Biafra: Ojukwu And I Agreed Nigeria ‘Must Remain One And United’ – Buhari

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In what appears a clear effort to douse the agitation for Biafra, President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday made reference to the late Biafran leader, Emeka Ojukwu, saying both of them agreed on the indivisibility of Nigeria.

Mr. Ojukwu led a breakaway Biafran nation into a civil war with the Nigerian government, between 1967 and 1970. Although the secession failed and Mr. Ojukwu would later contest to be president of Nigeria, there have been renewed agitations for a Biafran nation, particularly led by pan-Igbo groups like IPOB and MASSOB.

In his broadcast to Nigerians on Monday, Mr. Buhari warned that the country will no longer tolerate comments and actions that threaten the collective existence of Nigeria.

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“Some of the comments especially on the social media have crossed our national red lines by daring to question our collective existence. This is a step too far,” he said.

“In 2003 after I joined partisan politics, the late Chief Emeka Ojukwu came and stayed as my guest in my hometown Daura. Over two days we discussed in great depth till late into the night and analysed the problems of Nigeria. We both came to the conclusion that the country must remain one and united.

“Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable. We shall not allow irresponsible elements to start trouble and when things get bad they run away and saddle others with the responsibility of bringing back order, if necessary with their blood.”

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The president also spoke on the quit order by some Northern youth to Igbos to leave northern Nigeria before October 1.

“Every Nigerian has the right to live and pursue his business anywhere in Nigeria without let or hindrance,” the president said.

Mr. Buhari added that, “This is not to deny that there are legitimate concerns. Every group has a grievance. But the beauty and attraction of a federation is that it allows different groups to air their grievances and work out a mode of co-existence.”

He added that the National Assembly and the National Council of States are the best fora for such discussion stressing that going forward, Nigeria will wage a strong war both on terrorism and on individuals threatening the nation’s unity.

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  1. Ifeanyi Okoye says:

    Ojukwu was only closer to OBJ or IBB after his return from exile. He never meddled with a low class illiterate poor PMB. Ojukwu is not his class both as a civilian or military. So he can never discuss such delicate issue with an illiterate. OBJ knows him very well. Ridiculous how this buhari is lying against the dead. His nationwide speech has shows that he is suffering from Igbophobia. Alias it is incurable.

  2. Mavdon Man says:

    Baba God go help you ,you will go and meet ojukwu tell him that Nnamdi Kanu disagree with you na oo .Go and visit ojukwu even if na two days or three you fit stay with him ,I pray u make a successful journey amen

  3. Chinwendu Onuigbo says:

    Thunder ⚡ will fire buhari with his people in that Zoo aso rock he take us for a granted talking rubbish. Buhari if you have business with ojukwu go and settle with him Ok, because nobody can tell me how l will live my life marriage is not by Forse enough is enough noisence

  4. Izuchukwu Agu says:

    By Charles Ogbu


    Mr President, Sir,

    This open letter is necessitated by issues of urgent national importance not unconnected with your 3 minute broadcast to Nigerians this morning where you stated that Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable.

    Mr President, Sir, I wasn’t exactly born with a talent for political correctness so I like to assume your permission to pay you the courtesy of being blunt.

    First, I want to register my displeasure that you, a mere servant and employee of the Nigerian people, could derisively address your employers and the same people paying your salaries even when you are hardly at work, as “my dear citizens” instead of “my fellow citizens”.

    That derisive opening line in your speech lend more credence to an already established fact which is that you are an arrogant victim of messiah complex who sees his people not as his employers whose wishes he must harken to but as lesser mortals and slaves who are his to do as he pleases. Even Emperor Nero didn’t address Romans in that condescending manner.

    Mr president sir, we are not your citizens. We are not even just your fellow citizens! We are your employers! We are your boss! We pay your bill. We feed you, Mr president. Talk to us with some respect!

    Mr president, when you told us how you discussed with Ojukwu in 2003 and agreed that Nigeria’s unity is non negotiable, what exactly did you think the reference to the late Biafra strong man would achieve?

    Did you think that line would magically address all the institutionalized grave injustices in the system which you’ve made worse with your open display of tribal bigotry, vindictiveness, raw hatred for people from a particular section of the country and criminal disregard for the same constitution you swore to protect??

    That you believe the unity of over 180 million people is something you, a Fulani man and Ojukwu, an Igbo man, can sit in your small sitting room somewhere in your small village of Daura and conclusively discuss, says a whole lot about how much value you attach to the so called unity.

    As a free citizen of a free world and one of those paying your salaries, I find that statement criminally offensive and hopelessly disappointing. But even more disappointing is the fact that even after spending billions of our tax money and over 100 days treating an undisclosed ailment abroad, you seem not to have learnt anything from your numerous administrative blunders and trailer load of un-presidential utterances, actions and inactions which in most part, are responsible for the mess we are in today.

    Mr President sir, let me remind you that you, it was, not Nnamdi Kanu, who resuscitated and fuelled the current Biafra agitation. Even the activities of the Niger Delta militants were all birthed by your tact-less, bigoted, vindictive and mostly common-sensically bankrupt utterances and actions.

    And to prove that you are an unteachable ethnic jingoist with an iniquitious sense of national unity and an atrocitious sense of governance, all through your 3 minute address,

    You didn’t tell your employers the kind of ailment that kept you away from your duty post for over 100 days and gulped billions of tax payers’ money.

    You didn’t announce measures to resuscitate the economy which your criminal ineptitude and analogue economic plans largely played a part in destroying.

    You didn’t mention measures you plan on taking towards addressing the grievances of the secessionist groups even when you admitted some of their grievances are genuine.

    You didn’t make any assurances towards calming freyed nerves considering the mood of the country.

    You didn’t even categorically condemn your siblings (Arewa Youths) for publicly threatening genocide on Igbos living in the North come October 1st, 2017.

    You did none of the above.


    You spent almost 50% of your broadcast threatening social media users and aggrieved citizens who are only asking you to treat them as equal stake-holders in the Nigeria project or allow them quit this oppressive union. The other 50% was wasted on tales about your meeting with Ojukwu where the duo of you supposedly decided on behalf of over 180 million of us that the unity of Nigeria is non negotiable.

    In a nutshell, you spent over 100 days abroad on medical tourism on tax payers’ money against your campaign promises only to come back with nothing but a trailer-load of insult, derision and threats for the same citizens who paid and are still paying all your hospital bill and salaries even when you were hardly doing any job??

    Quite frankly, Mr President, that speech would easily pass off as one hell of comedy except it was a tragedy.

    You’ve simply proven that you are a man far detached from reality. It would seem you are still stuck in 1985. Indeed, a leopard never changes its skin.

    Now, my dear president, as one of your employers, Iet me gift you with some piece of advise:

    First, Nigeria is not a nation unless we’ve all decided to adopt a very confused and lopsided understanding of the term, “nation”. More importantly, our unity as a people is a farce. It doesn’t exist. You cannot discuss the negotiability or non-negotiability of a unity that only exist in your imagination.

    How can there be unity when you, Mr President, went to a foreign land and publicly promised to discriminate against those who didn’t vote you with your infamous 97%_5% speech?

    Where is the unity when you were busy gifting boko haram terrorists and the marauding herdsmen with a juicy amnesty package and military protection respectively at the exact time you were, and still are, visiting the unarmed Biafra agitators with festival of bullets?

    Most importantly, Mr President, mentioning “unity” and “non-negotiable” in the same sentence betrays a very poor appreciation of the queen’s language. If it’s unity, then the powers that bind the parties together must have been birthed through negotiations. In which case, any talk about the non-negotiability of such unity becomes the height of conscientious idiocy bothering on the fringes of lunacy. If it’s unity that was a product of force, then it’s no unity at all.

    Mr President sir, the clause “our unity is non-negotiable” is an Oxymoronic expression.

    You cannot threaten people of diverse cultural, religious and language background into nationhood!!!!

    On your threats to agitators, Mr President, you proved you lack basic understanding of what the issues are. It is not just the southeast that is aggrieved, both the south south, south west and even the North, your own region, are all aggrieved as examplified by the October 1st quit notice and threat of genocide against Igbos living in the North. Every section of the country is aggrieved. Rather than proving you are too bloodthirsty for dialogue, initiate a workable time-bound plan towards restructuring this country in such a way to enthrone justice, fairness, equity and merit.

    Restructure this British contraption now!


    Watch the whole country collapse under the weight of its own internal contradictions.

    The fastest way of escalating an agitation is by trying to suppress it rather than addressing the issues that birthed it.

    Mr President, sir, I am not unaware of the fact that in the coming days, we are going to be witnessing more killing of the unarmed pro-Biafra agitators and series of arrests, abduction and incarceration targeted at social media users and your political opponents but I have a message for you, sir, just as we survived your brutality between 1984-1986, We Will Survive You!

    This, too, shall pass!

    I wish you exactly what you wish Nigerians.

    Love from
    Charles Ogbu.

  5. Andybest Bush says:

    What you discouse with Ojukwu if at all was personal just as you agreed with Okorocha for one Nigeria i think you better discouse with Nnamdi Kanu he is the head of Biafra for now

  6. Edu Italo says:

    Buhari may thunder fire you for using that your stroke affected mouth to tell lies against Ikemba Ojukwu. Where and when did you had that interview with him?
    What happened to the 3 R’s that Gowon agreed to implement after the war? This generation of Biafrans has come to take our Nation Biafra back from you evil Nigeria.

  7. Chris John says:

    Is it in grave that buhari saw/met Ojukwu? .This is a very big lie from buhari, because Ojukwu hated him so much even as buhari never had the courage to meet and conversate with Ojukwu. Therefore, buhari should watch his tongue before the great spirit of Ojukwu strike him!.

  8. Helsingborg Segelino says:


  9. Prince Chudi says:

    Talking about what you and ojukwu agreed on, Who are we gonna ask, even if it’s true, you must understand this, Ojukwu is not to decid our faith, and that i must tell you, #OUR_FAITH_LIES_IN_OUR_HAND

  10. Samuel Joe David says:

    Ojukwu believed in Nigeria where all your juicy appointments are for the Hausa fulanis and yorubas alone including that of your service chives’ abi? Born yo rule mentality can be so dangerous.

  11. Peter Rock says:

    Buhari: Unity of Nigeria not negotiable
    My submission: Buhari is an irredeemable authentic fool. A despot and a tyrant of an astronomical proportion. Only an act of terrorism is not negotiable. Unity of a country must be settled and renegotiated else it becomes what it is: a unity of a conquered people and their masters. Nigeria is settled under a wrong premise and a shakable foundation. That foundation can not remain too long hence it falls.
    Let me draw an instance. When a mutineer was conducted by T Y Danjuma, Murtala Muhammad and Yakubu Gowon to dethrone and subsequently kill Agu-iyi Ironsi and capture the leadership of country, Murtala Muhammad moved immediately with Gowon to succeed from Nigeria and create a country called Araba. Their idea was only thwarted by others who sees more reasons than them to remain in Nigeria when they asked Gowon, “how would you pay all the soldiers when all the monies are in CBN Lagos?”.
    They saw reasons here but not enough, and still went on with their plan but only to see also that oil was another major advantage to Igbos and the South South generally. The issues of succession was immediately buried and till today no one child born of that generation knew that history unless you are a researcher like myself. The unity of them to Nigeria was renegotiated on that premise and conclusion: oil and money
    And they indeed went on, took all the oil field, control the government from that reasonable amount of time till now, and looted the country rapaciously.
    I want to ask Buhari this question because he was among the generation that took part in almost all the coup in Nigeria: why was Araba not created? Why did they soft pedaled on their initial push to break into their own freedom, away from the ravishing Igbos who ravishes by dominating in every facet of the economy at that time?
    My anger is this… when Buhari talks of non-negotiable unity, it does stems from his love for others that is not of his kind and tribe. It is a mentalist of a fascist full of cynicism. Buhari must be thought that that game is over. Let us distance patriotism from tyrannical disposition. If you have the country at heart as a patriot, you must see the reasons others are giving for them to live with you and you must do something if you really want them to stay. Buhari’s unity speech is a deception
    _Political Apologist Azolike Nonso Afamefuna….

  12. Charlie Wagner says:

    Did Ojukwu also agree with u that u should treat the Igbos as second class citizens and run a government of exclusion. U made over forty appointments without considering one Igbo for a single position. If Ojukwu is around, he will run mad with u. U love ur own people and hate his people. If indeed u love this country, u know d meaning equity and fairness. Ojukwu said ur people give d Igbos d treatment Jonah suffered in d belly of d fish……. Of course not comfortable. Since u can’t correct ur self, Aluta continua. We can’t be slaves in a country where we have invested so much.

  13. Mubarak M Musa says:

    U can’t see any other tribe in this country react very bad against buhari unless these useless and senseless people @Igbo. Keep this in ur dirty mind u will remain below in this country

  14. Mubarak M Musa says:

    U can’t see any other tribe in this country react very bad against buhari unless these useless and senseless people @Igbo. Keep this in ur dirty mind u will remain below in this country

  15. EbereObunigwe Don Ezebuilo says:

    Ojukwu told u what and where .. if what u discussed with Ojukwu is all u could remember then why n what happened to the Aburi Accord and can’t u remember that one ? Buhari it’s time for you to realize that we re not one since we never share the same view nor have the same religion , thoughts orientation or what ever , we don’t eat same food neither do we have the same culture . U said in your previous interview then with media that since we didn’t vote for you that you will not do anything for us fine and good , yes we did not vote for you cos we RE not one therefore stay with your Fulani herdsmen brothers whom you use as a killer device to massacre , kill and intimidate we Christians and Igbos cos we re tired of your evil plans n demonic system of government period ! Enough is Enough cos there is nothing like one Nigeria as we have endured enough of this dirty marginalization in this contraception …..

  16. SangoBiyi Arabagbangbamu Adifala says:


  17. CK Onuoha says:

    Even in grave you can continue your conversation with Ojukwu for all i care, for one thing is certain that both of you cannot decide our future is either referendum date for biafra or there will be no more election in biafraland… God bless Biafra

  18. Jack Obinna Okoye says:

    With due respect mr president Buhari, Mr Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu is late, so whatever agreement u had with him is late also, d dead can never determine d way forward 4 d living, d country is like marriage, u can not force husband or wife to die while their marriage is not working?
    Heaven and earth knew dat one Nigeria is not working, so d earlier Nigeria breakup d better for all of us.

  19. Sanctity Kingsley says:

    U will have to go and meet ojukwu in his grave so that u and ur Nigeria will remain together with him, as for we that’s alive no more Nigeria we are in our way to biafra THE DIED CAN NOT DECIDE FOR THE LIVING!

  20. Chekwube Nwufo says:

    Did Ojukwu also agreed that the Eastern region roads should not be reconstructed? Did he also agreed that your appointments should be lopsided employing only your kinsmen? Did he also agreed with you that 2nd Niger bridge should not be constructed that Calabar sea ports should be closed in favor of Lagos? Did he also agreed with you that oil refineries should be built in the North or Lagos instead of the oil producing States? Did he also agreed with you that Igbo youths should be murdered with impunity if they peacefully protest for Biafra? Did he also agreed with you that the Nigerian military should assume the responsibilities of the Nigerian Police? Did he also agreed with you that the maritime university in the Niger-Delta region should be relocated to the North? Did he agreed with you that Ogoni clean up should be done on the news paper? Make una ask am ooh

  21. Nwabueze Biafra says:

    May be this is what the British govt advise him to say Also show any picture when they were together. Robot Buhari pls can u provide the video clip? Is the same Ojukwu that assist uwazuruike to open Biafra White House in USA. The real picture is in my house as i write to you. Buhari open your mouth and tell the world that u r afraid of BIAFRA. Bcos u cannot stop BIAFRA RESTORATION.

  22. Malachi Chibuzo Godfirst says:

    Ojukwu has died and you a Ghost walker,
    we are the children of New Generation Biafra,
    we are not leaving in the past
    and their by, we don’t know/knew when you and ojukwu agreed on that, and we don’t care to know.
    Is Biafra or Nothing

  23. Paul Prince Edemcord says:

    this man is quite pathetic and really confused has no tangible solution to the quest bedeviling zoogeria we talking if the future not the past cause as zoogeria stands now the average Biafran has no future referendum is the only option except buharia and his arewa group has a hidden agenda against Biafrans

  24. Blessing Nnanna says:

    Ojukwu also agreed with you that Nigeria must be ruled by Hausa Fulani, Igbos must be killed, no development in the Eastern region, no Igbo man will be allowed to take prominent position in Nigeria, Eastern region must be islamised?

  25. Samuel Aro Tempo says:

    When this babies talk and insult people including their leaders, I wonder what they have and rely on to fight with. The trouble they are looking for, when they see it, they will run away leaving some of them to die untimely death. I pity you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Kennedy Brown says:


  27. Michael says:

    Tell the Buhari,
    We have better means and ways of executing the modern wars in our generation, Buhari it is not like you are prophesising the war, but it is an agreed war earlier before time. We refused to remain in the so called Nigeria.
    Buhari be informed that this war you are talking will definitely come and the world at large will regret it. Do not believe that this time that the war will be executed only in lgboland.

  28. Wisdom K.Mba says:

    You agreed with Ojukwu to keep Nigeria one but you chose a skewed appointments against his people in your tenure.

    Non of his people are in any top security post in the country and when security meetings of the country are being discussed they are not there.

    You Ordered the killing and shooting of live bullets against his people on a peaceful rally.

    You keep quit when herdsmen kill and rape His people. Does these really show a good friend to Ojukwu?

    If you are from this part of the country, will you keep quit or clap hands for a job well done? You are the course of a divided Nigeria today.

    By OC Osaitto

  29. Godsown Emeka says:

    U and ojukwu and he kept his own side of bargain. Now new day is here with mazi Nnamdi kanu so wat did u agreed with the young.. nothing what didu agreed with the entire eastern region ..nothing so take wat u agreed with UN coz self determination is included there

  30. Chinedu Daniel says:

    Buhari if you said that nigeria unity is non negotiable I agree with you but first you must kill anybody from biafra land even the political animals that is romancing with you becos of they selfish interest and pockets if not one day one of their child Will grow up to see the mess and division call nigeria and he will fight back like nnamdi kanu

  31. Obinna Mathew Nwosu says:

    You agreed with Ojukwu to keep Nigeria one but you chose a skewed appointments against his people in your tenure. Non of his people are in any top security post in the country and when security meetings of the country are being discussed they are not there. You Ordered the killing and shooting of live bullets against his people on a peaceful rally.
    You keep quit when herdsmen kill and rape His people. Does these really show a good friend to Ojukwu? If you are from this part of the country, will you keep quit or clap hands for a job well done? You are the course of a divided Nigeria today and only option is to allow biafra to decide their future,

  32. Usman Mohammed says:

    The truth is that Nigeria will not be divided during this Buhari govt Kanu and his unemployed youths should wait for southerner to take over power then intensify their aggitation toward actualisation of Biafraud nation.

  33. Igwe Samuel Nzagha says:

    You and ojukwu agree that Nigeria will remain one and in unity Good…Now where is OJUKWU or any document, Video, Voice record for the evidence of the agreement because of today? Stop confusing yourselves……

  34. John Onuekwusi says:

    This explanations is not necessary if you do the needful and address the marginalization of the Igbo’s over these year.
    Note also that Ojukwu was not sent officially to you by ndi Igbo and the Igbo’s have the right any time any day to determine their future.

  35. Samuel Ogbonna says:

    Hahahahaha laugh for the gods, so ojukwu told u this u still went ahead and sidelined all the south east in ur appointment, how many service chief from east are in ur cabinet, how many Fulani headsmen that commit or massacre our people in the east has been brought to book, u said u will not treat everybody equal base on ur vote u get during that rigged election by APC, can u recalls how many of our brothers n sister’s that u have sent to untimely grave cause they are protesting for their right, I think u are joking with that ur ojukwu talk, well ojukwu time has gone this a new era n generation, unity of Nigeria is negotiable period.

  36. Eze-ugo Iroegbu says:

    I stand my ground and say it 100 times DAT Late Ikenmba could never have agreed to DAT.
    OK….even if he did,the present generation is tired of D’s wicked marriage.
    Pharaoh leave my ppl..

  37. Okechukwu Desmond says:




  38. Iyke Ikenna says:

    Dead men discussion!! Who can verify it.?pls help me ask the resurrected man how many dead witnesses he has about that their discussion or is it two of them alone.failure to provide witness to that discussion means he will definitely go back.

  39. Chukwu Sunday O says:

    Who is buhari in 2003 that Ojukwu should go to him for negotiation of any sort, was it in national conference or how did they get to negotiate on behalf of millions of people without they consent. Buhari is a blatant liar this truly shows that this imp is yet to recover from brain tumor, this is a man that introduced the treatment of 97% against 5%, now he wants lips unity because the gambaris can’t fetch for them selves. We are not one with killers, suicide bombers, how can I be one with people that makes love with animals god forbid. We say no to unity by force, its only referendum that can decide ,we are not asking for too much just a date for referendum #No Biafra No peace.

  40. Williams East says:

    Sir, you are indeed welcome. However, I beg to differ in your stand that Nigeria’s unity is settled on none negotiable. You had a discussion with your guest in your house and agreed that Nigeria must be one, yet you are playing lopsided appointments and divide and rule in your administration? Yet the cat and baboon? Yet, the herdsmen goes out killing and maiming others without a serious check by your government? Yet other people’s heads must be chopped off for belonging to a different religion in Nigeria? Yet, some persons must be arrested and tried for exercising their rights of self-determination and even refused bail in same country? It’s clear that Nigeria can’t move forward with such clogs and what you need do now was to organise a genuine ‘National Conference’ that must include all units of the federation to discuss wether we all still wish to continue like this sir. NIGERIA IS IN ALL HONESTY NEGOTIABLE PERIOD! This is my take!

  41. Chidiebere Ochendo Akuka says:

    Buhari is lieing because Ojukwu is late. who is Buhari to conclude with this such agreement with Ojukwu, Agreed without official Agreement to every Biafrans and Nigeria hearing or notice, just two of them agreed. Buhari sense is too poor to fudge this lie to us. Let you Buhari bear in mind that this Biafra now is not Ojukwu but Biafrans as a whole. So Biafra or nothing.

  42. Obagha Onyedika Harrison IJ says:

    To be frank why is unity of Nigeria more important to the Northern nigeria most especialy the Hausa/Fulanies If there is no secret gain attached to this their unity stuff why must the unity be achieved with blood ? I thought that the north are boasting that they can live alone and can survive without the Igbos from the comments of this Mr Buhari it is crystal clear that they are afraid of standing alone and can never survive without Igbos along with them all hail the great tribe Igbos he talked about moderlities of coexistance then let him #RESTRUCTURE Nigeria now which is one of the moderlities profered by all.

  43. Ezenwa Ewurum says:

    What is your strategy to ensure that Nigeria remains one?

    Ojukwu’s visitation to your house is non of our business. Ojukwu was a Biafran. There are many millions of Biafrans worldwide today. Like Nnamdi Kanu, there are many Nnamdi Kanus in existence today, Nnamdi Kanu alone can never stop the restoration of Biafra.

  44. Chimar Friday says:

    Buhari lacks d charisma of a leader. It shows severally on how he talks. In leadership, Education and exposure are paramount. The above statement of the presidoo, lacks basis for reasoning.

  45. Pasker Friday says:

    Ipob is not from Ojukwu family and in the grave is possible Ojukwu may still have intention to keep that contract. But for the moment it negotiable, because is our fundamental right.

  46. Biafra Uche says:

    This song was sang by a legend lucky dube title (house of exile)

    He says a man is coming for his people, for his nation, for africa, for black race, its says freedom fighter standing on a mountain in a foreign country trying to send a message to his people back in the ghetto.

    He had a home one time love a girl/woman but he left all that behind oh yes i can hear him clearly as he whispers in the air, his voice came out loud and clear, all he asked for was a prayer and as he turn to walk away he said i’m still here in the house of exile for the love of the new nation: sun went down on the mountain birds flew back to their hiding places leaving him standing there like a telephone pole in the still of the night you and i dream, dreaming of romeo and juliet all he dreams about is the freedom of the new nation; when every man will be equal in the eye of the law as he closes his eyes for the last time he said again.


  47. Paul Ezenwa says:

    I wonder how a president could make such a reckless statement. This is the height of disrespect and neglect to the south eastern part of Nigerians that are seeking separation. Did the president ask the people of Morocco and Israel what they agreed with their leaders before he pushed and financed the division of those countries.

  48. Nwangwu Eloka says:

    Illiterate almajari president…who u help. Fool. Unity of every country is negotiable and we can’t fold our hand and allow uncircumcised faluni to rule our future. Beast like u

    • Laureen Diamondz says:

      You are a blatant liar. This picture was taken in Ghana during the Aburi accord meeting hosted in Aburi Ghana Idiot!!!! They have groomed you all with lies anybody can come out from anywhere, type nonsense and post. They will not tell you Gowon signed the Aburi agreement but came back and didn’t implement it because he doesn’t understand English ordinary confederalism he didn’t know. Instead of them to tell you the truth the will keep training you with lies!

    • Samuel Victor Onyekachi says:

      illiterate almajiri, this picture was taken in Aburi Ghana where they went peace conference organised by then Ghana head of state prior to Nigeria—Biafra war. the agreement reached was popularly known as Aburi accord, on arriving lagos Gowon the then head of state reneged on all the agreement and created 12 state in other to weaken the unity of eastern Nigeria which Forced Biafrans through Ojukwu to declare Biafra as a republic.

  49. Urch Duke says:

    Thunder fire you Hausa Fulani parasite with whatever agreement you have Ojukwu, to hell with you animal and the agreement.

    Be informed, we Biafran people own Ojukwu and not Ojukwu own us, so it is our obligation to disagree with whatever Ojukwu said or agreed, after all when Ojukwu made the so called agreement with you or with whosoever he did not consult Biafrans, so he Ojukwu speak his own and now we Biafran people are making our stand known to you and Nigeria in general.

    All we want is Biafra and nothing else and Biafra we must get whether you like it or not, there’s nothing you and your fellow Hausa Fulani parasites can do about it.

    And for your information terrorist Buhari, the zoo called Nigeria is negotiable so stop talking rubbish like a fool which you are.

    Have it in your rotten mind that it is either Biafra or every living thing in Nigeria will perish.

    It is not a threat but a promise.

    Biafra freedom is non negotiable!!!

    #Referendum on Biafra now!!!

    Biafra or Death!!!

    God bless Biafra and Biafrans!!!

    All hail Biafra!!!

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