How Rats Chased President Buhari From Office – BBC

On August 22, 2017 59 Comments

President Muhamamdu Buhari resumes work after spending over 100 days in London, the British capital for medical vacation, BBC Pidgin has revealed why the president will be working from home.

Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant, SSA on Media mata to President Muhammadu Buhari say rodents don damage di President office and dis na why im dey work from home.

“After im no dey for office for about three months, rodents don cause plenty damage for di furniture and air conditioning units wey dey for im office and dis na why e dey work from home for now,” Shehu tell BBC.

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Shehu tell BBC say dis na one of di reason why dem dey clean and renovate di office now.

Meanwhile, on this development, President Muhammadu Buhari met with the Service Chiefs in his office at his official residence, in the Presidential Villa, Abuja.


Comments (59)

  1. Jully says:

    This govt is a big disgrace to Nigeria. From where did the rodents enter the presidential villa and the office of the president? From the bush or sambisa forest? If he likes let him work from his remote Daura village nobody cares. Only let there be food on our tables or in 2019 CHANGE!!

  2. Livinus Amaike says:

    RIP Nigeria. A country ruled by old drunken fools that take the citizens for fools. This same presidential house received billions for renovation. I pity those that ve faith in this country. RIP oh lost country.

  3. Godswill Arunsi Ulu says:

    They lied against Dim Ojukwu, people reacted sharply with pictures, videos and newspapers, now they have lied against the rodents, who will speak for them???

    No longer hyanas and jackals that have overthrown the lion king in his absence, now it’s the rodents that have driven him away…

    Sit tight, more stories to come!!!

  4. Emmanuel Irem says:

    This is being flagrantly unreasonable. Such an unthinkable excuse, an excuse that soils our name on the international platform.

    Aso Rock that gulps multi billions yearly will be infested by rodents?

    This is part of the fantastically corrupt passage through which this administration bullies Nigeria.


  5. Chukwunwike Nwa Amawbia Egwuonwu says:

    Hahahaha! He was chased out of abuja house london by angry protesters (buhari go home, resume or resign). He came down to nigeria and ordinary rodents rejected him and chased him out of his office. Hmmm! Where will he run to now??? I think there is no peace for the wicked.

  6. Prince Charlie says:

    NO RATS CHASED ANYBODY OUT OF OFFICE , THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING .President Buhari is still very sick , and coming to take over government now will aggravate his health and that is not good for us and the polity. Did you hear the voice of the President on radio the day he addressed Nigerians ? How was the voice. Did it sound like a man who have really recovered fully from his illness. Did you watch his address on TV, did you look at him critically. What was your observation. I think the Nigerians in diaspora , who thought out this night vigil protest that jolted our sick President into rushing back to Nigeria did a big disservice to the PRESIDENT AND to this country. President Buhari still need many months to really rest to recover himself fully. I will suggest he distance himself from governance for now, maybe resign his appointment and allow his Vice to carry on. But if he insist to retain his mandate because of the pressures he is getting from supporters and party to stay on , let him handover temporary to his VP and go and have a good rest wherever he chooses in Nigeria to fully get back his groove before taking over again from his VP. LIFE FIRST BEFORE POWER.

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