Buhari Is Now A ‘Photo President’ – Asari Dokubo [VIDEO]

On August 12, 2017 93 Comments

Former militant leader, Alhaji Mujahid Asari Dokubo, has described President Muhammadu Buhari as a “photo President” whom Nigerian leaders rush to London to see.

Dokubo, who made the claim in a video, which surfaced online also maintained that the independence of Biafra remains the only thing that can guarantee some eminent Nigerians security.

According to Dokubo, “Nigerian president is a ghost, photo president. People go to London to take snap shots with the President, please tell me did Nigerians voted photograph?

”Your President is now a picture, is that not “juju” is it not when our fathers die in Ijaw land that we curve them and keep them at home and pour libation, we have to rise up and know who we are.

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“The only thing that can guarantee our freedom is the independence of Biafra, there is no two ways about.

“Goodluck, Diezani, Charlyboy can pretend all they want but the only security for him is the independence of Biafra and we are capable of achieving it.

“The independence of Biafra is the only basis for our existence as a people.”



Comments (93)

  1. Martin Aghanya says:

    For the first time in Nigeria’s history, a photo could speak to d masses; even goats could not understand but decised to look at Bubu straight to hear him talk.
    Tnk God I’m a #Biafran!!!
    Nigerians, #UnaMumuDonDo

  2. John Egeonu says:

    Someone called him a mannequin president and that really is what he is. Just a dummy! Posterity will judge him for bringing this kind of calamity upon the masses of nigeria.

  3. Ozumba Charles Chidozie says:

    Buhari is now a half charged robot with a failed panel,electricians are tired of fixing. Innocent blood of Biafrans are fighting him. Let him talk or show his face on camera if any of us are lying. A dead Ojukwu is better than a living Buhari. Rubbish country

  4. Oke Maosi says:

    Don’t follow this moron!! A ‘freedom fighter’ that is only after his own belly. How many Niger Deltans are benefiting from this lunatic? All his enterprises are located in Benin Republic and others, shut up!

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  6. Emmanuel Mbah says:

    Constitution Senators n house of representatives re not at work in Nigeria pls check out south African parliament last week n zumba how he sweated to hold his presidency then look at Nigeria president n those who think they re smart just buying time with pictures n lavishing air trip to London forgetting that APC government ve to fight tooth n nail to bring Nigeria out recession. I weep for Nigeria seriously

  7. Turugba Di Wonder says:

    Buhari will soon be included in British stock exchange markets because he generates much to London. The plane that pack there has even contributed enough. What about those that go there to take photos with him?

  8. Kenny Donald Anumege says:

    Brother Dokubo you quite right in your assertion & these medical tourism is expanding its coast from foreign African ruler visiting PMB in London to Anglican Archbishop to OBJ & now the lying presidential media aide led by the master of all liars Mr Liar Mohd our honourable minister of Disinformation has join the band wagon & it’s another season 4 & 5 of photo shop. Another visitation by PDP governors to PMB, this is just to waste billions of naira on an unwarranted & useless visit which will never better the lives of the ordinary Nigerians who are suffering courtesy of recession, prices of essential commodities has nuclear rocketed up out of the common Man’s reach, millions of Nigerians have lost their jobs courtesy of their clueless policies, yet they say they are serving the electorate which is the common man & come to think of it the electorates put PMB there in London to rule over Nigeria & not those visiting him. Abeg how much will it cost the presidency for the president to speak to Nigerians on a 30 seconds video & air it on NTA & other national TV & not the foreign media, for Nigerians to see that their president is hail & healthy & not all these visitations & photo shop. The next thing we will hear is that the National Assembly, all first Ladies, Ministers, Traditional rulers, Local govt Chairmen & Councillors etc all these people will be bill to visit Mr president simultaneously.
    I rest my case
    God bless my country Nigeria

  9. Khabeer Oduoye says:

    Like Asari, like Evans, like Nnamdi KANU wetin you give your father only trouble & heart attack?

    * Neymar’s father will get € 35m from his son move to PSG

    * He will again receive a € 23m loyalty bonus from Barcelona

    Total € 58m

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