Niger Delta Warlords Say Yorubas Greatest Enemy Of The Region, Vow To Declare Republic Sept 1

On July 17, 2017 21 Comments

* Roll out demands

Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators has condemned the recent alliance meeting between the Yorubas, Middle Belt, South East and Niger Delta Elders.

The coalition in a statement on Monday also hinted that it would declare Niger Delta Republic on September 1 if its demands are not met by the Nigerian government.

The group said while the Niger Delta leaders could ​meet Igbo and Middle Belt, ​it was against Yoruba​ ​​which allegedly acts against the interest of the ​South South​ region.


The statement reads: “The eight years of President Olusegun Obasanjo was a total disappointment. He failed to develop the Niger Delta or resolve the Niger Delta issues. Even the NDDC he created was not funded in order to drive the development of Niger Delta according to master plan.

“After so much agitation and pressure by the Militants, Obasanjo decided to nominate Goodluck Jonathan as running mate to late Yar’adua, the Yorubas were not comfortable having Vice President from Niger Delta, this was demonstrated in 2014 APC Primaries election. The Presidential candidate was zoned to the North to complete the tenure of late Yar’adua while the Vice President supposed to be zoned to the South South to complete the tenure of the Niger Delta.

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“But the Yorubas ignored and brought their son. Today the Yorubas have the Acting President and the Minister of Works, Power and Housing who ignores the East-West road and concentrates only on Benin-Ore road, which is their own.

“​T​he Acting President tour of the Niger Delta states was a camouflage to deceive the Niger Delta people​. A​fter many months since the Acting President visited, there is nothing good that has come out from the visit. The call by the Acting President for the relocation of the head office of the Oil/Gas companies to their operational base was a great joke which we know even if he is the President he would not enforce it.

“The greatest enemy of the Niger Delta people are the Yorubas. They constantly do everything possible to frustrate the progress and development of the Niger Delta region​. ​They are in control of the Oil/Gas companies, they pay taxes and royalties to Lagos state government instead of Niger Delta states.

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“If we are to continue as one Nigeria from October 1st, 2017 we demand as follows: Restructuring and True Federalism that will give all the zones equal right; Total Resource Control; Removal of the Group Managing Director – NNPC​; Removal of the​ National Security Adviser; All the Oil/Gas companies and their servicing companies must relocate their headquarters to their operational base.

“​Also, there must be concrete arrangement that come 2019, the President or Vice President must come from any of the Niger Delta States; Sixty percent (60%) of oil blocs in the Niger Delta should be awarded by Niger Delta people.

“We resolved to unfold the programmes for October 1st, 2017 declaration of Niger Delta Republic on September 1st 2017, if the Federal Government failed to meet up our demands as stated above”.

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The statement was signed by General John Duku (Niger Delta Watchdogs) and Convener: Coalition of Niger Delta Agitators; General Ekpo Ekpo – Niger Delta Volunteers; General Osarolor Nedam – Niger Delta Warriors; Major-Gen. Henry Okon Etete – Niger Delta Peoples Fighters; Major-Gen. Asukwo Henshaw – Bakassi Freedom Fighters.

Others are Major-Gen. Ibinabo Horsfall – Niger Delta Movement for Justice; Major-Gen. Duke Emmanson – Niger Delta Fighters Network; Major-Gen. Inibeghe Adams – Niger Delta Freedom Mandate; Major-Gen. Ibinabo Tariah – Niger Delta Development Network.


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  1. Willy ogheneovo says:

    Nigerians are so senseless yu live your father’s land your land of origin instead of you to stand and fight for your right, you guys are dying everyday thousand of Nigerians running into neighbouring country’s and in the name of going to abroad thousands dying in the desert dying in the Mediterranean sea dying in South Africa Nigerians are the scope goat all over the world upon all our resources stand and fight for yu r right the northerners has highjack Nigeria from every other region and right now as i speak nigeria is rated the poorest country in the world with all the resources it a shame we,re a shame as been called a Nigeria I support Niger delta agitators let the battle begin

  2. Chuksjoee Joe says:

    WHY I DON'T SUPPORT NIGER-DELTA REPUBLIC.* *By Asari Dokubo* (With Reasons) I'm from Ijaw, the heartland area of Niger-
    Delta region in River State Biafra land. We know that Nigeria MUST divide so that people will control their resouces. Niger-Delta is NOT the oil producing states. The proper meaning of Delta is the starting point of a land where a River took branches and spread to different places before flowing into a Sea or an Ocean. What gave the name "Niger-delta is a two words; "Niger" meaning the River Niger and "Delta" which means the area of land where a River spread to different places before spreaing into an Ocean or Sea. The compound word is "Niger-Delta." This means that it is only the areas of land where the River-Niger took branches and spread into different places before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean is the area that is called *"Niger-Delta" which the states are; Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta only*. Nigeria in their fraudulent way claimed that Niger-Delta is the Oil producing states which is a pure lie and a deceit. And any body who claimed that he is from Niger-delta whereas there is no branch of River-Niger in his land need to go back to Geography. Is the same "Oil that will kill them" that made Yakubu Gowon to create Niger-Delta after the civil war with the help of the O.I.C which is also part of the divide and rule tactice. This idiocyncracy have eaten the mindset of our people to think that Nige-Delta is the Oil producing States which they assumed to be; Cross-River, Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo, Abia, Imo, Anambra, even Lagos and Borno(Mad people!) Remember that "Niger-Delta"(On quote) has become the British colonial extention in Nigeria and if we take a step to become Niger-Delta Republic that means we are falling from Frying-Pan into fire like the foolish Grasshoppers. Meaning that Nigeria will be ur colonial master with a strong support by the Britain and our people will remain amalgamated with the Muslims in Edo and in Ondo State with their Ifa traditional region? And tomorrow when a religious crisis will trigger our people will be subjugated by the same Islamic group from Ondo with the help of the ISIS and they will come and islamise and kill our people bcos of "the same Oil" and you will call it persecution and be asking "who did this to us?" Again with the structure of Niger-Delta by the O.I.C, that means Niger-Delta will be a combination of Biafrans in the Riverine areas, Bini kingdom(The Yoruba Cousins) and the Oduduwas in Ondo, i.e people with different value system, cultural differences and Religious sentiments which is the same syndrome that put Nigeria into a mess. Una plans will fail in Jesus name! We are Biafrans, the Juju which the Housa/Fulani did to our people never to speak with one voice has already failed. Biafra will remain a Christian nation forever and any one or two persons who was frauded to become a Muslim in our land whereas his family members are Christians can easily be reconverted. I know that God is with us. By: *Asari Smith Sokipiri Dokubo* (Edi-Abali of kalabari)

  3. PC Jeff says:

    Selfish militant or warlord, what u need is small money, then u go and hide when it finish u come out again, this so called slave Niger Deltan are the most useless and ignorant in Africa

  4. Charlie Achomrough says:

    But yorubas are very cunning. They work against others secretly but will always pretend. During the Reform Conference of 2005 the yoruba delegates spoke in favour of “niger delta ” but refused to support them to have 25 percent derivation. Mr Oronto Douglas gave a press conference to that effect. But if you had listened to the yorubas shouting that “niger delta ” was marginalised, you would think that when the voting comes they will stand with the Niger delta. Deceitful, deceptive, and slymy. Yoruba will always pretend. They will always betray you while pretending to be with you. Anyway you listen to them that is why they keep deceiving you. The yoruba are the most jittery over nigeria brakeup. Though they pretend about it. “niger delta” it took you decades to observe what is right before you. In 2015,, they betrayed President Jonathan and niger delta” again. Jonathan lost in all yoruba states, except the good people of Ekiti. Thanks to Ayo Fayose. May God bless him.. Mind you, the “niger delta” you answer is given to you by your “oppressors”. Therefore you can not achieve anything thing as long as you operate within the entity called nigeria.. This is just the fact. These people see the so called niger delta as cheap and weak in thinking. They call their freedom fighters millitants. Yes they call you millitants because of this kind of demands you make. From there they conclude that these people are not serious and do not know the right thing to do. The right thing to do is total freedom because it is obvious nobody will grant those requests by the “millitants”. At most they will use your money against you. They will use divide and rule to enslave and weaken you the more. Eritrea has gotten independence. They did not ask for resource control from Ethiopia. Kosovo has become independent. They did not ask for the repair of “East-west road. Albania is free today from Yugoslavia. South Sudan has just got independence. They did not ask for resource control. All of these countries demanded total freedom and got it. Not every year Obi is a boy. Stop this control and that control. Ask for freedom. With freedom you possess control. You ask an oppressor to give you control.

  5. Ogunleye Ayodele says:

    Confused people with myhopic brain. Must Yorubas follow or support you before you can do anything? Since you now realised that they are your greatest enemy then forget about them, do away with them, blacklist them.

  6. Chijioke Nwa Jioke says:

    Militants you all keep shut, you talk too much and end up collecting handouts, your also the same thing with the Yoruba’s, pls declare your Niger delta republic let’s see and stop this gragra.

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