“Pronounce Kanu And IPOB As Terror Outfits” – Northern Coalition Urges UN

On July 13, 2017 151 Comments

The Coalition of Northern Groups has urged the United Nations (UN) to end the increasing agitations by pro-Biafra groups by initiating a referendum.

According to Sahara Reporters, the group also want the UN to declare the group led by Nnamdi Kanu, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a terror group.

The coalition made its position known in a statement signed by its spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman.


It recalled that after its ‘Kaduna Declaration‘, which gave quit notice to Igbos living in the North, it wrote a letter to the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, asking him to curtail the activities of IPOB and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

“We urged the UN to invoke the relevant statutes to which Nigeria is a signatory to pronounce Kanu and IPOB as terror outfits, proscribe their activities and initiate criminal actions against them. Since it is becoming all the more obvious – by the way IPOB and Kanu enjoy massive support from the Igbo back home – that the issue of the drive for Biafra nation is still a boiling issue, we urged the UN to intervene by initiating processes for a peaceful referendum as the only option to finally settle the Biafran issue,” the Northern coalition said.


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  1. Clems Hyman says:

    Madness in highest revel before now it was UN pls give them BIAFRA republic if it’s what they want. (2)_letter FG conduct referendum for the biafrans.(3)_we will help them to achieve this great country BIAFRA .(4)_UN most tag ipob and nnamdi KANU a terrorist group have u also forgotten to let them recognize boko haram as freedom fighting group? Yeye de smell

  2. Gabriel Uzoma says:

    Where in the north that you see good thingstuff come out, only terrorist attacks and you can see millions coming together nicely with -out anything bad happen you want to call them terrorist like your northern boko haram ,,,, can any good news come from northern Nigeria?,,,,,,

  3. Chimuanya Ambrose says:

    Well, all I understand here is that since osinbajo cannot act fully on his capacity, they are now telling the un to do the needful and organise a Referendum for us to go. All Hail Biafra.

  4. Solomon Ibrahim says:

    Am calling on the northern youth leader to contest for 2019 presidential election,and handover to OPC Gani Adams by 2023,after Gani Adams 8 years he should handover to Tampolo of Niger delta,after Tampolo completed his 8 years,then we will see if biafra have any sound and vibrant boy if not then we will look for another arewa youth.

  5. Simon Eguji says:

    These aristocratic Foolani & their slaves of almajaris are 1000 years behind civilization. For asking for self determination they think N Kanu & IPOB mean terror? Let them reset their minds to the truth that BIAFRANS are no longer disposed to be part of Islamic Republic of Nigeria. Foolani are officially 4 th most dangerous Terrorists group on earth. UN knows that.

  6. Joshua Sunshine says:

    Is this nt the reason l use to called them animals. Since they can see self determination as call for war, soo what else did u expect from them. Illitracy is a real deases. Fear north, just lyk in the bible. Animals in human form.

  7. Joshua Nworie says:

    Mumu too bad ooooo.You are killing innocent Igbos everywhere even in their homes using the so called herdsmen, killing and seizing their properties in the North, yet u have the gut to call an innocent one a terror shielding your evil act. ..Fools!

  8. Agnes Nwokike says:

    Cry till eternity, Biafra is out of Nigeria and nothing can stop it. Rather any action you take whether positive or negative will help to restore Biafra quicker. Thanks to Chukwu Okike Abiama.

  9. Bright Mccallester says:

    This man understood nigeria which made people to think he is resurrected ancestor.when he told us ‘dont retaliate against any provocation,we thought he was trying to be betrayl us,we were wrong.he knows the weapon-THE TRUTH.he knows that as time goes on,this people will try to blackmail us in taking arms.but now the same people killing us are crying so loud to the outside world.can u still imagine,by the time we will take up arms,what will be nigeria’s fate.
    we are still waiting for the same people that protected bokoharm to bring evidence before UN to do fast,because

  10. Abodunrin Daramola says:

    No wonder the norths are in quagmire, they are confusing separatists with terrorists.
    Terrorists are people that kill, slaughter or bomb innocent people by virtue of their belief or faith or ideology.
    Nnamdi kanu has not killed a soul since his advanced agitation.
    The north should go take care of the Islamic terrorists ravaging them first, they should remove the stone in their Gari first…

  11. Usman Mohammed says:

    Actions and utterances of Kanu and his brainwashed followers against Nigeria is more than what common terrorists can do. Infact he should have pronounced terrorist long before now

  12. Chinedu Ani says:

    Dose uncircumcised cow brains hausafulani group of parasites is only helping IPOB and Biafrans in general to get justice that will help the restoration of Biafra quicker in UN

  13. Omoh Alislam Ahmed Hussain says:

    we d hausa fulani are lurking at nnamdi kanu we wnt him to get to a position where e will b very vulnerable to us.we hausa fulani hate biafra and we av resolve to never let it materialise.one nigeria till eternity just like the british had wnt it in the past.hausa yoruba and igbo are one forever

  14. Udochi Edey Nwakanma says:

    When reasonable people speaks, ground shakes. What is the reason ability of an average Hausa/Fulani Man? Has Nnamdi Kanu bombed anyone like their dangerous terrorist group known as B-O-K-O-H-A-R-A-M?

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