Nigeria Not Matured For State Police – IG

On July 21, 2017 44 Comments

Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police, has asked those agitating for state police to consider the “political maturity” of Nigeria.

Speaking at a meeting with governors in Abuja on Thursday, Idris said federal police system is the best for the country.

He appealed to the government to improve funding for the force and also appealed to the governors to support the passage of the Nigeria police trust fund bill before the national assembly.

“I sincerely believe that the federal police is still the best for the country and with improved funding the challenges of crime will be addressed,” Jimoh Moshood, police spokesman, quoted him as saying.


“Those agitating for state police should consider the level of our political maturity.”

On the bill, he said: “Let me use this opportunity to appeal to your excellencies to prevail on your representatives at the national assembly to ensure the passage of the bill.

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“It is my sincere belief that once the police trust fund bill is passed into law, the necessary finances required to effectively police the nation will be available.”

He said this would also reduce the pressure on the state governments in the funding of the police.

Idris said police officers in the country were one of the least paid security organisations in the world in spite of operating under the UN ratio of 1:400.

He added that with the current ratio of 1:602 the Nigeria police was operating far below the United Nation’s ratio.

“About 10,000 police officers have been recruited recently to fill the gap but this is still a far cry,” he said.

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“To meet up with the UN ratio of 1:400, the Nigeria police requires additional 155,000 police officers for the next five years.”
He said a request to recruit 31,000 policemen had been sent to President Muhammadu Buhari for approval.

Idris said the current police management was making efforts to establish structures that would bridge the communication gap between the Police and members of the public.

Idris said one of such structures included the establishment of the Nigeria Police Broadcasting Service (NPBS).

“When commissioned, it will broadcast Nationwide on TV, Radio, online and the National Emergency Communication Command Control Centre (NEC4),” he said.

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Assuring Idris of support, Abdul’Aziz Yari, governor of Zamfara, said security was everybody’s business.

Governors had set up a six-man committee to look into the possibility of having state police

A public hearing on the Nigeria police trust fund was organised by the house of representatives committee on police affairs on July 1.

The bill seeks to provide alternative funding for the police.


Comments (44)

  1. Ogunleye Ayodele says:

    The truth is always bitter. What he said is true. In the 60s when we have regional police the govt in power were using them against opposition parties, the public as well. The governors that clamouring for state police know what they are doing. They are not doing it for public interest but for their own personal interest. See what they did with bail money to pay workers salaries, with the first paris club refund. Its me & you that will suffer it. The sharia police you are talking about were only arresting poor people. If you like call me any name am ok with it.

  2. Okoli Godfrey Chimezie says:

    Why is it north want to be stagnant? History said that they opposed Nigeria having Independence during colonial . Are you people human being at all? When do want State Police? When Month of February is 31st?

  3. Stanley Udeolisa Ibe says:

    this northern people.always against every positive move . regionalisation no. true fedralism no. restructure no. state police no. national conferb application no. divition noooo. get sense no way. What do u want. what are afraid of?.what nonsense is this. just say north is not matured. even in all things I.cluding leadership. dont involve all parts of Nigerian pls

  4. Wealthson God'swill Maduagwu says:

    He rather implies that this strategy of Islamic/Fulani Polocing of the whole subjugated Federation is never to be altered.

    Because we are not a Federal Republic nor are we a Democratic Governed state.

    This Totalitarian system of government will be incomplete with the introduction of civil liberties right to self policing of the member states.

  5. William Ajah says:

    What did this Aboki know about maturity? In advance country it’s not the duty of a serving police officer to tell what the government should do, his duty is to suggest, there’s is this Aboki saying Nigeria is in mature for state policing, he knew how much enters into his account on monthly basis .

  6. Ndubuisi Morris says:

    Nigeria the Baby country that will never grow…. We heard same story when GSM communication was being introduced to us, the same northern kick against it but now every Aboki and Mallam go around with their Nokia touch light phones…. Is this not evidence that the northern cabal will always leave Nigeria undeveloped, so that they can use that to make Nigeria feel they can’t amount to anything. Pls Biafra is my vision not State police in Nigeria.

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