Biafra: What Will Happen If FG Re-arrests Me – Nnamdi Kanu Breaks Silence

On August 11, 2017 92 Comments

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said that the Federal government re-arresting him would quicken the actualization of the Republic of Biafra.

Kanu also said that nobody can restrict his movement in any part of the country and that he is free to go to any part of Nigeria, including Lagos, if he so wishes.

According to the IPOB leader who spoke in Umuahia, nobody can stop him from visiting Lagos State if he wants to visit there, saying he was not bothered by threats by some elements that his safety would not be guaranteed in Lagos.

Nnamdi Kanu “If you arrest me, Biafra will come even quicker than we anticipate. I am not afraid of being arrested. I have been there before and if need be, I will also be there again.

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“I will be very happy if they re-arrest me. If we are hoping for 90% compliance with the boycott of Anambra State Governorship election, my arrest will make the compliance 100 %.

“But why will I be re-arrested and nobody is going to arrest Tanko Yakassai or Ango Abdulahi because of what they have been saying? Is it because they are Fulani? They own Nigeria? They are immuned to arrest? Is arrest only meant for Biafrans and not for Fulani?

“Who will arrest Lawal Daura of DSS for flouting court order to release Bright Chimezie Isinwa of IPOB? The Fulanis say whatever they like and go free and nobody holds them accountable because they own Nigeria”, Kanu said.

According to him, “I go to anywhere I want to go. I don’t listen to threats. They motivate me rather than dampen my spirit. That thing people say I cannot do is what I love to do. When the time comes, I will go to Lagos if I have to go to Lagos”.

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“I have friends with connections in Lagos, Fani Fayode is my friend and he is in Lagos. If I try to visit him in Yoruba land, then I must see him in Lagos”.

Kanu also denied promoting hate speech as being accused of by his critics, saying that condemnation of the injustices in Nigeria or the agitation for self- rule does not in any way amount to hate speech.

“I completely disagree with them. They are the pioneers of hate speech. Go through the text of speeches made by Ango Abdulahi, Tanko Yakassai or the ones made by one Abubarkar. Are those ones not hate speeches?

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Unfortunately, I blame the deplorable state of education in Nigeria because they don’t know what hate speech is all about.

“Does asking for self determination amount to hate speech? Or asking for referendum hate speech? Where did they go to school? I think they need to invest more in education because self determination is no way equal to war or hate speech”, Kanu said.


Comments (92)

    • Judith Aviva says:

      Otutu okwu adigi na mugbede,please the so called FG should tell those street baggers from the North to come and use their COW hand and arrest Mazi Nnamdi KANU and see what will happen

    • John Ike says:

      Why haven’t the FG arrested your arewa brothers, who issued a hate filled warning to igbos telling igbos to vacate the north, why haven’t FG arrested them, and you want me to support one Nigeria, man you are dreaming, Biafra is loading, just around the corner, watch and see

    • John Ike says:

      Why haven’t the FG arrested your arewa brothers, who issued a hate filled warning to igbos telling igbos to vacate the north, why haven’t FG arrested them, and you want me to support one Nigeria, man you are dreaming, Biafra is loading, just around the corner, watch and see

  1. Usman Sifawa says:

    What wll happen is nothng bt start killng u like checkn,we savi killng igbo in 1967-70 let see if ur chukwuabiama ukeke wll surely love u,I wll kill hundred of useles igbo,arrest the idiot nw,we re blood thesty soon we wll drink igbn blood

    • Martin Uzochukwu says:

      Foolishness nd illiteracy is what’s disturbing you fools nd blind idiots like you Fatungase nosa Emmanuel. Referendum does it mean war or fight in your own dictionaries. If you want war, then go for it. Nnamdi Kanu nd ipob does not want war. Give us our freedoms . And you are keeping it to yourself. Ain’t you looking for a trouble? Make una wise up. Your president has been out of seat since this year nd you’ve not said anything about it. Your country’s jet is packed in London accumulating £1,200.00 bills everyday by day for your expired country. You’ve not said anything about it. Just an innocent iPobs wanting to exit from your wicked/occultic country nd you are opening your smelling mouth.

  2. Amanfu Ukeje says:

    Pls,help me tell our leader to stop talking too much and knw when the enemy ar putting words into his mouth. The agitation is not on bragging as it now seems . Ipob,pls knw that this “oriental publisher”is a mischevous enemy if u hv not bn reading him

  3. Chris John says:

    Kanu have said it all, whether you like ,believe it or not. What he said is absolute truth. Freedom is inevitable and never a crime in anyway, one day freedom must come for/to Biafra and niger delta because, hausa and yoruba proves naija belongs to them.

  4. Kayode Niyi says:

    Nobody will arrest you again because of free food you consume in the prison is better we allow you display your madness in your biafool until you meet your Waterloo in there, but mind you Lagos is no go area

  5. Sean Dosunmu says:

    The idiot knew he will be arrested again.. So he should keep quiet.. And wait for the government to arrest him again.. Because anything he says now will be use against him in the court of law.. Lol… Oyah.. make unah abuse me as usuals..

  6. Max Woody says:

    Buhari and El-rufai sponsored BokoHaram and FulaniHerds men to kill Christians and burnt churches in North East, Souhern Kaduna,Benue state and other partS of the country including the Yoruba land in the quest to Islamise and dip the Koran in the ocean according to the HausaFulanis..These were according to the HausaFulanis’ statement the tools used to fight Biafra-war but turning arround now to kill them as infidels..The British and the USSR helped them before and they thought same will happen again..In fact you are in for a shocker because you are all alone this time..Don’t touch the tail of the Tiger..Be wise and support Biafran Referendum and stop going after Supreme leader KANU.

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