Boko Haram Insurgents Slaughter 42 Farmers In Kebbi

On August 17, 2017 73 Comments

At least 42 farmers from Aliero town, in Aliero Local Government Area of Kebbi State have reportedly been slaughtered by suspected dislodged members of the Boko Haram terrorists.

The insurgents were reported to have fled Borno State while escaping from the war zone areas.

Governor Abubakar Atiku Bagudu who confirmed this, on Wednesday, while addressing World Health Organization (WHO) delegates, said the victims went to Borno State for farming before they were murdered.

The WHO delegation had visited Kebbi on a courtesy visit.

Governor Bagudu says, “Just last week I was informed by one of my Commissioner that 42 farmers who are from Aliero were slaughtered by Boko Haram in Borno.

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“They allowed one of them to come home free to say what happened to them”.

Governor Bagudu added that over 7,000 displaced Nigerians, who crossed over to Niger Republic, were recently re-deported to Kebbi State thereby compounding the challenges faced by the State.

While acknowledging low immunisation of children against diseases in the state, Governor Bagudu said the influx of children from Benin and Niger Republics including IDPs camps in the state, posed great threat to success of the exercise.

Speaking earlier, representative of WHO in Nigeria, Dr. Wondimagegnehu Alenu, told Governor Bagudu they had discovered that there was low immunisation in the state.

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He stressed that there was need for government to embark on routine immunisation of children against diseases.


Comments (73)

  1. Mgc D Prophet says:

    Is it another Boko Haram or The Boko Haram we have technically defeated forever? who should we believe? A defeated Boko Haram is killing every day but the winners and heroes in Nigerian cannot record one boko haram dead.

  2. Chinedum says:

    Oh my God! every single day Nigeria exists, millions of lives are at risk. What is wrong with country, no respect for fellow humans created in God’s image.

  3. Olurin Jacob says:

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  4. Happy Anegbe says:

    Nigeria immegartion are not do good Jobs for nigeria People beacuse their open borad let any People to enter nigeria. In the name of corupation. I have opportunità nigeria immegartion man we lost him meny time seantor invist him to tell nigeria what s happening i n area of passport. People are stile sufferring to gat nigeria passport in euor. Italy. Some People 5mu some 7mu. Any way am nt happy about that. A some thing that give nigeria big money. I can said to u sir if u are sleeping wake up nigeria People are sufferring in area of passport.

  5. Muhammad Nashmad says:

    Forget that boko haram, is igbos that are killing people in the name of boko haram, we don’t need to stress ourselves again the truth has reveal itself, soldiers attacked you, you couldn’t let go, you come revenge on farmers, God will never forgive you for killing innocent people.

  6. Wayn Rich says:

    What is their gain to kill our farmers ?? Why did buhari release them in the first place, APC only want to score political points without a feature for Nigerian,you see they have come back to kill us

  7. Sunny Agiamah says:



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  8. Emeka Egesi says:

    Bokoharam and Fulani herdsmen have joined together, no difference between the two yet government has not proscribed Fulani herdsmen as terrorists organisation but talking rubbish on hate speech instead of dealing with hate action of terrorist herdsmen and bokoaharam.

  9. Clement Obi says:

    Federal government left their priority and focus on peaceful Biafrans, when you push Biafrans to bear arms you will see and experience the senior father of boko haram. No use your sense.

  10. Peter Dimka says:

    Lord we sincerely need your intervention in our land Nigeria. Y do d heathen rage? It’s time for u to defend d course of our nation in d more mighty name of Jesus

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