Biafra: Your Method Will Not Work – APC Chieftain, Eze Chuma Tells Nnamdi Kanu In An Open Letter

On August 2, 2017 34 Comments

An All Progressives Congress, APC, aspirant in the upcoming Anambra governorship election, Eze Harris Chuma, has faulted the method applied by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu in his pursuit for the restoration of Biafra.

Describing Kanu’s style of agitation as “stereotype” Chuma said the method of IPOB would not allow the achievements of Biafra to come to pass.

The APC aspirant noted that Kanu’s demand for “referendum that is presently not enshrined in the Nigerian constitution cannot be attained without due dialogue, and enduring intellectual gymnastics political persuasions.”


In an open letter to Kanu, Chuma said the IPOB leader should know that “the crowd you are talking to at every rally cannot lobby for the attainment of the set goals.”

He maintained that the crowd Kanu was always addressing at rallies, “know nothing more than ‘give us Biafra. Yes they sleep it, walk it, talk it and eat it but cannot provoke strategical and tactical means of achieving it.”

Chuma cautioned the IPOB leader on his style of agitation, saying people of the South East cannot settle for another Civil War.

The letter reads in part, “Unarguably, the self-determination gospel was clear but the approach and methodology was uncouthly, the style archaic, and the struggle a hard buy. Soon, it became a battle for survival, the long arm of the law was visited on you, and co travellers.

“Many of us though not comfortable with your style began to cry out for your freedom. I still recollect and vividly too a YouTube video that went viral demanding for your release. Yes I had to make the demand to persuade a fast tracked litigation processes.

“Eventually, you were released on stringent bail conditions as it were, but you have thrown caution in the wind and relapsed into your stereotyped style of agitation.

“Mazi, you should know by now that Ndigbo have risen in demand for equity and freedom from the firm grip of injustices meted on the region by past and present political leadership in Nigeria.

“Also, You should know that Ndigbo cannot settle for another civil war because we are yet to recover from the last mortal combat that sucked innocent bloods. You should know that in politics, it is better to dialogue than to fight.

“Demanding for ‘Referendum’ that is presently not enshrined in the Nigeria constitution cannot be attained without due dialogue, and enduring intellectual gymnastics political persuasions.

“You should know by now that the crowd you are talking to at every rally cannot lobby for the attainment of the set goals. They know nothing more than ‘give us Biafra. Yes they sleep it, walk it, talk it and eat it but cannot provoke strategical and tactical means of achieving it.

“You should know that majority of your fans who now claim IPOB membership need to be given the right orientation for it has become clear to everyone that they are ignorant of what referendum is and the procedural approach.

“You should know that character attributes and dispositions of your fans and fanatic followers are getting issues hugely complicated. It’s high time you called them to order and let them know what you know.

“Mazi, when you told your fans and fanatic followers to boycott elections in Anambra, and they went about town shouting “no election does that not tell you what lies ahead is defeat against the original plan, against the struggle , against the dream of a better Nation devoid of injustices, inequities, and unfairness.

“Don’t you think your strategy this time will set you against the rights of people supposedly being fought for? Don’t you think your inability to step down from the emperor stool and dialogue with relevant Igbo associations, think thanks ,elder state men, Leaders of thoughts, seasoned legal luminaries, traditional rulers, clergymen, would give a clearer direction?

“Truth be told, your fans and fanatic followers need to be enlightened on the best and surest way to make the dream of a better nation possible. It is not late to call them to order and explain better in the language they understand.

“No one is more Igbo than the other. No one is more BIAFRAN in spirit than the other. There is no family in Igbo land without a scar of Nigeria/Biafra Civil war. Call your ardent followers to order. Civil disobedience is mostly better observed and or practised by civil minds!

“I hope that this letter will get to you before the commencement of electioneering campaigns in Anambra this September. I’m quite optimistic your fans and unrepentant followers have their benefactors in the race for Guber seat. Surely, they will do the needful to remain relevant, in the general scheme of things.”


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  1. Chikezie Nelson says:

    Niger Deltans, Are Like The Biblical Israelites That Insulted Moses And Abused God Almighty, For Bringing Them Out of Their Slave Land Of Egypt. Why Are Niger Deltans Comfortable With This Suffering And Slavery in The Hands Of The Egyptians (Animal And Terrorist Northerners?). First and foremost. What is Niger Delta? Is There Any law under this useless military constitution call Nigerian constitution, that is backing or recognize a Region call Niger Delta? Why Are Niger Deltans so stupid and foolish? Who Are those that split you out of the igbo or Easterners in 1958 & 1980? is it God Almighty or Late Terrorist Mohammed followers known As Organization of Islamic committee ( OIC) O Ye Ignorance Niger Deltans, It Was OIC That Divided you away from one united Biafrans or Igbos and not God Almighty. please wakeup and stop been foolish, Emancipate yourself from this Islamic mental slavery. The Reason they divided you is for then to continuing enslaving you until final destruction, Ask Yourself this simple Questions. How Many Are We Niger Deltans that can withstand this Islamic Terrorist? Do We Have Reliable Elders, youths and stakeholders in the so called Niger Delta Region? How many Are We in The National Assembly that can withstand or rase an issue and it comes or came to pass? Etc etc. why Are you foolish and ignorance Niger Deltans, oppose to Biafra and Nnamdi KANU inclusion of Niger Delta States in the Biafran Map? are you not foolishly behaving like the Biblical Israelites? You have been suffering and crying for Resources control and true federalism for years and no success have been made, just because you are not even recognize in the National Assembly, they are even claiming your God given Resources and you still have the gus to talk against Biafra and KANU. You Must be Mad. What happened last month at the National Assembly? Restructuring Bill and others were thrown into the dustbin by your slaves masters animal Northerners. Despite Calls by majority of Nigerians. and so if all this regions could not achieved restructuring at the national Assembly. is it you an ordinary Niger Deltans with mini 6states? please and please sometimes think with your free God given Brain. what’s wrong with you Niger Deltans? are you under an incurable course? are You aware that the Reason why they’re now calling on terrorist AREWA youths to withdraw there October 1, ultimatum is because they have succeeded in throwing away the Restructuring Bill? Please So Called Niger Deltans should join forces with Their Igbo brothers and Declare A Total Economic War on This Islamic Terrorist in Northern Nigerians, By Blowing up All Oil Wells Or Blocs owned by this Islamic Terrorist Northerners in Nigeria. Niger Delta Elders and Militants groups should stop any further Dialogue with this Useless Muslim government of Nigeria and start mobilizing there people against this WAR been declared on South East And South South by this IslamicTerrorist. Please Let’s Emancipate Ourselves from This Islamic Slavery. Think and Reason Before Commenting. Thanks. UNITED WE CAN, AND DIVIDED WE WON’T.

  2. Kenmally Mba says:

    Then bring ur own method.Decievers. Even Peter said to Christ dat his method doesnt work.Do u kn wht Christ told him? “Get behind me Satan”.My ppl am asking is Christ reactn love Speech? just as Christ said, as i dash to Eze chuma who is Peter here.

  3. Nwangwu Eloka says:

    You said that you hate the way he preaches hate speech in Radio biafra and thats the reason you did not take charge of the station in enugu. and don’t u think that is due to hate speech that elevate him in the position he is.. You are the person that don’t understand how freedom can be get from this lawless country of Nigeria… Nigeria government always listen to people like Nnamdi kanu and not people like u that think Nigeria is USA that you can do things in a civilized way… If Nnamdi kanu followed your advice in Radio biafra you wouldnt have the opportunity of showering him this praises…He would have been in London and nobody will notice him and if Nnamdi kanu have listen to your advice on sit at home, Nigeria wouldnt have been doing everything to accommodate Igbos.. I knew many of you was against him calling for sit at home but now you are enjoying the benefits he brought to us by declaring sit at home .. Now you people are against him for declaring NO election after the successful of it and the benefits, you people will come and be congratulating him.. That’s how myopic u people reasons

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