not nation…if you know why and how Nnamdi kanu was granted bail ,you will know that Nigeria is not independent..hope you heard buhari saying that over his dead body will he free kanu and dasuki…why did he allow a question you need to ask

  15. Nico Aloy says:

    Points of correction to those asking if trump is the president of Nigeria, many countries that brakes away, their referendum was never announced by the president of their former country, it’s always announced by the UN and will be imposed to their former country to accept it, (i.g) Eritrea from Ethiopia, south Sudan from Sudan, bengladish from Pakistan etc, and again is not Nigeria government that will conduct the referendum but UN

  16. Junior Babangida Junior says:


  17. Aminu Aliyu Bala says:

    You are still deceiving yourselves! keep it up the so-called Biafroud u shouted for will Soon come and all the ‘inyamiris’ living in the North and South west must go back to their father’s land and leave us in our ZOO.

  18. Peace Arewa says:

    Do you know that:

    During the Nigeria/Biafra war in which over 3million Igbos were killed, nobody died from Ojukwu’s family? And are you aware that Ojukwu reunited with Gowon to enjoy national cake together fourty years after?

    Are you even aware that at this moment no Namdi KANU’s family is likely to join you in the war if it eventually starts.

    Now the question is are you this stupid and dumb, to start this war while this pple are ready to flee their families out the country.

    Dear blind surporters of the agitation please try get sense of reason with your head not with your anus okay.

    • Okey Okwodu says:

      Adoye omotayo soa y do u ve heart problem?Do u know that a journey of 100 miles start with a step?The publicity of Biafra is the greatest instrument,either right or wrong agitation is politically wise,legal and lawful.Nigeria as a nation state is pragnant and only a fool would say igbos are fooled.Yorubas are bias.

    • Lawrence Udeonu says:

      With our foolishness, you are not better off. So why are you bothered? Be a man for once take the bulls by the horns let’s see. Raise your voice tell those criminals to let Biafra go.

  19. Grace Bestman says:

    Finally the rule of law has emerge . People of God will not stay and allow the Muslim to keep killing the Christians. Everybody knows that NIGERIA is own by the Muslims while Biafrans are Christians. There is something I found out that is happening in NIGERIA, the hauses and fulanies are bringing more other Hauses and Fulani people from another country so that their population increases.

  20. Uchenna Diala says:

    Yoruba’s n Hausa’s do not love the Ibo’s but yet they don’t want them to leave Nigeria for biafra….. Well sha u don’t know what u av until u lose them, I think this philosophy is not true. With God by our side biafra will b a reality soon n those who has being saying all manner of rubbish will b surprised… Cos Jehovah is with his people.

    • Tunde Owodunni Idowu says:

      Uchena..plz change ur ideology abt Yoruba.. we dnt hate any tribe & dt showz in d modest way we accomodate & tolerate other tribes in our land. u kp claiming everybody hates u pple bt d question is whc tribe do igbo love? hv u accomodate us in ur land d way we do 4 u in our land? pls u are a christian,u call on Jesus.. Jesus is fair & never judge others no matter wot. visit all Yoruba land u’l realize dt we dnt care if Igbo leave or nt all we care abt is how our land wl progres & Nigeria move forward.

  21. Calsius Clay Clay says:

    In as much as I would like to see Biafra realized, infact if each tribe in Nigeria became an independent nation, I would welcome the idea, Trump is in no position to declare any referendum in another soverign nation. It is fake news!

  22. Godwin Ejuno says:

    There are other Nigerian tribes which are economically vibrant and far bigger than the Igbo’s in consideration. Pls Trump must be advised on the six regions seceding because they cannot merge. The Igbo’s have south east only.

  23. Mike Afolabi says:

    biafria declaration does not require any eternal pronouncement. Your state governors have the constitutional power to conduct a refrendum. Ask all governors, senators and members of the house of representative and biafrians to withdraw from Nigeria and conduct a refrendum for the declaration of the Biafria and it is done The remaining is just a formality and negotiations. Trump is already drowing in russiangate scandal an impeachable crime. to confirm your sincerity and commitments conduct a refrendum in biafrian states now.

  24. Nwachukwu Ezekiel says:

    To Pheroah n his Egyptian it was like a mere play when Moses approached them for freedom, but on the day appointed by God to take his out of Egypt they were beg to go so will it be in the case of Biafra. God bless Biafra

  25. Gbalipre Obiene says:

    I am from d Niger Delta but support Biafra bcos of d ongoing injustice in d Nigerian state This news can’t be correct bcos it’s d UN and d Nigeriam state dat wld work out d modaliities on how and when Referendum wld be conducted in d areas concerned if atall, there wld be , anyway. Trump can only use his position as d most powerful person on earth to influence d UN security council and d General Assembly to speeding up dat process. So every Biafran needs to pray and d leaders intensifying their lobbying strategies at d international scene.

  26. John Nwaeze says:

    Biafra has come back on the map, how can you natured a plan to wipes people created by God away from the face of earth. I remembered Obasonjo denying ever been in plan to wipe Biafrans away.but God pass them,for the stone the builder refused is now making a corner pillar of a Nation- Biafra. Time is here when they will beg igbos to please,don’t go!,

  27. Jonathan Obi says:

    We all have to understand that this man president Trump is the most powerful man in the planet now as the american president. He has the power to influence elections in other countries or to also sanction nations that are a threat or a serious problem to the existence of this earth. He showed that for all to see when he dropped the MOAB in Syria against the ISIS…

    • DANDE GREAT says:

      When a man’s ways pleases the Lord he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.PRESIDENT TRUMP will live long for the president to remember the Holy Bible as a man in Authority Korea will be delivered to dust by God almighty if they don’t respect the one God has enthrone up TRUMP.

    • DANEVO DEGREAT says:

      When a man’s ways pleases the Lord he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.PRESIDENT TRUMP will live long for the president to remember the Holy Bible as a man in Authority Korea will be delivered to dust by God almighty if they don’t respect the one God has enthrone up TRUMP.

  28. Kelvin Ebuka Joseph says:

    Oriental, Even Trump Has Nt Publicly Decleared His Support For Biafra, So How Would He Do So? Even Candy Stallworth Should Be Truthful Nt Jumping Making Unecessary Claims. We Rather Work With Turkey Instead Of Self Centerd Donald J. Trum

    • Jonathan Obi says:

      Mr man, who was the person that was behind the removal of president goodluck Jonathan back then in 2016 election, the Hausa’s, Nigeria people or Mr Obama administration? If u don’t know politics , then stay out of it or better still get LOST!

    • Shafeeii Salee says:

      We believed only God is giving power to anybody he wants not human being as u believed. Its a foolishness and idiotic to believe somebody from within or outside ur own country will make u a leader.

  29. Chikezie Nelson says:

    The Bight of Biafra was renamed Bight of Bonny in 1972 by the federal government of Nigeria as part of efforts to bury everything true about Biafra. As at 1849, the bight known today as Bight of Bonny was known as Bight of Biafra.


      Hahaha, why English too hard for these Northern fellows?

      And one thing baffle me, Northerners hate Igbos still don’t wish we stay on our own. Are they scared of living alone?

  30. John Robert says:

    God Almighty I worship U bcs u re awesome, U never once fail. Pls Daddy let ur people go! We will worship U and people will funk we re mad. Let ur will be done! Amen

  31. Sam Kings says:

    Is A Welcomed Development From United States, There We Will Know Who Is With Us And Those That Is Against Us Referendum Is De Answer And Key To Our Problems.

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