Biafra: You’re A Nonentity’ – OPC Blasts Nnamdi Kanu For ‘Insulting’ Obasanjo, Tinubu

On July 21, 2017 163 Comments

The Reformed Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, has described leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu as a “nonentity” for berating former President Olusegun Obasanjo and a National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Tinubu.

In a statement by the National President, Dare Adesope, the group warned that it will no longer sit back and watch Kanu insult Yoruba elders.

The group also described the IPOB leader as a man alien to respect for elders.

The statement reads, “The OPC also supports the genuine aspirations of all self-determination groups who pursue their aims through non-violent means.


“The Nigerian constitution and several international charters, to which the country is a signatory to, recognise the right to freedom of association by anybody, whether individual, corporate or institutional.

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“However, in supporting such agitations, we must not shy away from rebuking Nnamdi Kanu for the aspersions he has been casting in the direction of our revered leaders.

“Kanu’s repeated condemnation of former President Olusegun Obasanjo; former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and others is condemned in the strongest possible terms.

“The idea of respect for elders might be alien to Kanu and his ilk, but it is a fundamental part of the Yoruba culture and tradition and we cannot afford to overlook such transgressions.

“We therefore use this medium to warn Kanu and other such individuals who are fond of making careless comments in relation to our leaders; that OPC will no longer sit back and allow this bunch of nonentities to disrespect our leaders or to use them to score cheap political scores.”

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Comments (163)

  1. Humphrey Umanu says:

    Opc or Yoruba’s, I urge you to respect yours selves and stay clear from Nnamdi Kanu , or ipob in general. But if you failed to listen, yours case is minor and can be treated without consulting a physicians. Biafra is divine

  2. Omoh Alislam Ahmed Hussain says:

    Nnamdi kanu is too pompous,e should not worry the government is lurking at him we want to attack at where e will b most vulnerable.kanu should have learn from the past if he has sense of history,ask islamic movement of nigeria if they knw where elzazaki is today?lastly dont bring ur agitation to kano state o

  3. Anikeze Nnechukwu says:

    Where Nnamdi Kanu has stepped his feet, no Yoruba man will ever step upon. You people should watch and be able to differentiate between bravery and cowardice. We know you people na, always identifying with the winning side to avoid conflict. Bunch of cowards.

  4. Chris John says:

    Truth is usually bitter in naija. Nnamdi is saying the truth but the two have insulted and kept insulting themselves. No apology but you can hug that transformer near you.

  5. Adelabu Teslim says:

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  6. Richard Anthony says:

    Why won’t he insult them since they can no longer reason well because oil money from biafra land has clouded the little brain they have ,and they only speak rubbish whenever they open their gutter mouth.

  7. Mustapha Ahmad says:

    For fayose and kayode to be on the side of biafra clearly tells you the two are never legitimate children of yoruba generation. They are either adopted or planted into the tribe because Yoruba people are never hypocrites in political matters but play politics with wisdom and knowledge because they are fully aware in politics there is no permament friend nor permanent enemy, only what is permanent to them is a common interest.

  8. Ihionu Decency Nzube Damian says:

    Even in the north that are making noise, do they know their left from their right, the politicians hold them captives and brain washing them and be using them for violence. The good schools built for the alamajiris was built by Jonathan,they won’t support them to go to school, they prefer seeing them going around begging food from them so they can use them for violence at any point in time. While all their children are abroad schooling .Nigeria is really a zoo in respect to the way the leaders has subdue the citizens

    • Kayode Niyi says:

      But they rule you as slave till their kingdom come , PDP Biafra celebrate had zone presidency to the North again that means IBO the self acclaimed educated will remain slaves forever and will never rule

    • Ihionu Decency Nzube Damian says:

      Niyi you are not better to a any Igbo man, despite whatever thing you may think, we are agitating for freedom due to political marginalization and lopsided deals in Nigeria which we are not comfortable with. And to show the world the stuff we are made of. No tribe in Nigeria competes with Igbo. Hope that’s clear to you now.

    • Nweke Jude says:

      Kayode Niyi Afonja the same slavish mentality to fulani by your grand father made your brothers and sisters slaves in Ilorin today. afonja leave cowardice alone

    • Justina Okumefuna says:

      Yes my bros the same slavish mentality and cowardly behavior of Niyi and his kingsmen lead them astray. Even the women of Dahomey conquered them. The same Biafrans who are slaves as he said bought all their lands and properties including their family house. of them who are kings and Queen. So who is a fool. Zombies

  9. Obikaru says:

    Biafrans, plse do not waste your precious time with these morons. This is not OPC. The OPC in question is the Fulani-Hausa/APC coordinated OPC.
    The original OPC known to all has to do with Ganu Adams and other. This is one of the major problems the Yoruba’s are dealing with … the Muslims Yoruba’s as moles within the Yoruba community. The Muslims are seriously running down the Yoruba community and if the Yoruba’s do not act quickly, the entire Yoruba will fall in just as Kwara state/Ilorin went for the Fulani’s. Awolowo doggedly fought against this with Akintola but the current Yoruba’s manipulated by the Fulani’s are sell outs but their generations will be wiped out including the Yoruba Culture .

  10. Austin Uzoma says:

    Everesus Eze, you were reminding Yoruba about fela’s encounter with Zoo government, Obasenjo was among the idiots whom killed the poor mother, What of MKO? OPC and OPF was there, they did nothing instead Tinubu ran to London.

  11. Austin Uzoma says:

    What’s Do You Call Your self OPZ or OPO I Don’t Care About Your Name, But Tell Obasenjo and Tinubu That Biafra Is Not About Looting And Stealing Public Worthy or Money We Are Talking About Biafran Freedom Which Is A Serious Business, Biafrans Has No Time To Be Answering OPP, PPZ And OPF Since Independent And Nothing Happens Bull Dogs Without Tooth , Only Nnamdi KANU Is Hundred Obasenjo And Tinubu.

  12. Chinedu Okafor says:

    All of a sudden, everyone respects politicians. Since when did obj and tinubu deserve an igbo man’s respect? I have no respect whatsoever for that old witch called obasanjo. Sentiments apart he can’t be compared with Kanu

  13. Chijioke Nwa Jioke says:

    You don’t need to reply or join issues with your almajiris that guard your gate, opc are gatemen they guard street gates which are paid by Igbo’s so what are you saying opc did or what, the idiot gateman is a bloody carpenter so why the fuss.

  14. Ajao Babatunde says:

    He is not just a nonentity but also a moron. Our own culture gives regards to elders,so your elders are useless,idiots and nothing,no problem. Learn how to solve your internal crisis without insulting others. Its you that are in bondage,we are not.

  15. Christopher Uwem says:

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  16. Ononuju Chukwudi says:

    Ajayi or what ever ur name is….can u compare I.p.o.b with o.pc? B4 now u pole said that. Nnamdi kanu is fb freedom fighter….. Miscreant… From miscreant to nonentity…. Hahahaha…. I can’t. Stop lafing maybe 2moro u will one other names. And call him… But let me tell u one thing that you need to knw about this gr8 man is dis he did not. Just send him self on this very mission but God sent him so there’s nothing any can do about. This so get Tha try into ur empty. Skull..

  17. Daniel Egbu says:

    as long as that chimpanzees called obasanjo and tinubu the old thiefs fail to stair clear of ipob they must receives more and many more insult from ppl then let opc do the worst fools

  18. Oluomo A Salisu says:

    just look at set of fools (igbos) commenting rubbish,set of mentally deranged people,let’s wait nd see hw stupid boy called kanu will end up u peoples miserable life just like coward ojukwu did,burn to be slaves !!!.

  19. Chikezie Nelson says:

    Ohaneze ndigbo should know that economic and political marginalization we are facing in the zoo is not the only reason we are agitating for Biafra restoration, rather the threats of islamization which gave birth to aforementioned factors. The threats are real, is imminent and restructuring can never stop it, seccession is the only solution to it, islamization is extermination of a race by destroying their religion, culture, language and even lives and properties incase of resistance. Lets secede now or

  20. Ajayi Rufus says:

    I hate pple making noise, show ur action and let pple know ur what………West is waiting, u pple will know that sense is bigger than power if Kanu is not coward he should declare Biafra Republic and stop demostrating madness

    • Cee Cee Ibezym says:

      Rufus, you have really spoken like a lay man on the street. I see know wisdom in your note. awusa is very much better than Yoruba.yorubas are cowards, you don’t belong to anywhere

    • Emmanuel Ndukwe says:

      Ajayi, sell your character and buy some sense. You seem to have more zeel that sense. What Kanu has done within his short entrance in revolutionary activities in the history of Africa is unprecedented. Has any person single handedly without arm or sword, stopped activities in more than five states or more tham 30million people? Kanu is an unarmed Prophet, a might man in revolutionary activities. You said you are waiting; waiting till eternity. Me, i prefer a moving cloud than a dormant planet.

  21. Linus Akali says:

    It is not good to insult elders, and we have to show respect to our elders but saying that white is white and black is black should not be taken as insult. All our politicians and elder statesmen who contributed to the mess this country is suffering, no matter the ethnic group should cover is his in shame. Nigerians should learn to speak with one voice and not claiming, “this is our thief” because he is from our tribe… It’s a shame. Be you Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba, anyone who has contributed in spoiling this country should be condemned and I think Nnamdi Kanu condemns them all, he doesn’t spear any of them. So we should not continue showing our tribal differences in every matter… Saying “don’t talk him like that he is our own criminal” is not being patrotic

  22. Godwin Chukwudi Chidi says:

    OPC, OBJ, ODUDUWA, AND AFENIFEREs are all alians like their father mr oduduwa who is beleaved to have fallen 4rm d sky as one of d demons who was kicked out of heaven by angel micheal as warndering stars, bcos they niether fought 4 God nor for d devil. Sabotuers


      My brothers we are not making success by hateful words and insults on people.Sometimes our attack should have focus,pls let us limit it and change style of operation.

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