The Land Of The Rising Sun: Fani Kayode Writes Poem For Biafra

On August 6, 2017 20 Comments

By Femi Fani-Kayode

O Igbo arise! O Igbo arise! O Igbo arise!

Let the chains of subjugation be broken, let the yoke of slavery be shattered and let the shackles of servitude fall.

For the voices of your ancestors and your dead are calling. The voices of your slaughtered children wail, scream and screech through the night and they shed whimpering and pitiful tears through the day.


They call for justice and vengeance that their souls may be appeased and that they may find peace and eternal rest.

For they were slaughtered in their millions by the barbarians and infidels and they were butchered like cattle in the sanctity and privacy of their churches and homes.

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They cry for Biafra. They cry for the land of the rising sun. They cry for the memory of the fallen and those that stood like men to defend their honor. They cry for the pitiful souls of the children yet unborn.

Heed their cry and honor their sacrifice. Forget not the land of the rising sun. Forget not Biafra.

Forget not the slaughtered millions and those that were cut short in the prime of their infancy.

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Comments (20)

  1. ALI BABA KANO says:

    Be careful Ndigbos this rejected corrupted former so-called Minister ( ffk ) have been looking for relevant , constantly creating Highperpols Nonsense .
    He is a hypocrite in which he inherited , he’ll prepare the traps for you ( NDIBORS ) to create War setting but when the heat is on in reality he will be nowhere to be found .
    He will join HAUSA/FULANI when the WAR started , more than Half of YUROBAS are MUSLIMS and they no gonna join you to fight their Brothers in the North .
    Remember , 1966/1970 – only stupid person makes the same mistakes twice .
    Be reminded BIAFRA is dead and buried . It’ll never rise again . In WAR you’ll be defeated because of numerical numbers and willing desire to die in JIHAD by HAUSA/FULANI . They’re more than 10 to 1 to that of the entire EAST .
    IN DEMOCRATIC SYSTEM . where’s One Man One Vote , they still have the Advantage the Only solution is for the NDIGBOS is to join a party or create One , if they Won , they will have the right to introduce the kind of policy suitable for the NATION .

    • Luggy says:

      Ozu! When and how did asking for refferendom becomes war? I think it is high time we teach you blood sucking hausa /foolani how to do it.

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