Police Declares Biafra Security Service Illegal, Issues Serious Warning To Nnamdi Kanu

On August 19, 2017 198 Comments

The Commissioner of Police Abia, State Command, CP Adeleye Oyebade has declared the recently formed Biafra Security Service of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as illegal.

Oyebade in a press briefing at the command’s headquarters in Umuahia, the state capital warned those behind the formation of the security network he described as “unlawful and illegal” to retrace their steps.

He stressed that the Nigerian constitution recognizes only the Nigerian Police, Nigerians Army and the Department of States service, adding that any other group claiming to be providing security without an approval from constitution was illegal.

The state police boss further stated that the full weight of the law would be brought upon the organizers of the said BSS who he noted were displaying videos of the “outlawed” security service on their social media network.

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Oyebade who stated that the police and other security operatives in the state would never fold their hands and watch unscrupulous elements to disrupt the relative peace in the state reiterated that the police is in synergy with other sister agencies to make the state safe for business and economic activities to thrive.


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    • ADAMU says:

      Oguns adex you and ur generations to come are fools, why are u ppl just killing ur selves ?we are not among the zoo called nigeria and can never be,,if u want to remain in the zoo you are free, foolish yorobas and he goats like u ppl.

  1. Stephen Ibe says:

    What about OPC in the West, are they illegal?
    The BSS are not armed men but OPC are armed.

    The Eastern can not put their safety in the hands of their haters. Biafra must have security service outfit to safe guard their lives and properties.

    Biafrans doesn’t trust the Police, Army, Navy and Airforce which are controlled by the enemies of the Biafrans.

  2. Bon Ejehu says:

    Whilst politicians, conmen, 419ners, fraudsters and etc maintain private security and who can vouch that the law enforcement agencies aren’t even compromised!!!

  3. Uche Iwuchukwu says:

    Nigerian police force are joking. They think that #Biafrans will fold their arms and watch their herdsmen cause havoc in Biafra land? Why haven’t they declared sharing police in the north illegal???

  4. Uc Chukwu says:

    4 d police in d zoo ur work is ilegal, u ar dey a lot lies ar going on in d zoo including ur policemen infact u ppl duty is ilegal ,hv 4got d flani killing? in agatu or do u ppl 4gt nimbo mascar? do u tnk we 4gt? do we 4gt ozuburu mascar?,let m state it clare here if u ppl job is to intimidet biafra in dere own land take it in d back of ur mind dt one day shall come u ppl we nt hv mouth to say again and there is nting u can do abt it ,

  5. Lecturer Chikezie says:

    What of yoruba’s OPC? Arewa’s SHARIA POLIS HAVE u ever declared THEM illegal.? Bcos its igbo matter. Since polis failed to protect the citizen then let them get them selves protected by their selves. By the way is nigeria not an illegal contraption. ? #THEREISACOUNTRY

  6. Mishael Chikwueokpala says:

    So it is legal for Nigeria police to declare Biafra security service illegal when they have not been able to arrest and prosecute those fulani herdsmen that has been killing Biafrans all over Biafra land. Nigeria is indeed a joke. So the Nigeria police think that we Biafrans should forever fold our hands and wait until we are all wiped out? No now, thank God for Nnamdi kanu who had woken us from our deep sleep and now we will sleep no more until we restore our Biafra nation. So you Nigeria police know it that Biafra security service have come to stay! The Nigeria police should equally know that Nigeria as a country had indeed expired since the 100 years agreed for our been together had expired.

  7. Valentine Bobby says:

    I can vividly see peoples dreams and aspirations being dash by joining Biafra security,people with great potentials given to them by God,which of the Biafra kingmakers are part of the security.Biafra is a jungle.

  8. Chris John says:

    They’re talking rubbish , freedom of association, defence, and total freedom is not a crime. You’re naija police while they said they’re Biafra police. Which they meant,the territories differs from the other

  9. Ozumba Charles Chidozie says:

    The Yorubas have their own security ( neighborhood watch) because they do not believe in the Nigerian police Force. We cannot be silenced,the Nigerian security forces are killing us repeatedly and we welcome the armless BSS formation for a way forward. We cannot be cowed again by any force be it military or police

  10. Martin Aghanya says:

    After now, d uniforms of BSS goes away whike d real task of information gatherine takes its full course.
    But mat we know whyd police are issuing such statement of illegality?
    Its worthy of note that wen d wen everyone rejects you, as a being, u cannot reject yourself.
    BSS is orchestrated to unravel deeper intelligent i informations about invents in Biafraland and in diaspora. BSS don’t work wit guns nor bombs, BSS gather infos for leadership use!
    Anyone whose not clear wit dat shud get understandings of d US- C.I.A

  11. Chudi Okonkwo says:

    If the Nigerian Constitution recognizes only the Army , Police and DSS , then what are groups like LASTMA ; armed groups like OPC doing in Lagos for years now ? What about the Arewa Moral Police etc ? Oyebade or whatever is his name is fooling himself by declaring our BSS illegal . Don’t worry , when our Secret Service has completed their training and are well equipped and in active service, then go and stop them .Already you have fled from the ragtag boko haram still holding almost 50 Police women in Sambisa forest and flexing muscles in Biafraland .

  12. Tochukwu Ndukwe Jnr George says:

    @ Abdullahi Umar Gabasawa this ur comment is a hate speech o o o o o that u people are ready to destroy us & our land but have u asked ur father what Terrorist Yakubu Gowon said before the war that he will destroy Biafra in three days the war ended in three years, well Biafra people are also ready because 1967 to 70 is not 2017 .

  13. Uwakwe Jane says:

    Go and arrest them and see what will happen. Well done ipob security force, protect yourselves with whatever necessary, jazz, voodoo, weapons. Enough is enough for the zoo army

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