Biafra: South East, South South Ready To Defeat Hausa/Fulani Political Terrorism – IPOB

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The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has said the coming together of South East and South South governors will lead to the defeat of alleged Hausa/ Fulani intimidation and political terrorism.

IPOB made the remark while commending the governors for over their meeting which held in Enugu.

The group noted that the meeting of the governors of the “old Eastern Region is vindication of the stance of togetherness of all ethnic nationalities that make up Biafra.”


In a statement signed by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, the group said the need for both South-East and South-South leaders to respond to intimidation from the North is what its leader, Nnamdi Kanu has been clamouring for.

The statement reads, “We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and it’s leadership worldwide under the command and leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wish to congratulate the governors of South East and South South for summoning the courage to sit together as one family for the first time in nearly 50 years.

“The choice of Enugu as the venue for this inaugural meeting is not only historically significant but also commendable because all governors of the Hausa Fulani controlled Arewa geo-political zones meet in Kaduna to strategise on a regular basis, being that Kaduna remains to this day, the capital of the old Northern Region.

“This South East and South South Governors Meeting, is a clear demonstration that political office holders are beginning to respond appropriately to the age long divide and conquer strategies of the North, which is responsible for the absence of strategic regional planning across states in the old Eastern region.

“For making this bold move, which we gather was vehemently opposed by the born to rule Hausa Fulani core North, they have individually and collectively earned the respect of IPOB in this specific regard. We pray and hope they continue this process of strengthening and deepening the ancient brotherhood and relationships which sustained us as independent nations bound together by common culture and value systems for over 5000 years before the divisive tendencies of British colonialism destroyed it.

“Thanks be to the Most High Creator for granting these governors the wisdom to begin the process of uprooting the seeds of discord planted in the minds of the people of the former Eastern Region; to recognise their common enemy and work diligently towards harmonising the needs and concerns of the people of Biafra with the view to finding a lasting solution to the misery and hopelessness of the masses.

“We also thank the Most High who bestowed the spirit of bringing our people together on our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB family worldwide. This governors meeting of the old Eastern Region is vindication of the stance of togetherness of all ethnic nationalities that make up Biafra. ONURU UBE NWANNE AGBALA OSO which means don’t run when you hear the cry of your brother is now fully at work and we wholeheartedly welcome it. Together as one block, South East and South South can stand up and defeat the Hausa Fulani intimidation and political terrorism.

“This is what our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been preaching since the inception of this ordained and noble quest for the restoration of Biafra. For the first time since 50 years of the former Eastern Region governors and politicians including Mid Western governors and her politicians come together to discuss the economic well being and cooperation within the regions. Only an evil person will be against this gathering.

“This effort by the governors proves that IPOB is a divine movement and eye opener to every ethnic group in this amorphous expression named Nigeria by British in 1914. If the governors and politicians in South South and South East including Mid Western governors and their politicians could come together to discuss about Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra restoration in Enugu where the former president of Biafra Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chief Philip Effiong, Chief Frank Opigo, Elders and other members of Eastern Conservative Assembly stayed and deliberated together during the horrific period of our history to declare Biafra, then who is Arewa to divide us again.”


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  1. Progress Hopeman says:

    A man who controlls millions of followers allover the world is not a fool…
    A man ,who speaks and millions of people obey him ,is not a fool….
    A man,whose followers ,died for ,attended all his court proceedings …is not a fool.
    Thousands of people daily visits his father’s compound like people on pilgrimage…I don’t think he is a fool..
    A man,who is more popular than any political leader in Nigeria,past or present….is not a fool..
    Even his opponents and enemies love him and admires him secretly….Is he a fool?
    On a political campaign,crowds are rented and paid, according to local governments…in his case ,crowds volunteer to follow him daily,even under hunger and heat,they never complained.
    He walks around freely, without security agents and sirens , People branded him all sorts of evil names ,he still remained immovable.
    He is far more respected than even ” Religious Leaders”without any advertisment,his presence anywhere,creates tensions.People address him as “Saviour”Theologically,I may not agree with that,but will you shut their mouths?He never called himself that.
    People of all Religious denominations follow him,should I kill them?No!,he is not a fool.
    No governor or president can earn such respect from people.Call his followers gullible,no problem,how many people has ever followed or listened to you?
    He is far more recognized and respected than any figure in Igbo land.I may not comfortable with the type of words he uses,but I believe ,this guy is not a person to be toyed with.
    I have a dream,that one day,Igbos ,will buy large hectares of land,build a Secretariat,palace,guest houses and enthrone him ,the king of all Igbos.
    Who am I to judge anyone ?Only God who sees in secret knows it all.God can use anyone!
    NNAMDI KANU,I don’t know you,I have never met you,but this is my candid opinion about you.If you think ,it’s easy to convince people,go to the market ,present your products,if you finish it in one week,you will understand,what am talking about.
    This is the first time,I am openly saying anything about him.I am an adult,with years of experience in God’s vineyard,I know exactly what am talking about and am responsible for what I say.You may not like my opinion,but the sad fact is that I have spoken.
    Fadafranklin Mmor. (c)2017.

  2. Johnne Gabriel M says:

    Abdul Bala Rauf, u ar a moron. Threats will not work. Aggression n violence can’t deter us. We fought against Britain, France n Russia and USA then. It’s a different ball game now.
    Watch us actualize BIAFRA n Mount her flags!!!!

  3. Nwabueze Biafra says:

    This Hausa /Fulani divide and rule has come to stop. At least two days ago the so called SS & SE governors convened a meeting and they called themselves BROTHERS. Thats to show u how brotherlyhood we are. I keep saying it IJAW, EFIK, AKWA-IBOM, OGOJA,OGONI,ISHEKIRI,IGBO these are my people. Dirty Hausa/Fulani u beta wiseup cos no more DIVIDE & RULE MANTRA. The governors u think they are not in support of Biafra Restoration… Infact i pity u pple(Hausa/Fulani).hahahahahaha.

  4. Abdulrashid Alhassan says:

    I foresee the future of south/south people in doom.Because Igbos are logically trying to dominate the minority tribes in the south/south when they get independent from Nigeria.Because Igbos are always trying to dominate everybody.We Hausa/fulani will never and forever be dominated by the primitive people like Igbos or biafraud in general:In short we are born to rule!!!

  5. Chijioke Nwa Jioke says:

    Good, Igbo’s pls don’t insult your south south brothers no matter what they say, all you need do is educate them to see the greater reasons why they should join in this struggle for emancipation.

  6. Patrick Don says:

    The strength of the two regions can’t be stopped by anybody, this is the time to be free, plan so that out unborn children won’t suffer the way we are doing now, image at my age I Still hear people shoot up NEPA, is a disgrace

  7. Kenneth Emeaso says:

    BIAFRA restoration is the only solution, Igbo Presidency or restructuring can never stop the agitation for BIAFRA, what we need is total freedom from the Islamic republic of nigeria

    • Johnne Gabriel M says:

      Childish foolish talk. Go n learn mature, factual,analytical talk n debates from d IPOB n Igbo. Threats of war n violence has bn left behind in d stone age which ur North, yes, d HAUSA n Fulani North, has bn stuck in since 1804.
      Which North, by d way? The middle belt indigenous peoples hav denied ur HAUSA n Fulani backward tribe and claimed their identity: MIDDLE BELT! you ar ON YOUR OWN!
      yes, the HAUSA n Fulani ar masters in propaganda, lies, deceits, backwardness, diseases, parasitic tendencies, illiteracy, educational backwardness, underdevelopment, quota system and federal character!
      If the HAUSA n Fulani are men enuff let them stand n live by themselves in a proper Federal system of federating States

  8. Charlie Charles says:

    One sure thing Nigerians have not come to realize or agree upon is that about 90% of Igbo youths just within a short time that this Nnamdi Kanu chap came on board with his Radio BIAFRA and started his agitation and deep insights and education on how Nigeria controlled by the Hausa/Fulani been treating the Eastern part of this country for more than 50years now after the civil war, have made up their mind for BIAFRA because they are not ready to suffer this cheating anymore and totally tired of the lopsidedness, the marginalization, and deliberate policies by Nigerian to keep the eastern region down. BIAFRA this time around is not an igbo affair, because BIAFRA will be a confederation of federated units that will be made up of self governing semi independent units, and the selection for officers to run the center will be in a collegiate form from all the different units and BIAFRA will be based on freedom, good governance, and zero tolerance on corruption. So no need for the other nations that make up the eastern region to fear about Igbo domination. It will not happen. Who told you that Igbos are stronger than the Ijaws in warfare? The life and freedom of the easterners in BIAFRA will be by far better that this slavery they are into in Nigeria. You have your resources, you manage them and use them for your units and get some little % for the center and you now can be able to develop your units, towns etc. There wont be anymore situation whereby your resources will be collected from you and transferred to Abuja, and you now go camp in hand begging for some little percentage and bailouts. No more money politics, it will be outlawed, no sharing of money and materials to voters, election campaign will be based on issues, and sound political debates. Judiciary system will be mostly by jury of about seven judges, and basic education ( primary and secondary) will be free and shall be the right of every BIAFRA child. Nothing like school fees at these levels. This is the time for Igbo youths should stop insulting any of their Eastern brothers and sisters who are asking questions. What you should be doing now is to educate them on the bigger picture BIAFRA and not calling them, fulani slaves, cowards, timid, and so on. People need to be told what they are going into and how it’s going to workout. Even our other southern brothers and sisters should also be made to know why we have decided to leave Nigeria and who says the whole South can not form a federated country if that is the wish of God.

    • David Babs says:

      U will hate urself when yaws gas,hmmmm, it started like this in 1967 and no hiding place for Biafra,itz a pity that children of just yesterday like Kanu himself agitating for Biafra again even as the wound of the past struggle is not yet healed?Hahaha I trust ngr govt sha.

    • Awa Aso says:

      @David, it pains me when people who appear to be educated reason like illiterates. Can we then say Nigerians are educated illiterates? I advise you go back to your certificates and match them with this your comment then you will see why Nnamdi kanu called you a baboon.

    • Awa Aso says:

      If Biafra means war to you, it means freedom to we Biafrans. Freedom from the hands of blood sucking and blood thirsty demons like you. But mind you, that Britain and other world power helped you 1967-1970 doesn’t mean it will be the same this time.

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