Biafra: Call For Referendum Is A Nonsensical Demand, Waste Of Time – Presidency

On July 1, 2017 93 Comments

The Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Prosecution, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla has said the call by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu and others for referendum was a wasted effort, and without sense.

Speaking with The Sun, the Presidential aide noted that restructuring would not solve the myriad of problems confronting the nation.

He said, “The demand for a referendum with regards to Biafra is a constitutional impossibility.

“It is a legal and political impossibility. There is no provision in the constitution of the country or any other law that provides for a part of the country to break away.

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“It is a nonsensical demand. Biafra ended on the January 15, 1970. I think the agitators are just expressing their rights to freedom of expression.

Noting that agitators are just expressing their freedom of speech, the presidential aide said they are just wasting their time on the call for referendum.

He said, “The international law does not take precedence over the Nigerian constitution. If you want to ratify any treaty or international convention, the National Assembly has to approve it.

“You cannot begin to use the international law to deal with municipal, local and national issues.

“Let them stop wasting their time. There is nothing like that. The agitators are just wasting their time and that is why I am saying that they are just expressing their right to the freedom of expression.”

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Comments (93)

  1. Olalekan Ajiboye Oyewole says: Obamacare kept up ( = continued) a pretence of normality as long as they(Democrats) could believe that forced voting somehow gives more power to the citizenry, but in fact, it(Democrat) treats the citizenry as the slaves of the political Democrats. And finally, for obvious reasons, US Democrat president Obama fails to engage in health care special interests and squander so much money on elections in the first place: The federal government of Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari’s administration plunged $500Million (About N150Billion) into the failed Democrat Hillary Clinton electioneering campaign fraud. The federal government of Nigeria has the U.S Democrat president Obama administration not only does it pay off for labor but also spend money to influence or manipulate general elections, every now and then it’s—likewise—forced. Nigeria’s Forced voting is a violation of our civil rights, just as denying a citizen a right to vote Indigenous People of Republic of Biafra (IPOB) through a referendum ruled out by Nigeria is a violation. The political parties of governments of Nigeria have no right to force Biafra indigenous people stamp of approval for their general elections of Nigeria. The South-south part of “Nigeria does not exist”. In the long-continued darkness Nigeria had lost all knowledge of the cardinal points/directions. The Republic of Biafra appears in the East, and thus defines that cardinal point, and by it the East-southEast or South-southEast or South-east are located in the Southeast. The IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu has revealed why 2019 Nigeria general election could not hold in South-east. He asked the Igbos to boycott both the November 2017 Nigeria gubernatorial election in Anambra state and the 2019 Nigeria general election should the Federal Government fail to do nothing about restoration of Biafra. Kanu also noted that there would be no vote for any Nigeria’s President, Nigeria’s Governor, Nigeria’s Senator, or Nigeria’s House of Reps member in 2019. The former Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, General Abubakar frowned into a violent means on the anti-war agitation of unarmed non-violent pro-Biafra agitators, stressing that there was the need to allow Biafra to secede to douse the current agitations and tensions because every nagging issues can be resolved through dialogue after referendum. The Biafran government expects the federal government of Nigeria to seek respectful dialogue with all the indigenous people of Biafra in the Republic of Biafra after referendum win. US Republican President Donald Trump has become the first Western leader to congratulate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for referendum win. After referendum win, Turkish President Erdoğan Declares Total Support for Nnamdi Kanu over Biafra the huge success achieved on today’s Biafra sit-at- home exercise as a mini referendum to gauge our preparedness. The referendum/plebiscite report focuses on the Nigeria particular so doesn’t draw any overall conclusions and rather than Biafrans in the Southeastlay of the East land of Biafra. Referendum requiring referral to the secession in which All the indigenous people of the Southeastlay of the East land of Biafra Country land in particular are asked only to vote. The indigenous people of Republic of Biafra decided to hold a referendum on secession from Nigeria. The fact remains that the secession of Biafra movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, and IPOB were approved by referendum.

  2. Amb Aliu Olalekan Abayomi says:

    “Nnamdi Kanu is foolish,he kept his family in London but wants to drag Nigerians into war”
    ~Anambra Assembly.

    “We are not part of your Biafra count us out,we are Nigerians”
    ~Nnamdi Kanu’s community tells IPOB leader Kanu.

    “Call For Referendum Is A Nonsensical Demand, Waste Of Time”

    What will the gullible and blind followers say?

  3. Ifatunde Ajajunno says:

    Am Ifatunde grandson of Baba Ajagunno of ijebu Igbo land am here to advertise my grandfather job what do you realy need. you want your market to be selling fast, you have any disease, you want to be more richer, do you have a husband problem or wife problem, in any problem you have, just come to Ifatunde. Have the evil spirits blocked your marriage from having the fruits of the womb,Protection ring, Do u want to get promoted in ur office,Do you want your lover to take good care of you and continue to spend for you, or Are you suffering from one of the deadly diseases that you are ashamed of or u want progress in your work this is the opportunity for you…. Address Awolowo way ijebu Ogun state. 07056265700 IFA AGBEYIN OOOO

  4. Uche Asoluka says:

    IPOB. I believe that you guys are wasting time. They have told you that Referendum is not possibly. So I will advice you guys to form a paramilitary organization similar to Haggana of Isreal. All you need is 5000-10,000 formidable young men and women under oath not to betray the course of Biafra. By the time you carryout your missions say 5-10 strategic missions. the Ohaneze and Nigerian government will be begging you for a referendum. Again similar to Haggana of Isreal, any person opposing you people such as Ohanaeze chieftains will be —————. You know what that is. The Nigerian government and so called Ibo elites are not taking you people serious, before they see you people as not capable of harming a fly. So restrategize and do the following:
    1. You have up to 100,000-200,000 members.
    2. Trannsform these members into a crack paramilitary group say 5000-10000 strong.
    3. Recruit these members from from all Nigeian language groups. There are several IPOB members that speak Hausa, Yoruba, Kanuri etc.
    4. Mmebership of the paramilitary group will be under blood oath, not to betray the group or other members. Why. Because the Nigerian governmernt will dangle 100,000 to 500,000 Niara before them, and they might sell you out, and then a dangerous mission is compromised.
    5. If you guys with your paramilitary group strike precisely and surgically, not all these road marches and banner carrying campaigns, then you have your Biafra.
    6. Consult all IPOB members that have served in the US Paramilitary, Russian and British paramilitary for advise and training.
    7. Your training should concentrate on Urban warfare, and blending in with the society. Then you have your Biafra.
    8. Train your members on the act of bomb making. Letter bombs etc. You will have your Biafra, as they will be begging you to go.

  5. Wilson Mike says:

    If you like accept the idea of referendum if you are a civilised man but if not leave it but don’t forget Biafra is going to be restored before the end of 2018 for your time information

  6. Tony Oduchukwu says:

    Then your constitution is stupid and full of shit.. Mad people.. You just want to continue looting.. Were in the rule of law that say any Nigerian politician has the right to loot the country’s treasure. If you don’t show me . then you have no debate

  7. Haruna Abubakar says:

    Igbo’s demanded what they are not preferred for, If you want referendum in Nigeria you must to follows do process, not this madness, you people’s should lay down to Nigerian government before having what you demand.

  8. Usman Mohammed says:

    Conduct referendum by yourselves, must you wait for Nigeria government. As from now we notherners who control Zoo government have release southeast to have their Biafra nation. Goodluck

  9. Arc Anas Iliyasu Tsafe says:

    BIAFROGS, plz u shal stop makin noise on us, we nigerian we must 2 keep our dearest nation in one country. NO MORE REFERENDUM. , LONG LIFE OUR HUMBLE PRESIDENT , LONG LIFE MUHAMMADU BUHARI. , LONG LIFE 2 OUR NIGERIA.

  10. Eziekem Damian says:


  11. John Lesley Williams says:

    Its really heartbreaking that people do not avert trouble when they see it, a time may come when discussions or a referendum wouldn’t be an option, be wise and let people who want to be free go there way, 1967 isn’t 2017, the gods are watching.

  12. Chijioke Nwa Jioke says:

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed and keep watching, you said Biafra ended in 1967 but you fools went and exhumed that dead Biafra and was discussing it in 2017, is that not foolishness if the highest order, we shall know who is who, but mark this you fools will come knocking even begging for a referendum then it will be too late, all hail Biafra.

  13. Chidi VC says:

    The failure to reveal the health conditions of the president who was massively voted into power by the electorates,and parking of presidential jet in UK airport/hangar that accumulate £4000 everyday is nonsensical measure to impoverish Nigerian economy.

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