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Biafra: How A Niger Deltan Brilliantly Responded A Fellow Niger Deltan Who ‘Hates Igbos’



igbo youths - Biafrans

By Russell Bluejack

“I woke up to see a message in by inbox. It came from a fellow Niger Deltan. Dear brothers and sisters, read and respond to the conversation.”

From Ibomo Rafael:

“Names of Igbo oil blocs/well owners ……. Ifeanyi Ubah, Tony Elumelu, Emeka Offor, Okey Nzenwa, Tony Ezenna, Nicholas Okoye, Ndi Onyiuke Okereke, F.A. Njoku, J.O. Amaefule, A.C. Uzoigwe, A.B.C. Orjiako, Ikechukwu Joseph, Arthur Eze, Emmanuel Ojei, Oscar P. Udoji, P.E Udoji, and E.E. Nwosu, AMONG MANY MANY OTHER IGBO OIL WELL OWNERS?

“Are they not also Igbos exploiting the Niger Delta region? Why are you operating double standards? You think Igbos are absolved from the Niger Delta exploitation because you want Biafra?”

My response:

“You are not a wise man at all. Who awarded the oil blocks to them? Did they not earn it? Whose power is it to award the blocks? Those are very wealthy men that worked hard to achieve whatever they have. Do you know how wealthy Igbo men are? Can you compare the bidding process these Igbo oil block owners passed through with the criminal ownership of same by Generals, Emirs, and the Sultan?

“It appears you don’t know that it is every man’s right, under the failed system, to own oil blocks. Your problem is a combination of STUPID HATRED FOR IGBO and CRASS IGNORANCE. Your small mind tells you that just because some Igbo, who are very wealthy, have worked hard and transparently acquired oil blocks that makes the Igbo part of our exploiters. Dude, yours is a quintessence of the UNCOMMON COMMON SENSE.

“Let me educate you. Peter Odili, Chief Lulu-Briggs, Dan-Etete etc are some Niger Deltans that have oil block. Now, does it mean they are exploiting Niger Deltans, too? Do you see why it is good to be PROGRESSIVELY EDUCATED? Education, if well acquired, transforms a person. My friend, the exploitation is not a matter of WHO OWNS but WHO HAS THE POWER TO GIVE and HOW IT IS ACQUIRED.

“Do you even know that when resource control comes, some Igbo and others qualified will still be allowed to own the blocks? What will change under RESOURCE-CONTROLLED MODEL is WHO EXERCISES THE POWER TO ALLOCATE IT. Ask yourself how Dr. Peter Odili, a poor doctor who became Governor of Rivers State, became the owner of oil block. How? Through embezzlement, of course! Therein lies the EXPLOITATION of Rivers State by Odili. Dan Etete, a Cross Riverian and former Minister of Petroleum, became owner of oil block after embezzling Nigeria. The only clean Niger Deltan I know is Chief Lulu-Briggs. The Igbo, on the other hand, work assiduously hard for their money, a fact you already know. There are several Igbo COMMUNITIES each of which can produce more billionaires than Rivers State. Your unfounded hatred for the Igbo will not give Rivers State billionaires.

“There are a lot of stupendously rich Igbo men that are qualified to own blocks, my friend. Do you know that ordinary abokis are awarded blocks? I can see you love the sons and daughters of Usman Dan Fodio, those who kill us, rape our women, and that are looking for the slightest opportunity to invade and own our lands through GRAZING BILL. Your hatred for the Igbo means nothing to them. The Igbo man has earned whatever he enjoys. You should be full of eulogies for those Igbo oil block owners. Do you know why? They are from the ethnic group that fought a war and got punished. Do you want to know how they were punished? Their millions in Pound was shrunken to £20. Today, they have thousands of billionaires. I am proud of them.

” Pay attention to the ones that exercise the power to award our natural resources. Before I let you go, please note that Imo and Abia States have oil, too. Anambra and Enugu are on the verge of joining Niger Delta. Your baseless hatred for those you should love has exposed your dismal level of understanding. I think Niger Deltans should spend more time reading. We have become too restive and slavish to our politicians, and it is affecting our COGNITION adversely.

“I just hope you have understood that everybody that is wealthy has the right to acquire oil block by bidding for it. I also hope you understand that even in a resource-controlled configuration everyone will be free to own oil block, the difference being that the owners of the resources, not the State, will be the ones to award it. Be a THINKER, not a HATER. HATERS achieve nothing. THINKERS change their world. Good morning. I will post this for the world to see and learn. Your name will be displayed, too. No apologies. You did not seek my permission before sending this. As a quid pro quo, I will display your name without your say-so. We are square, dude.”

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