Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Is Mad, He Needs To See Psychiatric Doctors – Tsav

On July 23, 2017 240 Comments

A former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav, has lashed out at the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, saying he must be having psychiatric problems to have included Benue in Biafra map.

Tsav, among other prominent sons of the state warned the IPOB leader to steer clear of the state.

Kanu had recently claimed that while he was in detention, Federal Government offered to secede five Igbo states but that he rejected the offer because it did not include Benue and Rivers States respectively.


While addressing leaders of an Igbo civil society coalition, Kanu had said, “They gave me Biafra in prison with only the five Igbo states; I said no, I want Benue and Rivers states inclusive.”

Reacting to the statement, Tsav described Kanu as a jester.

According to Tsav, “I think the man, Kanu, has some mental problems. What is the connection between the Tivs, the Idoma and the Igbo? I think the man needs to see a psychiatric doctor because something is wrong with him.

“He is not well because nothing connects the Tivs, the Idoma to the Igbo. How can he say he wants Benue State to be part of Biafra?

“He should stay where he is and carry on with his madness. We are not ready to be part and parcel of his madness”


Comments (240)

  1. Wab says:

    Mr. Tsav fly, it does not matter to the Biafrans whether or not Nnamdi Kanu is sane or insane. All need is Biafra and Nnamdi is our leader. Your president has been in the hospital seeing the doctor for the past 80 days because he is one mentally sick, not Nnmadi.

  2. power man says:

    Abubakar Tsav, you are only pu*sy you will die is you say anything about Nnamdi Kanu he is good man to us you are pussy so look for someone to fuck you ok.

  3. Isaac Okon says:

    If Igbos the major ethnic group in Biafra be fooled to stop Biafra in exchange for presidency 2019 or any other year then that will be the final end for Biafra freedom till Christ comes.
    Pls igbos don’t give up on Biafra, let them take whatever position they want in nigeria but don’t ever vote for anybody ever

  4. Ishmael Rasha says:

    Hmm my brothers and sisters did you here waiting I here this evening, Nnamdi Kanu is paralysed this evening ,his life now is in critical condition ,am not angry with this but pray for him

  5. Ben Dike says:

    Breaking News From Nigeria To Nigerians.
    The Imminent Doom Facing Nigeria Unless Biafra Is Given A Referendum

    When APC won the 2015 election, Mohamadu Buhari and the Nigeria Muslims were busy gallivanting around the world, in the UN general assembly meeting, calling, supporting, promoting and funding the creation of a free state of Palestine, and Western Sahara, without consulting anybody. Even Nigerian ASUU president DR Isa Fagae and others were busy organising a campaign for a free Western Saharan state, forgetting that they have the worst case in their back yard known as The Biafra state.
    Ooh! They thought that after promoting, campaigning and funding the independent States of Palestinian and Western Sahara, Israel and Morocco will clap for them and pat them on the back. They too are now funding, supporting, sponsoring, campaigning, calling for self-determination of both Palestinian Western Sahara and Biafra, they said Biafra case too should be treated equally.
    The UN, AU, ECOWAS treaties that Nigeria is a signatory to allow self-determination through a referendum. When ECOWAS court wanted to use that to rule in favour of Nnamdi Kanu, Nigeria threatened to evict and stop funding ECOWAS. Morocco decided to leave the North Africa and apply for ECOWAS membership so she can accommodate and fund ECOWAS with Israel if Nigeria government does otherwise.
    ECOWAS cannot abandon their treaties because of Nigeria. Nigeria accepted to release Nnamdi Kalu to avoid ECOWAS doing that by ruling in favour of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, but vowed never to allow a referendum.
    Why do you think Morocco’s application to join ECOWAS was accepted by ECOWAS head of state last two weeks? Why do you think all ECOWAS countries are supporting Biafra except president Baro of the Gambia?
    Why do you think the Israeli prime minister visited ECOWAS head of state in their last meeting? Why do you think Nigeria and the Gambia boycotted the meeting for the first time in the history of ECOWAS?
    OBJ went there on his own to beg. Why do you thing OBJ advised FG to beg agitators at Yaradua centre? Look, ignorance of APC and PMB, their unpreparedness to power, and injustice in Nigeria is what is destroying Nigeria today not Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB. The UN general assembly meeting is in August, what do we expect? A declaration of self-determination and referendum for Palestinian, Western Sahara, Catalonia, and Biafra, or maintaining status quo till next 5 yrs?
    There is pressure on Nigeria from Islamic world led by Saudi, Palestinian people, Western Sahara people, to let Biafra go so they too can have freedom. Even Turkey is mounting pressure too. We can now see that there is little of what Nigeria government, police and army can do about this matter now.
    That is why they could no longer keep Nnamdi Kanu in detention, he cannot be rearrested, IPOB members can no longer be arrested, soldiers are no longer shooting. The only solution now is meeting, meeting, meeting and more meetings. Also consultations, consultations and more consultations. Begging, begging, begging and more begging. That is what Coordinator Osinbajo is doing, but I think he should listen to OBJ and call Nnamdi Kanu to consult him, beg him, talk to him and ask him what he wants.
    This is because with PMB 97% and 5% policy statement on Aljazeera interview and his lopsided appointments and hatred to Biafrans by some Nigerians are making the Osinbanjo move impossible. Look, education and exposure are so important in choosing a leader, see the big problems PMB created for Nigeria, and he is not here to quench it. When OBJ advised him to ignore Nnamdi Kanu and his radio Biafra the way he ignored sharia law, PMB threatened to crush him. The same way he threatened to crush the Niger Delta militants. What is coming is bigger than Nigeria.
    Now you know why Nnamdi Kanu is still talking tough. Now you know why Israel RABBI have to sign his bail. If anything happens to him, we are in a combined UN, AU, Morocco and Israel mess. Our attitude on Facebook is not helping the matter, today Osinbanjo is having a meeting with media editors. Nigerians, this may be the end of this contraption called Nigeria. Let us all join hands together to dismantle this evil marriage so that each component nation will rise up and develop in its own way and pace. In all, we shall live peacefully as neighbours.

  6. Obikaru says:

    I must advise every Biafran to ignore former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Tsav he is an extremist. We must all recall his hate comments against Jonathan Government. This moron has never said anything good about the Biafrans especially the Ibo’s. One must therefore wonder how he treated the Ibo’s when he was in the service and especially as the Commissioner of police for Lagos State. Biafran’s must see the ape as a demonic bastard and as one of the Fulani imbeded murderer who has kept sealed mouth and have looked the other way round as the Fulani Herdsmen and the Boko Harams murder in cold blood the Citizens of the Benue Region. I stand to be quoted wrong if anyone can confirm that the Moron Abubakar Tsav ever made any condemnation of the quit order given to Ibo’s by the Northern Elders disguising as youths or the murder of his own people by the Fulani’s herdsmen / Boko haram.

    • Babszo Spreadluv says:

      i see most of you wanting biafra have shallow minds…take for example:does creation of more states ever stopped ethnic clashes? d more divided we become d more problems generated…even if biafra emanates,more problem wil emerge on d question of who n who keep on paddling d affair of d economy…buh mind u..all of u are day dreamers…biafra will never com to being….One Nigeria…God bless my country Nigeria..shallom

    • Prince Chudi says:

      I wanted to call you an idiot but it’s obvious i did not see the idiocy in you, but something tells me you are a product of cow sperm, go and ask your mama who is your father, aboki

    • Babszo Spreadluv says:

      i dont exchange words with an intellectualy deprived being like you.but it is crystal clear that your like clarity of purpose on mother earth..if i may ask you can you prover good ten reasons why your shallow mind could ever follow a selfish interest fellow agitating for biafra??

    • Babszo Spreadluv says:

      i dont exchange words with an intellectualy deprived being like you.but it is crystal clear that your like clarity of purpose on mother earth..if i may ask you can you prover good ten reasons why your shallow mind could ever follow a selfish interest fellow agitating for biafra??

  7. Abubakar Mohammed says:

    Very soon he will declare north central as biafran, to tell you that KANU is mentally distress, although they called him Jesus, some said he is more than Jesus, at the end of day they may call him GOD, i will not be surprise cos we have seen where they worship him, I know they will deny this. Chai Igbo wahala

  8. Immiga Naija says:

    A war criminal of the first order before God and man,you killed your innocent boss who trusted you out of hatred not out of vengeance. Your prodigal son was and is still busy buying artificial artworks with money made from blood and sweat of the Southerners. Gen Ironsi awaits you at the door of heaven,you’re going to pay for your action when you left this world.You criminally owns oil well without paying a dime from which your prodigal sons are lavishing money that should’ve been used to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.

  9. ناصر موسى says:

    Who ever said Benue is part of Biafra is even more than a mad.Ai-aroga community in owukpa district of ogbadigbo local government area in Benue state,and the people of obollo-Eke in Enugu state shere a common border.Igbo people who are living in Ai-aroga community in Benue are supporting ur stupidity but not Benue people .Benue will never support philanthropical self-determination efforts driving by the group of subnormal.

  10. Christopher Uwem says:

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  11. Johnson Abuochi says:

    Tsav is a tiv man and they are never part of Biafra. Tivs acts and has similar behaviourial pattern with Fulani. Both always like to live in the bush. We Biafrans are only concerned with idomas and igedes

  12. Uc Hans says:

    See a mad dog talking, Idiotic fool. All the bribe you took as a police man ha turned you into a pure lunatic. Whenever this fool lack money he goes about talking nonsense so that the power that be ll reward him. Useless Tiv man.

  13. Citylife Light says:

    Some Old men like tasv think because they have white head they are interesting.Not knowing a boy 10 years can be more intelligent than him. Tasv needs help let his people take him to hospital.

  14. Simon Eguji says:

    That is the madness needed to evil men like Tsav & save generations unborn from systemic FRAUD & DECEIT represented by Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu asked for self determination for BIAFRANS. That is good madness. Call for BIAFRA REFERENDUM & millions of more mad people shall win. Psav serves Foolani Northernization &Islammization agenda. He needs to save his first.

  15. Rex Emeka Nathan says:

    YES bcos he is motivated activeted and directed. but you talk with high level of insanity. look at the ballance scale now, see how heavy the agitation is pulling the ballance strings. then check how feather weight the uwazurikes. idiots leprotic fools.

  16. Krissmickey Nwachukwu says:

    Tsav, I think I warned you not to talk when you are drunk?
    Why are you now talking in a frenzied mood with saliva gushing out of mouth?
    Pls when you are sobber, talk for yourself and allow Benue people to talk for themselves. That is the relevance of referendum. You won’t be permitted to cast more than one vote, even if you are Tsav square.

  17. Jude Madubuattah says:

    Which madness is more than the killing of innocent souls going on in benue & rivers state , of which Nigeria state no solution to stop, and the so called tribal leaders don’t know what to do either but to call Nnamdi Kanu names!

  18. Daniel Nelson Dike says:

    Chia!,at this old Age,this old man still has problem to be free from slavery! Anyway leave our man alone. I know ur problem is as a result of so many bribes and kick back u did at police force,are still distoping ur mental health. The Benue citizens will speak for themselves.and not u! It a case of every one decision.

  19. Durable King Frank Ezeokorobia says:

    Fool like you after you sold the future and even the unborn of the Benue ppl for your foolish personal interest now you get mouth to talk jagons!? Are you Benue ppl? The ppl are wiser than you fools they now know that ppl like you are selling their future for self betterment so shut your stinky smelling maggots mouth the Benueans will speak for themselves and decide their future.

  20. Willfred Osiwu says:

    Biafra is more than a VIP, benue people will determine their future as part of Biafra by their majority not for a traitor to speak on their behalf.
    As for the yoruba entities, they will forever remain slaves, defeated and subjected people to the alamajiris,
    As for the us children of LIGHT DESTINY AND HOPE, in BIAFRA WE STAND.

  21. Mustapha K Yusuf says:

    Sir Just Leave Him Let The Biafra Come First Let Them Attemp Any Part Of North We Will Waste Their Lives Like A Dust, They Are Claiming Benue/kogi Because Of Land, Just Because They Dont Have Enough Land In Their Useless Area Igbo 419 Ners North Is No Go Area Other Wise ???

  22. Fabulaus Chukwuma says:

    Allow the people to speak for themselves. .. those days are gone when people don’t have opinions of theirs …anyone can speak for himself not on behalf of anyone. … the braze of biafra is strong. .. Nigeria is already a failed state…

  23. Evang. Louis says:

    Kanu is not mad rather most of you that cheat the masses are all mad. Go and query united nation that knows the right of people and enshrine self determination as good for people who are in bundage to be relieved by referendum but you people out illitracy and wickedness calls it war. The world is watching!

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