A Biafra State Will Worsen The Sufferings Of The People – Charly Boy

On August 12, 2017 387 Comments

Fellow Biafrans,

I know some of my Igbo brothers and sisters are not happy with me simply because I have not used my brand as CharlyBoy to advocate for the clamour of The Biafran state.

However, like I always say, there is more than one way to achieve a purpose. Though I may disagree with my Igbo brothers and sisters on the choice of rhetorics and methodology, our objectives are to a large extent identical because we all want to bring an end to the marginalisation of the common peoples, by the evil cabals who are holding Nigeria to a ransom and getting away with their obnoxious impunity and criminality.

Those who truly know and have followed me know that I am not a group soul and I have always dared to follow the path least travelled in the continuous struggle to add value to my environment.

It is indeed laughable that despite being a native chicken, Nwa afo, son of Biafran soil with a full-blown Igbotic blood, I have been persistently labelled a wannabe Yoruba, Hausa, Tiv and an Ijaw man simply because I have consistently maintained that I believe in the unity of Nigeria.

To start with, I go like tell una sey you may not be totally wrong if you call me the man from all tribes in Nigeria. This is because I believe in the oneness of all Nigerian peoples. I believe that we have gotten to a point in our national history where a Yoruba man cannot live in isolation of an Igbo man. Likewise, an Ijaw man cannot live in isolation of a Hausa/Fulani man. All tribes in Nigeria today have become a mat of interwoven fibres that cannot be segregated. There have so far been intertribal marriages, intertribal business ownership, and intertribal partnership; and countless other intertribal collaborations and relationships in Nigeria. For this reason, my question to those agitating for secession would be that if each tribe decide to secede from Nigeria today, what then would happen? Who would lead the new nations? Will the people be happy? Will injustice be defeated in the new societies? Will criminality end in leadership positions? Will there be happiness in the new nations? Will the people finally have a country to call their own? – These are important questions we must ask ourselves and provide answers to before we even start to beat the drums of secession.

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Having said that, I must state that whereas I am a Biafran at heart, what should engage our minds is not a sectional Biafra but a national Biafra. The fight for Nationalists who will drive the discourse and the engagement necessary in answering the Nigeria National Questions must not be bogged down by petty sentiments, tribal colorations and religious propaganda. The failure of the Igbo nation and all Nigerian tribes and peoples is the fault of influence peddlers and directionless decision makers.

The crux of the Biafran agitation is that my people are tired of a system that has perpetually failed them. My Igbo kinsmen are tired of a system that enriches the rich and impoverishes the poor. My people are tired of a system that glorifies impunity and criminality. My people are tired of decades of oppression and marginalization. However, the deeply rooted disgruntlement in Biafra land is not peculiar to my Igbo brothers and sisters only; all the common peoples in the 500 tribes in Nigeria are victims of a failed system and persistent oppression. And this is essentially where I disagree with my brother Nnamdi Kanu that though Biafra is right, it should be a national cause and not a sectional one.

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Let me be clear: The Brand CharlyBoy is not only a Global brand but also a national brand that should not be reduced to a sectional brand.

The problem in this nation is not the lack of a space where we all can coexist but the lack of men of integrity and progressive nationalists. We lack the right kind of leadership that will fight for the interest of the common people. And if at all there would be an agitation, it should be geared towards sanitizing the currently bastardized Nigerian system. Our agitation for Biafra should be about having the right leaders in positions of power and not power drunken people with insatiable appetites to plunder and loot.

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Therefore, my people, I insist that the suffering of the People from the South East is also the suffering of the people from the other geopolitical zones in Nigeria. And the oppression of the Igbo people is also the oppression of all Nigerian peoples. An injury to one is an injury to all. A Biafra state is not going to change the players of the game, it will only exacerbate the sufferings of the victims of the game.

In conclusion, my people, let us dutifully work ourselves back into reckoning by fighting for fairness, justice, and equality for all Nigerians; Not Igbos only; Yorubas only or Hausas only but all Nigerians.

Areafada CharlyBoy

President of All Frustrated Nigerians

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Comments (387)

  1. Valentine Nwankwo says:

    Which people are you talking about, I hope you know Biafra will be a different nation and Nigeria will also be a different nation if they wish to continue.

    Somebody should help remind him that Biafra is not Nigeria.

  2. Elly Ifeanyi says:

    Arrow it to come first, that’s why your type are fighting to bring it down,Biafra, a kingdom that will demolish every other evil/satanic kingdoms on earth,with her truthfulness

  3. Adeleke Francis Kolade says:

    thats the bitter truth. it should be the masses versus the cabals, not biafra vs nigeria. no tribe should be the enemy of the other. those milking nigeria dry and suffering the masses dont ve tribe, religion or language, be u from the east west south or north. when they get up there they forget the masses. if biafra split same oild power cabals will still continue ruling. let all the masses unite against them

  4. Victor Nnamani says:

    Charlie bom boy have u recovered from ur recent encounter with ur fellow animals as u protest in the zoo, I was thinking you will die from there because ur type deserves nothing shot of death

  5. Ethelbert Akaniro says:

    I think this punk needs his head examined. He seems so confused and has been speaking from both sides of his mouth. The previous day, he was
    for one Nigeria, when he was manhandled by his fellow one Nigeria crooners, he declared for Biafra. And today he’s saying Biafra will increase the sufferings of the people. He’s so unstable and confused, and not capable of being taken seriously. It’s so obvious his mumu never do. Ride on with your mumu, na your body go tell you.

  6. Nwabueze Biafra says:

    They called him Charly Boy and he still reasoning like a Boy, when he is a Man we shall know. Remember this Boy was rejected by his Late Father. Charley boy go to Hell. We Biafrans are moving forward. AT THE MENTIONED OF BIAFRA EVERY ANTI BIAFRA WILL DIE.

  7. Billy Jones says:

    Did I not said it that wonder shall never end.Can you see one of the animal’s in the zoological Islamic republic of Nigeria.This is anu mpam from Igbo land.I don’t know whether they call him Charley boy ABI na Charley girl.Woe unto you & to your generation

  8. Chukwukadibia Dennis says:

    Charly man i wonder y u still take that name (boy) at ur age of 62.thats why u didn t resist common tear gas.even women can stand it.nigeria govt know u as a fool and they know what ur looking for…(#MONEY)lets take it this way Arewa youth did a protest and protected by police.but u and ur group inaaa.cux they see u to be useless.

  9. Pius Charles Chinonso says:

    Helo Mr charly boy, get it inculcated into your brain that the only true solution to delivering Ndi Igbo and Biafrans is simply by Division. Stop pretending, stop deceiving your self about one Nigeria; there’s nothing good about Nigeria, it has been a failure and will always be if we don’t go our separate ways

  10. Chukwu Andrew says:

    My dear which one u de, u reasoned like a human being yesterday and today see you reasoning like a kid, my dear that money they gave u won’t help u the time the time they will dump you, sorry oooo

  11. Anayo John says:

    Charley boy, u never stop talking like a boy, how old are u now, u want to make relevant, we know who is who, not even u can deceive us Biafrans any longer, public looters u are much more like

  12. Justice Justin says:

    This is how you know a man who is really confused, you went out to demonstrate how your mumu just started now you want to end it up with Biafra so, what’s the correlation between your mumu just started sit out and the Almighty Biafra Divine Project?

  13. William Ajah says:

    Charley man or boy, why are you faighting yourself?
    Why are you going against the choice of the people, you almost died last week, still that’s not enough lesson for you, keep fighting the Biafran’s,

  14. Ude Tinauchenna says:

    He is speaking with both side of his mouth, is it not the same man dat just protested, for our munu don do, is he not same man that said he is now a biafra, today again he has change, talkin against biafra, bcos he has collected money from the zoo government, chai sorry for u, this one of the reason why we lov nnamdi kanu, because u can not buy him with money

  15. Kamara Fredy Fredy says:

    I wish those fulani herdsmen police shot him in the head, he’s a very stupid old man with no common sense, you will die a worthless death and the zoo will never get better,you think your kind of protest started today? Very stupid old idiot.

  16. Ifu Cliff says:

    I can’t waste my time talking about this senseless animal that use to fall like a dry wood. He’s still a boy though when he grow up we can handle him. Onye ara

  17. Wisdom K.Mba says:

    This Charly boy is an idiot. Big fool at 70. Who need ur brand? Which brand do u have? I wonder what he thinks of him self, 50 Cent or JayZ? Or P Diddy? This guy is sick. No one need u to join the Biafra struggle, we don’t need people like u. What we only advice u is to stop disgracing ur self talking and fighting for one NIGERIA. U will end up being disgraced more and more.

  18. Dozie Justus says:

    Charly Boy..BIAFFA is love unity and freedom ..you can go with Nigeria ..we don’t even need a distraction like you in our struggle just continue with one Nigeria which is what you believe and leave us alone with our believe and hope Biafra ….

  19. Kabir Suleman says:

    charly boy is very brilliant. Atleast he hold on to his own stand. Is it by force to derail ? He must not follow a fruitless struggle that will not hold water and is not holding water.

  20. Joe Ohams says:

    Chalie boys and girls, you are nothing but a God forsaken demon to your families you are a curse to human race. You have never said the first truth in your life and can never do because you are an Antichrist ritualist and a demon itself. Am sorry for those few Zombies that are working with you against Biafran Nation, those who God want to kill, he will first hardened heart and make them mad before putting them into hell fire.

  21. Henry Skyro says:

    We already know that, you Chike Okonkwo, is enemy of Igbo’s and Biafra, because of peanut u collect from your master, PAYP..Pay As You Post. Better abstain from this agboro job

  22. Kabir Suleman says:

    Nigeria real net oil export revenue: 2010-2015 (under President Jonathan)

    Oil price $110 per barrel average
    Stable oil production at 2.4 million barrels per day

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    2011-$99 billion
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    2013-$84 billion
    2014-$77 billion
    2015-$21 billion (January-May)

    Total-$445 billion

    Source: OPEC Revenue Fact Sheet and Energy Information Administration (EIA), a statistical arm of the US Department of Energy for various years; and my estimates.

    Outcomes in 5 YEARS:

    a) External reserves declined from $47 billion in 2013 to $29 billion in 2015;
    b) Savings depleted from $21 billion in 2010 to $2 billion in 2015.
    c) Federal Government borrowed $2 billion to pay salaries.
    d) 24 States of the federation bankrupt -could not pay salaries of workers, could not repay debts and other contractual obligations.
    e) accumulated arrears of workers salaries and pensions, running into billions of Naira.
    f) accumulated contractors debt such that all major construction works stopped.
    g) NNPC technically bankrupt.
    h) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) at its all time low. Declined to $3.1 billion in 2015 from $8.8 billion in 2011
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    j) Massive capital flight: industries relocating to neighbouring West African countries.

    Nigeria real net oil export revenue: 2015-2017 (under PMB)

    Oil price $45 per barrel average
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    Outcomes:in 2 YEARS

    a) External reserves boosted to $31.22 billion from $29 billion in 2015;
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    c) Federal Government stopped borrowing to pay salaries.
    d) 24 States of the federation bailed out- to pay salaries of workers, repay debts and other contractual obligations.
    e) Settled fully accumulated arrears of workers salaries and pensions, running into billions of Naira.

  23. Pius Nwanta says:

    This is why the Western World refer to some black men as unpolished creature. Charley boy has only said his mind. Why all the insults, I think you better put up your arguments against his

  24. marvel says:

    The only fools who are interested listening to this mad man is only Hausa and some useless Yoruba even from Igbo land. I know there are still good people in Yoruba land but its only the brainless once ARE THE ONE listening to this confused mad idiot calling himself charly boy. Fool at 66. Soon that your one Nigeria will kill you. Nigeria is a chronic cancer if you don’t know, it has no cure; the police only tear gas you but next time Na bullet go enter that your useless brain.

  25. Mufutau Adekunle says:

    Charley man said the truth, and some of you young boys who can not seen beyond your noise are crucified him,calling him all such name, I pity you new generation Igbo’s, you will just be waisted,

  26. Lordy Uche says:

    No body is against Charley boys opinions but he should let Biafra alon why is Charley boy not talking about the arewa youth quite notice why is Charley boy not talk about other region that are saying they want to stay on their own why is it that our Igbo brothers are the only people that are so chip to be use against our peoples struggles,Charley boy should please keep clear before Biafra will eat him alive

  27. Nwachi Ojukwu says:

    Anybody begging for unity is a parasite and we biafrans can’t afford to be with parasites like the northerns and their Yoruba counterpart that relied on begging as their major occupation never

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