Nigeria MUST Remain One – Katsina Emir

On July 19, 2017 139 Comments

The Emir of Katsina and Chancellor, University of Ilorin, Alhaji Abdulmumini Kabir Usman, has said that those pushing Nigeria to war are “agents of disunity, who do not wish the country well.”

According to the University’s weekly publication released on Wednesday, Kabir made the remark in his Palace when Unilorin Pro-Chancellor, Dr Abdullah Oyekan, paid him a courtesy visit.

The Emir noted that even though the situation in the country was tense, Nigerians must work towards peaceful co-existence.


“This country must remain one indivisible sovereignty that it has been since time immemorial,” he was quoted as saying. He blamed the renewed agitation on “agents of disunity, especially those who do not want the present administration to succeed.”

Kabir said, “Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas and other tribes in the country – we are all brothers and sisters and we must be wary of these unscrupulous people.”

He said as Emir, it was his responsibility to take care of all people in the emirate irrespective of religious and tribal affiliation. Kabir appealed to Nigerians of good will to continue to pray for peace and progress of the country.

The Emir praised Unilorin for maintaining peaceful atmosphere and stable academic calendar. Earlier, the pro-chancellor, who is also Chairman of the Governing Council, commended the Emir’s contribution to educational development in the country.

Oyekan recalled that the emir had instituted the Kabir Usman Scholarship Foundation, in honour of his late father, of which the university had benefited.

He expressed the belief that with the support of the chancellor, the institution would soon be rated among the best 100 universities in the world.


Comments (139)

  1. Ogbu Jermiah says:

    I hate this word “must” with passion,,,, how can someone will be using it to address a country as if he is talking to his kindergarten child.

    Emir pls respect ur old ago and a favour to ur people by telling them to do the best noe before the worst will happen on then

  2. Chiagozie Christian Raphael says:

    Tell me are Hausa Igbo Yoruba the same people No we are not and we can never be
    One Nigeria is a satanic bondages
    When God say let there be country Nigeria is not among therefore Nigeria was created by satanic lordlugard not God and it has expired

  3. Citylife Light says:

    So that you fool’s Fulanis will be living from our Sweat. We biafrans live the country to work hard bring money home for you foolish selfish people to live on and at the end they call them names.Referendum for father land biafra .Is time the fulans should live the country themselves and see how it is in other countries they are so comfortable in the country that why they want one Nigeria.fool’s

  4. Obidike Nze says:

    You people have selfishly been doing things the way you want it in this country for years, and now you remember that nigeria must remain one forgetting that you are born to rule, every one is also burn to rule bt in your own country, biafra has come to stay.

  5. Obidike Nze says:

    You people have selfishly been doing things the way you want it in this country for years, and now you remember that nigeria must remain one forgetting that you are born to rule, every one is also burn to rule bt in your own country, biafra has come to stay.

  6. Happy Ndumele says:

    Because of you people’s selfish interest.they knew that if they allow Igbo’s to go, they will all die,because we are their God’s, ague with me let amadioha strike your entire generation Hausa fools

  7. Ahmad Umar Muhammad says:

    Igbo i no understand you i know it is Dim odimega odimeju ojukwu start fighting for biafra but when the mission failt still thesame ojukwu come to contest for presdent in thesame nigeria he fought with, And also during goodluck no body among you taiked about biafra which kind of people do we have igbo

  8. Hamidu Mohammed says:

    I cant believe this,look at how mad people are comenting here, all of u here are talking against nigeria, saying that u are nt one nigeria,and still,i hv checked all of ur profile,i found nothing like biafra which u claimed as ur country inside all of ur profiles,i can see this name call nigeria, and i believe ghanians,togolist,kenyans,cameroonians etc can never tip the name nigeria in their fb.profile becouse they are nt nigerians, iam ashamed of u who pretend that u are nt more a nigerian,bt still using nigeria name as ur home country. this is part expor for u, next term if u want to involve ur selves in this kind of argument,u make sure,and change that name in ur profile to biafraud oh sorry oo,is biafrad.thanks and bye for nwn

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  10. Daniel Kadson says:

    So that you will continue to abdopt christian tenagers as wives and forcefully convert them Islam abi? You have met your waterloo, what will happen will happen your view is inconsequential.

  11. Henry-Paloka Adimonye says:

    Nigeria must not remain one, bcus we are not one from the begining. We are far different from each other. Our culture and tradition, our faith and belief, our our physical stature and appearance, our intelligence and sense of reasoning, our way of speach and attitude, our fashion and dressing, our ways of investment and economical formular, our value to life and health matters, our background and orientation, our interest and love to humanity, our conflict resolution system, u marry underage girls and we don’t,pls, all these and many more are very very different from each other, so we are not one.

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