BREAKING: Russia-Based Biafran Builds Nuclear Missile, Names It “Biafra Satan 404”

On August 17, 2017 315 Comments

A Biafran based in Russia who reportedly returned back to Nigeria has allegedly built a nuclear missile named “Biafra Satan 404” capable of annihilating a total of ten Nigerian states, Radio Biafra reports.

According to the bogus claim, “the new weapon can deploy warheads of 40 megatons, or about 2,000 times as powerful as the bombs dropped on Hirshoma and Nagaski in 1945.”

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Comments (315)

    • John says:

      Full this is fake news you don’t know what is nuclear weapons or missile kanu will lead you to disaster and go back to England

  1. Murtala Kano Sani says:

    Ignorance is always afraid of change. The only African jews the Israelis recognised are those jews in the IDP camp of Sudan and Ethiopia, I could remember some time in the 80s, and 90s the Israeli government evacuated many of them back to Israel in what was known as operation moses, operation Solomon, and operation Joshua, I believe if the Igbo’s are jews, Israel will never ever forget where their brothers are, they would have done similar thing to the Igbo’s, it seems like the Igbo’s does not have authentic history of where they migrated from, let them keep on the research, one day the truth must surely comes out.

  2. Daniel Nelson Dike says:

    Murtala Kano Sani,what does that has to do with the restoration of BIAFRA Land? And what change are u talking about,? BIAFRA said that the marriage is over! Short and simple. We are not thesame people nor thesame cultures, be on ur own let us be on our own simple. Wether we are Jew or not, we have great Biafra land, the people that God has chosen to Bless!

  3. Thompson Obase says:

    Why the open noise ? Now I see you don’t seem to have #Common_Sense
    Why come out to say this weda true or not do we now want the zoooo to go around in search for location and dismantlement of such talented device ?

  4. Dion Nick says:

    Baifra is blessed with science and technology from the beginning, But Nigeria leaders are so blind to recognize them. Nigeria as a country don’t suppose to purchase any weapon from other countries if there’s love in the land.

  5. Abba Ahmed says:

    let them built devil himself. the fact that we Northerner busy lunching our abandoned farmland to cultivate what we will starve the biafrogs to the highest level. come to the north and see how we woke up from deep slumber interms of agriculture in this 2 years. lunch missile we will lunch our agriculture which is our main weapons for fighting biafrogs.

  6. Emeka Anyasor says:

    Oh my God! I think this whole thing is turning into a huge joke and more and more people are getting stupider each day. North Korea is at war with UN over Nuclear missile and you just sneaked in and built your own and mounted without being noticed. By the way which country supplied you the reactors? . What a clown! Please wake up from your slumber, Mr Russia returnee.

  7. Victor Nnamani says:

    We are using this opportunity to advise the igbos in the North to come back home and let’s see the northerners bring war to our region and they shall be alerted that they have nine states out of nineteen as #BIAFRAN SATAN 404 may have done its job

  8. Omonire Ovwigho Isaac says:

    They’ve warned Nigerian government that if anything happens to Kanu, Nigeria would regret it. It would be wise for Nigeria to thread with care or get perished. Nigeria can’t produce even ordinary spoon. They will be buying until the destiny of Nigeria is finished.

    • Stanley Simon says:

      My brother, I did not read anything from your comment, but what I saw that made me laf unstoppable was ‘it keep buying till it destiny finish’ Good help me with people like by my side. Thank bros

  9. Pishon Lordking says:

    I am biafra but my igbo people are get stupid day by day no more secret again? Even if we have whatever we need to keep it secret OK something that happen 1966, guys you must learn how to keep things secret don’t be foolish for nothing

  10. Mohammed Nura Nice says:

    Rubbish…. all the ones wey wunah dey do before no be wunah people wunah dey kill join? e.g. The ones wuna dey supply Evans.

    Either u like it or not you too are Nigercans. If you don’t believe me, then believe me u are slaves.

    Nigeria do good or bad/progress or fail, all wunah involved.

  11. Muhammad Musa says:

    chai then the zoo will burn with the human chimpanzees that settle with the humans. anyway the % of the chimps living with the human in the biafran’s zoo is much more than the chimps of thd notorius OJURU FOREST

  12. Muhammad Nashmad says:

    Igbo are too foolish to understand, this missile is for Iran and you idiot are here jubilating on something that belong to another country, besides how are you going to import it to Nigeria without you been caught

  13. Hassan Oguta says:

    story only the gullible and foolish will believe. Where did he site his reactor for the enrichment of the uranium use in making the Bomb?
    How many tests conducted and where, without attracting the attention of international community? How can an individual make a rocket and and bomb capable of destroying ten states? MUMU REPOTER.

  14. Donatus Nwachukw says:


  15. Nkonye Chibu Ugwonu says:

    Gbam, l said it b4 several times that even the Super Power nations, how much less Nigerians are really afraid of lgbos; knowing what God Almighty deposited on lgbos.
    Armoured Tank that these whites spend years 2 research, produce, test n come up with, took Sir Ojukwu only 3-months 2 build. Only aircondition wasnt fixed yet, it was a lady who drove it 2 war front. Hw abt the Misile that was produced in few weeks that went 2 a neighbouring country 2 explode.

  16. Udochukwu Nwankwo says:

    Nigerian govt are playing with fire, they should not forget 1960s to 1970 they thought that they would kill us all but to their surprise we held them for complete good three years, this time around it will be too bloody because they want us to remember the past and if we do there will be nothing please or sorry in our diary.

  17. Deboy Nnubia says:

    believe it or leave it, its real, just flash back to one ojukwu biafran supreme commander built in the golden days, to talk more of 21st century, its not a joke, we are formidable, let them push us to the wall more and the will see hell.

  18. Justice Nwi-UeBari says:

    Oh God, guys u for never shown dis, because if buhari c dis he will quick die. I has talk d Zoo dat dis time a round nt 1967, even d civil war 1966-67 Biafra still won nt some internal Judah. I can’t wait to wipe aboki out frm d face of d earth. Up Biafrans. Dis’s jst d small one in store.

  19. De Beatitude says:

    Lol funny, an individual can’t build a nuclear missile. Even Nigeria as a country can’t acquire nuclear missile without the world knowing about it as a matter of fact there are only 9 known Nuclear powers in the whole world. There’s no nuclear missile in the whole of Africa.

  20. Mbah Patrick says:

    Must you publish everything about Biafra? We should hide some of our secrets. What i want us to do now is to pay the useless Hausa/Fulanis back what they did to our Forefathers,fathers and still doing to our brothers and sisters in the north

  21. Olurin Jacob says:

    Twinkas is still the best,I’m not here to place advert for Twinkas,
    I’m one of the Twinkas participants, I had different account and all of a sudden twinkas stopped paying, I felt bad because I had much cash on it. But all thanks to GOD and a twinkas admin Mr kelvin that helped me upgrade all my accounts, even when I was scared to do it, the admin encouraged me, now I have been paid 300% bonus n i am stil being paid.
    You can call him for help too on 09037881896..

  22. Okey Moole says:

    We can’t keep hidden our identity since zoo government doesn’t want to pay attention,America builds mother of all bomb and Biafra have builds father of all bomb nothing man can do about’s in our blood.if you like hate Kanu Ipob and keep supporting zoo politicians for looting money.God bless Kanu the voice of voiceless..

    • Kabir Suleman says:

      Its a lie. As such it can not be true. If nigeria can creat nuclear bumb the world will detect and america alone will disturb them. Think of what iran is going through. Do u think nigeria will be spared for building nuc war head without being questioned? Nah… We are not kids please stop assembling empty containers and calling it nuc my foot. Please My dear nigerian youth we shoul try and learn to love oneanother . enough of all this rubbish . we are one in one nigeria love you All. Cheers.

  23. Omolaja Dax says:

    Lolz just go tru the profile of those commenting trash they re all illiterate, hw can someone single handedly built nuclear war head? Most of u re not learned that was kunu was able to penetrate u monkeys. Will u foolz ever be wise? It an answer of tomorrow.

  24. Sunny Agiamah says:



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    Scriptures: Mathew 9:27-31; Mark 8:22-26; Luke 18:35-43; John 9; Mark 9:17-27; John 5:1-8.

    God Almighty’s wish for you and me, His dear children, is that above all things, we should prosper and be in health, even as our souls, prospers, so stop allowing the devil, that vagabond, to deceive and tell you things otherwise {3 John 2}.

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  25. Samuel Chukwuebuka says:

    It might be undisputable to doubt whether biafrans build up a missile now, Since they were able to build Bombs and Explosives in d war days
    But it’ll interest you to note that WAR is very dangerous, There’s no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war. Except its ending.

    We, the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have now done so much for so long with so little, we are now capable of doing anything with nothing



  26. Emma says:

    People like you are the one creating problems for Biafra. How would you want the world to help you after spreading all these lies?

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