Rev Fr Ebube Muonso Joyfully Receives Nnamdi Kanu In Anambra, Says He Stands With Biafra [Video]

On August 20, 2017 102 Comments

Reverend Father Emmanuel Obimma popularly known as Ebube Muonso today received leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu at his residence in Anambra State.

The outspoken cleric who is the spiritual leader of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry reiterated his support for the agitation for an independent state of Biafra.

He also commended Kanu for his ‘selfless’ fight for the freedom and emancipation of the Igbo people.

Kanu who stormed Anambra with millions of his fanatic supporters thanked Fr. Obimma for his outspokenness and his overall support in the Biafra agitation.



Comments (102)

  1. De Beatitude says:

    Why would any Igbo man in his right senses not stand with Biafra? Is there any single reason for an Igbo man to say I’m a proudly Nigerian?
    None of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, uncles or even relatives is in any high office in Nigeria to help us get any job even if we have the highest grades from the best schools. All offices occupied by the Hausa. Just one reason why you don’t support Biafra as an Igbo person?

    Few of our elders who got into politics in the 1980s are now sidelined or busy licking the ass and feet of the Hausas in Abuja looking for favours, What is the future for the Igbo children and your children? Ator Eze, Andy Uba, Ifeanyi Ararume, Orji Kanu, name them, who still gives a shit about them in Abuja? Let’s stand with Biafra!

    • Ndubuisi Morris says:

      The future of our generation is why am standing for Biafra. Nigeria is not a save place to leave any child to grow up in the future. I believe in judgement day we will be ask, what future we left for them, acquiring fame and property for them is not a sure legacy for their future, it is even greed that make us acquire wealth hoping we will live forever to enjoy them, that is why must of our old politicians don’t want to leave their position for even their children. the security of our children matters a lot in the future

  2. Michael King says:

    To know if a man of God is the real prophet of God he stands for truth even wen he’s persecuted it doesn’t shift him from the truth but fake prophets are those who material things shifts them from the truth

  3. Jenny Ify says:

    Nigeria is death police collecting money even army hmmm killing innocent people in Democracy, hunting peoples right in civilian rule, hmmmm noting is working God help us to separate wit this people called Nigeria in Jesus name Amen

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