Biafra: Our Quit Notice To Igbos Still Stands – Arewa Youth

On August 3, 2017 57 Comments

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (ACF) has said its quit notice to Igbo people resident in the northern still stands.

The youth had asked Igbos in the north to leave before October 1.

Chairman of the forum, Shettima Yerima while speaking with journalists on Thursday said Igbos who are willing to remain in the north are welcome, stating that the order still stands.


“We stand by our notice to Igbo but those who are interested in Nigeria can stay. But for those who are not interested, you can go,” he said.

“Our mission is for peace; the unity of Nigeria is being threatened by the current agitation from the Igbo and we want to make sure that those who are interested in Nigeria stay but those who are not interested should go.

“The purpose of town hall meeting in Kano is to review the early stand took and we are collecting views of people here from the north-west. We will also move to north-central and north-east on whether to maintain our position or reconsider it.

“We don’t have the right to force the people to go. So, we are using peaceful means because don’t have police and army.”

Nastura Ashir, chairman of the Coalition of Northern Groups, said the northern youth had notified the United Nations of their mission for a united Nigeria.

Ashir said evidence of the alleged atrocities of Kanu had also been sent to the UN.

“The attitude of the IPOB leader is worrisome because of the future of this nation… it creates a serious disaffection to northerners.”


Comments (57)

  1. Abraham Zuwakede says:

    All the problems cause by Mazi Nnandi Kanu. Some of them cannot recognise their villages that’s mean they are ready to fight back and capture North and turn them to slave in their land. Leave ibos alone or else me alone can destroy whole North. I’m one of Niger Delta Avenger.

  2. Usman Mohammed says:

    This notice should be withdraw for the sake of igbos who conplained that they will not recognise the village of their father or grand father in the East if they are force to quit north

  3. Kelechi Mbamalu says:

    Arewa cows should have know that Igbos were not created with fear…the reasonable Igbos has already started vacating..there elders are deceiving them about Biafra/nigeria war which they used Middle Belt this time middle belt are also looking for their own way…read Late Major Gideon Okar’s Announcement during his coup….Arewa cows Thunder fire una if u dia change mind.

  4. Chibuzor Biafra says:

    Arewa coward youths should stop making an empty noise and go ahead with their threat and quite notice order. We the Youths of Biafra an IPOB are in full support of ur notice, Biafra God blessed land are more peaceful than that terror zone called north.

  5. Innocent Obiechina says:

    i pity those our brothers that are still in the north. no amount of ur treatining will make us to forget biafra no way. go ahead we are in support of u people. dirty smelling pigs arewa youths.

  6. Shijja'uddeen Yahaya Sfn says:

    we dont need them,they are very lazy nd parasitic annimals in human skin,they are not loving peace,they are the suicide bombers,burglers,pic pockets,kidnapers,armrobbers to mention but few.let them invest the money they are claiming to have in their less populated land so that we will see if they can make as much profit as they are making here in the north,igbos should leave our region so that we can develop more faster.

  7. Chibuzo Amadi says:

    Go ahead and take the properties. You cannot blackmail Igbos for their properties. You northerners are a lazy lot. If you think we will change our stand because of the quit notice, you will have a big surprise.

  8. Beno says:

    Any Igbo man that still lives in the north will have himself to blame. My people, yr life is worth more than any property you own in the north, and besides, we can’t sacrifice our freedom for independence because of properties of Igbos in the North. Relocate, keep your c&o and other valuable doc u have. We need to get out freedom first, later we go for anything those lazy animals want to confiscate. Come back home all Biafrans.

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