God Punish Members Of The National Assembly, We Insist Buhari Must Resume Or Resign – Charly Boy

On August 10, 2017 31 Comments

Charles Oputa popularly known as Charly Boy or Area Fada has condemned members of the Nigerian National Assembly for criticizing him because he demanded that President Muhammadu Buhari make known the status of his health.

Charly Boy reportedly slumped on Tuesday when his OurMumuDonDo protest was attacked by policemen in Abuja.

Earlier this morning he tweeted:

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Comments (31)

  1. Rukayya Lawal says:

    When humans are talking they are worth to be answered, but the moment imbecile talks, silent is the best answer to him, as such Charlie Boy is one of first Nigerian imbecile therefore answering him is a waste .

  2. Hycent alozie says:

    Hausa foolish people dat is why isreal and americans is killing muslems all over d world but we are going to met on battle feild one on one

  3. Hycent alozie says:

    Weapons are on graund we are going to melt and wipe the whole northern in d surface of d earth both d flys, lizard and dia cattles

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