‘Nigerian Government Is A Joke’ – Wizkid Reacts To Buhari’s Return

On August 22, 2017 94 Comments

In an apparent reaction to the return of President Muhammadu Buhari into the country after more than 100 days on medical vacation, Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ayodeji Balogun popularly known as Wizkid has reacted, saying the government of Nigeria is a joke.

Wizkid early this morning tweeted: “Government for my country na joke!” and his fans reacted that he can go the Fela way.

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Comments (94)

  1. Sanusi says:

    Keep walking Nigeria your enemies will stumble & crash to the pitch of hell & everlasting surfer, only in the internet biafoolins republic make noise why not in reality? those chanting restructuring should go and ask their leaders elders monarch why the could not ask the government for restructuring, is it mean that they don’t know their function at the point of representing you all? nnamdi kanu is a big fool & the frame work of his followers is nothing but the result of illiteracy, the back born moral of agitators is nothing but than a fabrication of a method to continued fooling the biafoolians fools to their early grave, please always think before you do biafoolians, because never a time in nigerian history where igbo ever make positive impact for the development of this country, every affirmation from them in this country is negative so i have never seen any science in their roll for the development of nigeria for once, every effort they made is to disterblise nigeria, don’t forget does not sleep it is moving forward every day by day, Nigeria has come out from the level where one stupid fool can come out and dare with it’s existence, after threats on Nigerian unity/peace of over 180.000 000 people with war as separatist, you went ahead and bss big separatist squad from the eastern nigeria, i lough Nigeria most defend it’s unity and maintain peaceful activities and good conduct within the circle of it’s map any where, the so BIG SEPARATIST SQUAD is nothing but a mare threats which can only exist within the circle of it’s people and government will surely go there to restore law and order, on the process a separatist member which is a threats to the Nigerian security most dislodge by which ever means the security might operate in bringing peace and order to region, we all know Nk with his biafoolins agitators can never defeat nigerian government outside or inside Nigeria, the money that has been put to establish the so call BSS big separatist squad and uses in paying the international court to probe the killing of the massob or ipob separatist, now they have gotten to level where the two US artorneys sponsored by the people who are secretly behind the establishment of the NEW NIGERIAN SEPARATIST of ibop & massob should use that money in developing their region just as kano katsina zamfara plateau kaduna niger kogi nasarawa and benue or lagos ogun osun ekiti ondo kwara they don’t play their politics as the igbo race want change the policy of their political agenda’s, it is only maiduguri adamawa and yobe states that raged by boko haram terrorist and still yet new project’s is still going on, to agitate for igbo leadership is not a bad idea but the National threats about that is what makes the two region doesn’t trust igbo man at all level, because it is the same igbo man who plot the killing of the northern elders and western elders during the 60’s and that was what really lead to civil war in nigeria at that time, if the igbo race think twice before they do, if ojukwu and other conspirators think about the future of the igbo race ‘he and his conspirators should not have go to the lenght of killing the elders of the Northerners and the west, that was what prompted the 1967 civil unrest, Hail The Great Nigeria & Also Hail The current Nigerian president pmb may God give him more wisdom and knowledge to overcome every temptation from any part of this country, we all know that buhari is doing well as a president of nigeria today if really we are to said the truth, so please kindly drop off your hatefull campaign against the northerners they were not the one that set you behind to be the third class citizen of it is your destiny so bear with it Hail the great Nigeria .

  2. Prince Charlie says:

    President Buhari is still very sick , and coming to take over government now will aggravate his health and that is not good for us and the polity. Did you hear the voice of the President on radio the day he addressed Nigerians ? How was the voice. Did it sound like a man who have really recovered fully from his illness. Did you watch his address on TV, did you look at him critically. What was your observation. I think the Nigerians in diaspora , who thought out this night vigil protest that jolted our sick President into rushing back to Nigeria did a big disservice to the PRESIDENT AND to this country. President Buhari still need many months to really rest to recover himself fully. I will suggest he distance himself from governance for now, maybe resign his appointment and allow his Vice to carry on. But if he insist to retain his mandate because of the pressures he is getting from supporters and party to stay on , let him handover temporary to his VP and go and have a good rest wherever he chooses in Nigeria to fully get back his groove before taking over again from his VP. LIFE FIRST BEFORE POWER.

  3. Tochi Boiy says:

    Just imagine wizkid is now talking… Mr President or Oga Buhari I will advise you to go back to London, Nigerians don’t need any more… People are dying in hunger ooh. I dey come down here driver

  4. Gordon Alloy PE says:

    Hale and Hearty fantastically corrupt zombie buhari
    broadcasted trash, u
    will soon jet back to London probably for pneumonia
    and oda undisclosed illness.
    Naija don enta one chance with ds kworupt idiot
    called buhari

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