BREAKING: Nigerian Army Opens Fire On IPOB Members Waiting For Nnamdi Kanu In Anambra, One Dead

On August 16, 2017 775 Comments

Some members of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, were reportedly attacked by the Nigerian army at Ekwulobia in Anambra state this morning.

According to report sent to ORIENTAL TIMES, about fourteen military hilux vans stormed Ekwulobia, the venue of the Ozubulu church massacre where IPOB members were gathered waiting for the arrival of their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

As at the time of filing this report, one person was already confirmed dead.



More details to follow…

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Comments (775)

  1. Jack Wab says:

    Where are those wide cheek bone ugly Yorubas and dirty Awusa (Igabas) running their big dirty mouth about Biafra came from? I guess from the Islamic Zoological Republic of Niga Area. And why does these skunks panic when ever they hear the word “Biafra”. Let me tell you animals, Biafrans are not afraid of carrying guns to defend themselves again. You do not have monopoly to violence. You had the entire world come to fight for you during the first civil war. Just remember that the leaders of those country that came to your rescue are all dead or out of power, and that the world has gotten wiser and civilized except your useless and corrupt Nigeria. Your bloody thirst Yakubu Gowon boasted at the beginning of the civil war that he would crushed Biafra in 48 hours. Even with all the military assistances he got from his slave masters, Britain, Russia and all the middle east countries, Biafra withstood his Nigeria for 3 good years without a ceased fire. So, you animals should be ready for a long brutal second civil war with Biafra that you bring the zoo to an end. Your weak Zoo Army has killed enough Biafrans and the world is watching. Nothing will stop Biafra even your big dirty mouth.

  2. Mokwunye Chukwunyem Henry says:

    The last time I watched biafra rally, I saw how biafra touts ridiculed police men trying to stop them from crossing a particular road block. These guys insulted them and was raining insults on nigeria while they were singing high praises to Kanu. That was police. You dare not try that with nigeria Army o! I thought Kanu was training biafra armies? Where were they when nigeria Armies showed up and even killed pple? Igbos be wise o…..that man has died for nothing leaving his family in pains and shambles now while kanu is at home still alive o.

  3. Bode Olalere says:

    Every life lost can never be brought back,so therefore every guardians, parents should advise their wards,siblings not to confront military men.They are not civilians who u can confront bcos they are trained to kill when under threat.Who has ears let him hear bcos it is d living dat will enjoy dat republic clamouring for.

  4. Guddy B Kabaka says:

    One sure thing about life is that, D life of every human being is #SACRED b4 God, D maker of life.
    I wonder D kind of God some persons claimed to hv bn serving when they rejoice over D lost of an innocent soul for doing no wrong thing in particular.
    Hmmmm, it’s a pity indeed that some hv lost their human #SENSE of feeling N reasoning…

  5. Ifeanyi Okpara says:

    this news will go far.. let the whole world See and know what nnamdi kaun is fighting for. they hate the biafrans with an everlasting hate pls when a man hate you will you hate yourself? my answer is NO!… GOD BLESS BIAFRA!

  6. Judernest Ejiogu says:

    Was in in Ekwulobia yesterday it is a false the process of assuring the good people of Anambra of the security of lives and properties. With the recent threat to Democratic process in Anambra by the Ipob UK ltd.the security forces did what is called show of force in Ekwulobia yesterday is in line with government responsibility to those it governed so it is not invasion

  7. Mike D Merchandise says:

    God will punish the soldiers of zoo.. The person that did this to IPOB member will never escape his untimely death..
    Because he want his freedom .. You killed him .. No peace for animals in the zoo especially . chukwuokike abiam nabata nkpuru obi gi na ndukwa

  8. Vector Uxoaru says:

    Ok oo, Another one is dead,… So will they give him National Burial? or reward his parents? He left his shop, office or family to go and wait for Nnamdi kalu.. I hope Nnamdi Kalu can not die for him… those that died before now did not get any recognition, maybe this one will be different…. Cant guys wake up.. and face reality…When he get to heaven, he will tell God he died for Nnamdi kalu.. abi? I don talk..

  9. Musa Khalid says:

    No part of Nigeria should joke about this ungrateful minority called igbos..its time to teach them the final lesson..don’t take chances the time is here and now..I preach peace for Nigeria but for pigs like igbos I advise lets confront them with the same action they publicizing..

    • Omatseye Oyelowo says:

      I return your expectations to your life and your lineage…..your marked words shall be on the works of your hands only,and your violence shall return upon,your own heads.
      The portions ,the nature,the righteousness of vengeance and revenging is this day removed from you and your co agitators,and may your witches and witchcraft spirit demanding for blood,feed on you and your type from within.
      We now pour the blood of Jesus on the first Biafra,and we sever every link and hold you have on it for violence and avengeance,may the grounds of the first war ,not empower your mischief,and if the earth on which you stand be Gods own,may you all know your defeat. We don’t want your war,in Jesus name.

    • Omatseye Oyelowo says:

      I return and seal these words against your singular and collective destinies ,while mobilizing all forces against you all…..the powers that bear you sponsorship in your violence ,I bring them to Devine justice… they answer to their charges,may power change hands into the vengeance and revenging powers of God…..begin to self destroy,and not destroy the innocents nor Nigeria. May your lust for wars revert within you all.

  10. Prince Charlie says:

    The Hausa /Fulani are now using the Nigeria military as an ethnic cleansing on Igbos youths and Igbo leaders are keeping quiet. This is exactly the same time last year soldiers murdered these IPOB youths in cold blood and the same thing is repeating again. Ndigbos should read between lines and understand that this is purely a systematic way of ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo. IPOB have the right under UN charter to demand for self determination. They are not the first in this world to do that and will not be the last. Nobody in Spain have been killed for some individuals constantly demanding for self determination.

  11. Prince Charlie says:

    Why bring in soldiers into the normal procession of defenceless Ndigbo youths. Why not the police? IPOB do not carry guns, so Who asked these soldiers to start killing these boys? Who commanded them? Nigeria should not force Igbo youths to go militant. They should stop killing Igbos youths. This is purely a systematic way of ethnic cleansing.

  12. Chinwike Ughanwa says:

    They we kill us but at end biafrans most win the war rip my brother ur death we makes us to remain fearless to de zoo army because if we are with arms like them i knw dat all de zoo army we be no more

  13. Godwin Ihama says:

    As big as late ojukwu, he fought and ran away for his dear life and spent many years in exile after failure, nah the fight small pikin say he want to start again. Weting kill your grand parents and level all your villages you say you are not satisfied with the past records. But remember that nah second journey kill mongo park. Nigeria remain great anywhere we go.

    • Prince Justice says:

      Is it in our constitution that if a civil servant falls sick during official duty we must be counting days for him or after a specified days he must resign.? My brother I did not benefit from these PDP looters,So let the government recover our money for us. All these agitations is being sponsored by these corrupt people.

  14. Onah Harrison says:

    Lawless country like Nigeria. Does soldiers supposed operate publicly. It’s only in Nigeria you can see such. Continue supporting evil. Very soon even the beggars on the street will begin to pay Tax.

  15. Godwin Ihama says:

    The nigeria army have no case to answer because they are always on duty to defend and clear out notorious set of groups in any part of the country. Great nigeria, great nation, god bless federal republic of nigeria and god bless our leaders of today and tomorrow.

  16. CJ Info-tech Biz says:

    Yoruba and their stupidity, just know that in any form of freedom fighting, people must die, so keep off. We are doing this for our unborn generation. I will feel better if I die for Biafra than to die for nigeria

  17. Titus Asinobi says:

    wht war are we talking about ehh…prince timmy.if u say u are not more interested in a game does it mean that ur openent will fuse you to continue when u are not more interested.the answer is no…igbo hausa.and yorubas are not the can go it seprate way if he wish.must u people fuse the igbos to unite with u….is only our ansestor’s has the answer to this on those.idiots

  18. Prince Timmy Olowonmi says:

    These people will just be wasting there life, while kanu and his family will be enjoying…by the way, che igbo’s think they can face nigerian!!! No way… you people should understand something… It’s very easy to win a war than winning terrorist because before you know who is behind the terrorist time will be long but war!!!!! My people na direct fight without mercy or checking….

  19. Tobun Oyegbadebo says:

    Asking for there right does not mean they deserved to die. When we talk, they will say because we are from west, that we are coward. But we are not, is time you call your elder to show you your own gods, that helps to defend in traditional ways. Which we adapt and it help in west. Go back to tradition. And defend your right. The numbers killed among you is enough. Defend and retaliate. That is the only way out to scare them back

  20. Chukwuemeka Nwaubani says:

    I course any who like killing and sucking blood of humans, may you families regret Why they born on earth, may your families lost souls every year, may you never exist in life, you shall never.bein fruitful shame shall follower you families and generation Amen

  21. Drconfidence Francis says:

    Too bad, that is Nigeria system for you fanning the ember of hate instead of to use wisdom and love. How can there be peace with this? Unless peace means remain in suppression give up ur right, while things keep going wrong. All these innocent people being killed is why Nigeria will know no peace.

  22. Gabriel Uzoma says:

    Nigeria jagajaga and I want the world to declare nigeria a (terrorist state) union of animals, because she is a lawless state that has no respect for the right of others as stipulated in the UN law’s

  23. Obaino Divine says:

    this is barbaric,it’s only coward soldjiers who instead of killing atleast one camerounian’s jendan for killing morethan 100 nigerians&opted 4 peace that can drive joy in killing unarmed civilians

  24. Ikemefuna Gaius says:

    Killing of unarmed innocent IPOB members by the Islamic terrorist called security agencies is unconstitutional, undemocratic and unacceptable. Right for self determination isn’t a crime and a call for referendum isn’t a call for war. Only the educated individuals and a civilized Government can understand this. Your country remains a Zoo.

  25. Mohammed Nura Nice says:

    These so called Biafrans sabi the WAR on social media no be small oo… Everyday blasting Nigerians(the Hausas) on social media, and that is how it gonna be for as much ur fingers got tired from the keyboard.
    We no send, we no care and we no mind. All we know is that nobody can dare come and try any hell in our door step.

  26. Comrde Uloko Julius says:

    Yes they deserve it, I don’t know why some people are creating problem for this country when someone is battling to fix the nation right, when I watched the video of kanu and his soldiers yesterday and I said to myself this guy called kanu is ready for war and he will see Nigerian army very soon

  27. Isaiah David says:


  28. Kafir Baraka says:

    NO NO NO…. I was there even still there…. Army shut nobody.. They just pack there hilux & lock entrance gate.. Looking for whom to rain anger.. .. They release no gun shot..

  29. Ebenezer Romeo Adonis says:

    Good job…. Enemy of a state…. Let it be a lesson to those who has been brain washed against this federalism, instead of u to go and learn work u are involving urself in violent action….. I just pity the family of Di’s victim not him…..

  30. Cyprian Mmegwa says:

    Let fools that is in the animal kingdom (zoo) or zoological republic of Nigeria should listen to this and I want them to explain it to me. There is no going back on Biafra restoration,it is Biafra or death and nothing can stop us,no amount of bullet can stop us,it’s soldier go and soldiers come. But I am promising the zoological republic of Nigeria on what they are looking for,one day they must surely get it and when the time come let them said that we didn’t warn them on it. This is the time for Biafra restoration or never.

  31. Prince Excellency says:

    This people have taken too much ooo. they have killed us enough and is time we cannot take it anymore. They are looking for something and very soon they will see what they are looking for not only them but the Nigeria.

  32. Dexter Oge A says:

    Please what kind of post is this? Just to stir up emotions from people who cannot think for themselves. Why would anyone bother to set an IV line for someone that is presumed dead? I’m tired of all of you and I’m referring to anyone who believed this scanty, one-sided report.

  33. Chukwuebuka Onuegbu says:

    The death of Biafran people killed by Nigerian soldiers is highly provocative. Can’t we lay our hands on arms and defend our people? United Nations and ECOWAS should stand by and watch until Biafrans fight back.

  34. Justice Nwi-UeBari says:

    God, when would unlawful killing of an innocent Biafran stop? Nnamdi Kanu if it’s only u n I we need to rise up b4 Zoogeria finish our Army. Enough is Enough. My Name is Justice NwiueBari my 07058636745

  35. Innocent Chibuikem Okwor says:

    If Biafra will come I hope to see it come to actualization but I won’t advise any body to loose his/her life just yet. Don’t forget you have loved ones at home. I have read about the civil war of 1967 I bet I wouldn’t want to witness one. #PEACEISTHEKEY

  36. Ogbebe Michael Ogbebe says:

    Jesus… our land again dose it mean that we are nobody boko harm owh have been killing what have Nigeria army don to them Niger delta who have been distorying the economi what have Nigeria army don to them…has it been that is northerners that is asking for biafra it could have been giving to them….but so called thief who is seeing there self as igbo leader lift everything to Ipob leader….all I no is that God will not let him die he shall see his distenation.

  37. NaturexObute Elijah says:

    When u start looking for success u wont sleep on bed.. u must suffer, face a hell and faustration b4 u have it…, kanu knows all those things must happen but then at the end some igbo who thinks they r superior now become a slave.. May God help Igbo people.

  38. Jeffery Igumah says:

    Yes that is good, their own is too much, no body should just talk about aimless civilian here o cause This same ipob are the ones who attacked the ozubulu church and assemblies of God church

  39. Rita Nwaneri says:

    Those of you drumming and singing war songs on social madia, take caution because perhaps some of us have never experienced war to know that it is the worst thing one can ever pray for…

  40. Vardim Mills says:

    I told him before now to be careful with my great country Nigeria . The fly who refuse to listen to advice follow the corpse to the grave. Lesson 1 don’t fight with guns but wisdom. Wisdom Is need to lead a revolution . All that you have is Idea not wisdom. Now you have 1 person blood on your head and I know more is coming cause I saw that video of the BSS Security. I told you in my last post on Gossip Mills that you are approaching your end. You stand to defend Biafra made with Igbos alone, let the Biafra defend you now. My condolence goes to the family of the lost soul. NNamdi Kanu is responsible for your death we must know . Leave this fight now wisely or fall as a dead legend like others. A word is a enough for the wise . Vardim Mills

    • Vardim Mills says:

      Nwabuokei Ndadas Nizo Chinedu it’s really sad my brother. Little by little the people will find out they were brainwashed by NNamdi Kanu . Rest In Peace is all we got for him now and also a lesson to others

    • Vardim Mills says:

      Blessing Owualah Armed or no Armed IPOB ask for war. We understand he is fighting for justice but not with violent. We are talking of a country not a city. His approach to Nigeria is violent and now he got it. Let’s not encourage this man any more for the sake of our children’s and friends life. The lost one can be someone only child. Tell me what is now left for the Parents ? That is someone only brother , so where do you put them now ? A lot will be killed If Nnamdi don’t slow down . Let’s encourage and embrace peace. #onepeacefulnigeria

    • Vardim Mills says:

      Emmanuel Ifeanyi Just like your leader violent . I have done nothing to be insulted but yet you keep it coming. With your comment you are not peace with yourself. Peaceful people that react to Situation like this. First change yourself before asking the country for Change. If you are educated to try and do something creative if better read good Rap songs lyrics online you will learn a lot. Vardim Mills

    • Vardim Mills says:

      Death awaits anyone with intention of fighting Nigeria . Be wise and make good use of your life. You still have a lot to archive . Don’t be brainwashed, as a man learn to learn from others mistakes. Follow good step and one in your generation you can start the change you so much desire. Your life is not a battery to be charged. Once you lose it it’s gone. If you have ever survive death you will know how precious its. Nigeria started before and will continue after you. Be wise like the snake . Strike slowly with wisdom and victory will be yours. Learn to preach and practice peace. Learn to love no matter how bad you have been hurting. Just stand tall, you got me and I got you . #onenigeriaforpeace

  41. Livinus Agim says:

    Willy obiano, because of your quest for second term, you ordered nigeria army to kill igbo people, you are using petrol to quinch or stop fire, you have shown your true colour.

  42. Kelgrin Omo-ugun Otoide says:

    IPOB is gradually becoming a violent group, Nigeria Army dont just open fire on civilians. It’s a pity d guy died for nothing while Nnamdi Cow-nu and his family are still alive sending the youths to their untimely death. Guys stop allowing yourselves being brainwashed by this opportunist & self centred nitwit called Cow-nu for it’s better to “jaw jaw than “war war”

  43. YUSUF IBRAHIM says:


  44. Peter Esinwoke Omelazu says:

    This extremely unjustifiable.why shooting​ at armed less youths. This is provocative and capable of escalating into counter arm conflicts with the security agencies like what is happening with bokoharam which the armed forces are yet to contain and still they are stoking further arm struggle. The security agencies should be called to order. This killing is too many to stomach .

  45. Isa Imodagbe says:

    This is really bad.why opening fire on defenceless and armless group, when they are not militias? I hope the Nigerian Army were not provoked by the so called Biafra Army Nnamdi kanu displayed on social media recently sha.

  46. Isedirikonghen Ebi AlhaJi says:

    This is barbaric and is condemnable in all ramification.

    The military are killing unarmed Nigerians agitating for a common course.

    Killing them is never the best option. Rather, it may infuriate anger for more to join the course.

    No region or ethnic group is superior to the other in this country.

    If the Arewa Youths could make hate statement in the glare of the public without anyone been arrested or killed, even the IPOB calling for secession deserves same right.

    These nonsense must stop in this country!

  47. Tochi Boiy says:

    When I think about this nigeria ,I started crying …aboki go cary ak47 they waka around with cow’s no soldier or police will ask questions about the gun.. Now we are ready to cary ak47 to protect our people…nigeria is a disgrace …fools

  48. Trisha Sonni says:

    So you people continue to be persuaded to easily throw away your lives, in your simplistic public demonstrations. As if you do not know you are dealing with an evil and lawless government

  49. Uwakwe Jane says:

    For every igbo man killed, twenty hausa foolani men always get killed by boko haram immediately. Tears and bloodshed will never depart from the north until this hopeless country disintegrate.

  50. Orogeli Orogun says:

    Brafia only a scam if the folks are not ready for real battle.Else one by one day will be wasted… Brafia be serious and stand strong.. Speak the language d world understand to take u very seriously.No pain no gain

  51. Darnish Cookies says:

    #Biafrans Are Not Ready….It’s So Clear To Me….iFeel Nothing Bout This Happenings….Till We’re Ready To Do The Needful….Cause If Another War Breaks Out…We Will So Lose For Making Noise Without Actions….Till We All Die Then We’d Get Strapped & Do What We Gotta Do To Protect Our Own….#Arewa People & The Rest Of The #Zoo Are All On The Lead Everyday & Always….etc•


  52. Mopki Mako Mopki says:

    I’m from northeast I want one Nigeria but what this Nigerian army did is unacceptable, why killing them? What have they done to deserve this, this shows Nigeria don’t need unity any longer.

  53. Igbokwe Anselm Chibuike Anselm says:

    that moment IPOB will start carrying arms, Army will NEVER try them again and it will be BLOODY . Army are killing them now because they are armless but by the time things will turn around then all will see the real makeup of an IGBO man in this country

  54. Sampson Chukwudi Demo says:

    My fellow igbo brothers and sisters, how long shall we wait before taken action on how this useless Nigeria soldiers are wasting our brother and sisters life, how long shall we wait, is better we start carrying fire-arms and challenge this useless soldiers

  55. Trisha Sonni says:

    That is a crime and grounds for bringing buhari up on human rights abuse charges. The North are confident that their evil and their violence will let them dominate. But for that and other crimes I label them accursed! No good thing will be available to them. In establish them cursed by God.

    As for Kanu and his followers with their simplistic tactics of dancing and singing in the streets, they must desist from it and take up more powerful strategies..

  56. Jane Inyang says:

    All of you in support of what the army did are the enemies of this country, you are the once calling for war. that same way shall you be killed even unto your fourth generation, you blood sucking demonds, you people are happy that a human-being like you is being killed in cold blood. those demonds that you have sold your souls to will turn back and destroy all of you in JESUS NAME (AMEN)

  57. Timothy Okechukwu says:

    That’s zoo for you,they enjoys killing innocent & armless peaceful biafrans,but they faints & even die at the sight of well armed bokoharams before any confrontation.God will surely avenge for his children.

  58. Moses Agu says:

    It is only during the age of stone, where justice is not viewed as the right of the citizens that they kill the slaves like d’s and unjustly. There have never been justice for any IPOB cold blooded murder by the Nigerian military forces and institutions dt are meant to protect her citizenry esp the Ibo tribe. It still shows that we are the true modern day slaves and need to go outside the box to liberate ourselves. Not by war.

  59. Tony says:

    I didn’t even read the post initially.

    Anyway, sorry for the loss. I pray that you will have money to buy another phone. You are very lucky too, that the robbers didn’t shoot the gun.

    Take care Ok?

  60. Ani Moses says:

    We wanted change and we are seeing the changes in different dimenension just for someone to air his or view he is killed but boko haram are killing people they did not open fire on them

    • Darlington EYE says:

      Felix your are heartless for making such comment. I guess you are a Deltan, look the country Nigeria does not have the good good plan for. I rather beg you to join the band wagon Biafra/Niger Delta Republic.

  61. Engr Nwachukwu Mc Nwosu says:

    Breaking: IPOB Members Short At Ekwulobia This Morning By Nigerian Securities

    Nnamdi Kanu is scheduled to visit Ekwulobia this morning being 16th August, 2017. IPOB members had gathered to welcome him at Ekwulobia, Aguata, Anambra state.

    The information reaching Radio Biafra now has it that Governor Willie Obiano And Johnmary masterminded the massacre currently going on.

    The Nigerian security officials opened life bullets on peaceful IPOB members patiently waiting for the arrival of Mazi Nnamdi, the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra.

    The report also has it that two IPOB members have been killed and we are yet to get the details of others.

    We will bring you the details as information continue to flow on our table.

  62. Princess Chi-chi Uwandu says:

    The More they are killed, the worst it becomes, All d same, The struggle towards Biafra is a Struggle between Life and Death! Bcoz Biafra stands for the Truth which we finally Prevail…
    RIP Bro, one thing must Kill a Man… continues…

  63. Sunny Agiamah says:

    Why all these issessant shooting and killing of innocent and unarmed Citizens? This is quite saddening and unfortunate. I pray that the killer military man, will also meet his own untimely death, by the bullet, before the end of his career. Whatever a man sows, is what he will reap. I weep for Nigeria!

  64. Bestman Josiah says:

    I see how divided we are in this fraud called Nigeria going through the comments, every northerner here enjoys seeing the Igbo man drained in blood, I see the comments, but I know one day judgment day is coming very soon

  65. Okey Nnam says:

    They must pay for it. A Jewish is worth 10 Palestinian. If Kanu is a member of Jewish Religion, then his followers should act like Jewish. It can be treated confidentially