I Cannot Die Before My Time, Fani-Kayode Replies Pastor Who Predicted His Death

On June 19, 2017 151 Comments

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has reacted to a prediction by Pastor Moshood Ifayemiwo that he will soon die.

Responding, in a statement on Sunday, FFK said having read about the cleric, sacrifices he made during the June 12th struggle and his incarceration for some years, “I commend him for his courage at that difficult time in our history”

However, quoting from the Bible verse Pastor Ifayemiwo used to illustrate the Pastor’s death prediction, Fani-Kayode replied “He can however be rest assured that I am not an Amalekite.”

“No-one will chop my head off or kill me before my time and neither am I a messenger. I am David, I cannot be cut short and I cannot die before my time.

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‘I am a King and I will chop off the heads of the Amalekites and ALL my enemies at the soonest.”

Fani-Kayode boasted that he has won many battles against the government and his enemies, saying “These things do not happen by my power but by the power of God.

“Anyone that seeks to destroy me, that seeks my hurt, that seeks to abort God’s plan for my life or that wishes me ill always has a terrible end or is stalked by misfortune and tragedy.

“I will carry out my assignment in this nation and on this planet successfully before I am called home whether my detractors like it or not. I shall live long and prosper because the Lord is with me.

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“And like David at Ziklag I shall pursue, overtake and recover all that my enemies have taken from me. The Lord is faithful to His own. Shalom”, the former presidential spokesman added.


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  1. Bishop Moses Sunny Chikwado says:

    F. F. K hold your peace Black pastor is try to gain momentum so that he will be famous (Olu akwukwo) in grand styles, pastor can you tell us way out of your contraption??? People die everyday of hunger, decease etc, but in 2nd King 7 the man of God said by this time tomorrow waoooooo he’s not a magician Oooh that’s how to know them…

  2. Opara Kennedy Chinyereugo says:

    My out spoken
    and fearless man who speaks the truth to the world nothing will happen to you don’t mind those fake pastors who cannot even eat three square meal a day that pastor Needs to go for BP test or he is an agent of APC

  3. Chukwu Sunday O says:

    that imp is an agent of buhari he is not a pastor , nothing will happen to the outspoken FFK. God is with him as far as he keep saying the truth no matter whose horse is gored.

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