Buhari Orders Service Chiefs to Tackle IPOB’s Security Service, Boko Haram, Others Threats

On August 22, 2017 93 Comments

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered the Service Chiefs to go tackle various security issues in the country.

Chief of Defence Staff, Abayomi Olonisakin, revealed that the issue of the alleged Biafra Security Service of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Boko Haram menace and the various security threats plaguing the country were among what was discussed at the closed-door meeting between President Muhammadu Buhari and the Service Chiefs.

He said President Buhari has given some directives including tackling the threats, which, he said, would be carried out by the military and the security agencies soon.

“We have been meeting with Mr. President for the last three hours. We updated him on all security issues around the country, within the country and outside the country, where our troops are.”

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“After the meeting, he has directed on some areas we should look at so as to enhance our operations in the country.”

“The issues of security, every security threat, all security threats were treated one after the other ranging from terrorism to kidnapping, herdsmen/farmers clash, to IPOB issue,” he said.


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  1. Prince Charlie says:

    This Buhari man is an Igbo hater. And he still thinks he is a military head of state and Igbos a conquered state. IPOb is asking for self determination. Simple. They are allowed taking cue from the UN charter. Igbos are over N30million people and speak one language, one religion, and culture. They are not happy in Nigeria and want out, so why all these humiliations and killings of defenceless youths without any weapon whatsoever. What is wrong with NIGERIA leaders? Why are Igbo leaders not speaking out now. Stop making Igbo land a land of army occupation. Igbos are not in prison in their own land.

  2. Eugene Okoligan says:

    Every 1 that is yelling 4 1nigeria see now that buhari is d gboko haram joining hands with Fulani herdsmen to fight innocent Biafra. God of vengeance, arise & let our enemy’s be scattered in Jesus name Amen.

  3. Chiedozie Ositadinma says:

    That’s the problem! Fulani herdsmen have been massacring people everywhere, and we are yet to see any meaningful thing done by this government to stop them. The Biafra Security Service posses no danger to this country, and the government knows it is only part of the agitation which well meaning Nigerians have advised requires discussions. What has this government done about the Quit Notice issued against the Igbos? One wouldn’t talk about lecturers’ strike. The speed with which Mr. President has swung into “Biafra” actually tells more about why some of us now feel We Don’t Belong Here

  4. Okoro Chib says:

    He is always fast in actions that he can’t finish, he has not finished his fight against book haram,corruption, PDP,ipob,etc now it ipob security, forgetting that self defence is still human right. The ibob security is legal as to UN law but buhari will not understand that till he try and fail again. He always fail

  5. Tochi Boiy says:

    We are the children of Israel and nothing shall enemies do to harm us… remember how many souls you wipe out during civil war and this time around what is happening between palistanians and Israel is what you will witness… No more

  6. Chima Chibueze says:

    A President that cannot tackle the rats that live in his office but orders the military to tackle defenceless activists, is that one a President?

    #Biafrexit #FreeBiafra #NoReferendumNoElection #BiafraReferendum

  7. Martin Uzochukwu says:

    This robot came back because of iPobs security services. He’ll soon run away again. Watch it out. He did not talk about herdsmen menaces, boko haram nd others. His biggest fear now is BSS. Hahahaha. Sweet.

  8. Ebuka Munachi says:

    buhari is planning to make another mistake,the issue on grand is not about gun or tackle.lf buhari is a man of wisdom he should listing to the people demand.these is the time to know a good leader

  9. Kamara Fredy Fredy says:

    It’s a welcome development, our local and international media will be on ground to collect every act of murdering innocent people of biafra who has never taken the life of any animal not to talk of fellow humans, the labelling of innocent unarmed biafrans as terrorists will be on record as it will serve as evidence to put buratai and buhari in jail after the ICC trial,no innocent blood of biafran people spilled shall go unpunished,therefore we are not afraid of any harassment and intimidation, abuse of our fundamental human rights, and murder of our innocent. We are waiting for you. All hail biafra.

    • Njoku Augustine Chii says:

      Obinna Kingsley as far as buhari is dead and they went wake him up with a robot, i still believed that nija is dead as well with all the chiefs animals living in that zoo therefore no course for alarm bro.

  10. Chris John says:

    The unity will soon become negotiable by this order , the service chiefs should prepare for war at once because, Niger Deltas are directly or indirectly involved. We’re watching and waiting; let it start

  11. Uche Okwuoha says:

    If is a war. Biafra will still come and if is referendum. Biafra will still come. Let the zoo chose what there want. We are ready till the end. Dont forget that this time all corner of the zoo will see and feel the war not like before. Biafra is my land and is final.

  12. Wilson says:

    Without confronting the Nigerian military… Hmmmm sorry they will race Igbos to thousands not even million, because Buhari and his support ERS are determined to seal Igbo race up.

  13. Abraham Uruefe says:

    I dey see flenti,flenti deadi bodis for yonder across river naija again oo.The blood them collect inside tanks from the civil war don dry,them wan fill them again.Make una wise oo,who don go nor dey comebackoo.

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