Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu’s Call For Referendum Is In Order — Cleric

On August 11, 2017 17 Comments

The General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries Inc, aka By Fire By Fire, Nnewi, Anambra State, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh has thrown his weight behind the call by IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu for a referendum or there would be no election in Anambra state.

Bishop Udeh, who spoke to newsmen yesterday at his Church auditorium, said Kanu’s call for the boycott of the election unless a referendum is conducted was in order and should be obeyed.

He said those who faulted Kanu on his insistence for referendum must have seen how the National Assembly threw away the issue of devolution of power or what some people call restructuring in its on-going constitutional amendment effort, adding that this alone has justified the call for referendum.

The cleric noted that there was no amount of pressure that would make the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government to listen to the yearning of the people for restructuring.


According to him, “these are the reasons that made me give 100 percent support to the referendum being canvassed by Kanu and my argument is that if President Muhammadu Buhari’s government had a listening ear, it would not have toyed with the people’s demand to restructure Nigeria.”

The cleric insisted that for these reasons, all Nigerians should rise up to support referendum to be conducted, so that those who do not want to remain in Nigeria can easily transform to Biafra.


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  1. Chukwuemeka Echetabi says:

    [09/08 13:11] chukwuemeka: This is declaration of jihad and Christians in the North should understand them because of previous war at jos , Kaduna south , Benue state etc . They plan to spare no Christian , so CAN take note
    [09/08 14:03] chukwuemeka: T A demand for independence is not a call for war, after all Nigeria called for independence from Britain was not taken as call for war , even in the world today . so how can they see call for Biafra referendum as a call for war that mean yes or no vote.
    [10/08 19:16] chukwuemeka: The previous jihad wars in jos ,Kaduna, Nasarawa , Benue etc .The Igbo’s and Yoruba helped in curtailing it .With the planed Igbo exit , jihad will be an easy ride in these places especially jos were they said it belongs to them . infarct when they say Igbo’s they mean Christians, from previous utterances (infedel
    [10/08 21:22] chukwuemeka: The idea is divide and rule. Keep them as different people and reduce their number then rule over them.
    [11/08 04:26] chukwuemeka: The one the Northerners have been acting as if they are above the law, killing Ibos at will, allocating all Oil Well to themselves as they like, claiming the country belong to them’ and that the unity of the country is not negotiable which we know that every good marriage must be negotiated and agree, and their youth issuing quit notice without being criminalized. I think it has just begun, something more serious than all these will happen. If we actually want to live together, every aspect of the existence and the unity of the country must be sincerely discussed and implemented.
    [11/08 04:34] chukwuemeka: It is a shame that the group that calls themselves the Coalition of Northern group does not know that there is problem in our land. It is clear that they refused to see the problem in Nigeria because the leaders they provided Nigeria have not taken the nation any where for the past over 40 years they were in charge of affairs. Nigeria needs to more in a different direction if she will survive as a nation.
    If any person or group of persons is complaining about the situation in the country, the only way to stop it is to first hear the person out or listen to what the person has to say, secondly, if the person has said the truth, take steps to redress or correct the situation.
    After taking the above two steps, there is no doubt that the situation would be changed for the better.
    [11/08 04:39] chukwuemeka: The current Hausa hate song treading in the social media is despicable, sad and disappointing. Ohanaeze is appalled that prominent leaders in the north (with the exception of a few), have allowed this development to flourish without reproach. The Arewa youths have stoked the embers of hatred to a discomforting temperature. The toleration of their criminal conduct has potrayed the Federal government as biased and unfair.
    Their quit notice to fellow Nigerians to leave any part of Nigeria strikes at the fundamental rights of citizenship. It is a call for the dissolution of the country. Their call for an inventory and seizure of assets of Nigerians living in the North is conversion. It amounts to a day light robbery of lawful property. The declaration of mop up action after October 1st, 2017 to deal with those who resist their quit notice order is a declaration of war. It is surprising that on top of all these a hate song calling for more hatred, despise and “abortion” has been allowed to fester. Yet no one is arrested. All the orders of arrest from Kaduna state and the IGP seem to be ambivalent and unreal. The youths meet freely with Governors of Northern Nigeria and Northern leaders showing that they enjoy their support.
    This development signals the beginning of a national catastrophe which if not nipped in the bud will snowball into incalculable damage to our continued existence as one country. Ohanaeze gives notice to the Federal government to deal with this situation decisively or forever be held responsible for the consequences this abdication of responsibility provoke. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.


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