Biafra Referendum: July 21st Is Finally Here…IPOB Storms White House

On July 21, 2017 101 Comments

Today July 21st, 2017 is the day Nigeria’s secessionist group the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) claimed it would be storming the White House, the official residence and workplace of the President of the United States to hold talks with government on the need for referendum for Biafrans.

ORIENTAL TIMES has however gathered that some of the principal officers of the group who were listed among the guests expected to represent IPOB in the meeting would no longer be going as they cited some challenges.

Recall that ORIENTAL TIMES July 11 listed the names of the IPOB officers who were scheduled to visit the White House today as it was shown on its official website (if you missed it, READ IT HERE).

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ORIENTAL TIMES finally learnt that two Biafran attorneys and one other officer of the group will be present today to represent the group in the purported referendum talk.


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  1. Sean Dosunmu says:

    I thought Biafra said they want to meet trump?? So nah front of white house dem want to take pictures.. Dem come dey make noise up and down.. Hmmmm I can’t laugh it all.. Make some body help me too.. Biafra.. And I know say some people go still fall for this.. Lies.. Ooo

  2. Chikezie Nelson says:

    Ohaneze ndigbo should know that economic and political marginalization we are facing in the zoo is not the only reason we are agitating for Biafra restoration, rather the threats of islamization which gave birth to aforementioned factors. The threats are real, is imminent and restructuring can never stop it, seccession is the only solution to it, islamization is extermination of a race by destroying their religion, culture, language and even lives and properties incase of resistance. Lets secede now or

  3. Peter Chukwudi Nweke says:


    So, the narrative in recent times especially from those who support the present regime, is that “PDP destroyed” our country and it will take time to rebuild it. Read below and be the Judge–
    1. *Sen. Pres. Bukola Saraki. PDP Governor for 8yrs and PDP Senator for over 3 yrs.* Joined APC in 2014. He is the Senate President.
    2. *Speaker Yakubu Dogara. Two-term PDP House of Rep member.* Joined APC in 2014 and was elected for a third time in 2015. He is the Speaker.
    3. *VP Atiku Abubakar. Nigeria’s PDP Vice-President for 8yrs* and presently an APC Elderstatesman after jumping from one party to the other since 2007.
    4. *Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba. PDP Senator for 12yrs.* Decamped to APC about two months ago. He is the serving Chairman, NDDC Board.
    5. *Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri. Two-term PDP Senator from Bayelsa State.* Decamped to APC after the 2015 elections. He is a serving Minister of the Republic.
    6. *Sen. Ita Enang. Two-term PDP Senator from Akwa-Ibom.* Joined APC before the 2015 elections. Presently the SSA to the President on NASS.
    7. *Gov. Samuel Ortom. Long-serving Benue State Secretary of the PDP. Former National Auditor of the PDP and former Minister under Pres. Jonathan.* Joined APC in December 2014. He is the Governor of Benue State.
    8. *Sen. Barnabas Gemade. Founding father of the PDP, former National Chairman of the party and Senator from 2011.* Joined APC in December 2014. He is a serving Senator.
    9. *Gov. Atiku Bagudu. A two-term PDP Senator from Kebbi.* Joined the APC at some point. He is the serving Governor of Kebbi State.
    10. *Gov. Aminu Tambuwal. Former PDP Speaker of the House of Representatives.* Joined APC in 2014. He is the serving Governor of Sokoto State.
    11. *Sen. Abdullahi Adamu. Two-term PDP Governor of Nasarawa and Senator in 2011.* Joined APC in 2014. Still a serving Senator.
    12. *Sen. Danjuma Goje. Two-term PDP Governor of Gombe State and Senator in 2011.* Joined APC in 2014. Still a serving Senat

  4. Rasheed Olawale Salau says:

    Hmm,let see how it goes,but i know united we stand divided shall fall.I knew some of this so called terrorist that hide under the name aggitator av hidden selfish agenda,only if those morons that are following and shout there Praises can think.What is after Biafra is more than what has happened b4 it.Leadership tussel how do they go about it?When some of his pple are disowning him already.Ok ooh i sit down they look ooh.

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