Biafra Agitators Are Challenging God – Sultan

On August 24, 2017 452 Comments

The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar has said Nigeria will not be one entity if God doesn’t wish it to be so.

Speaking on Wednesday at a colloquium organised by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), he said anyone advocating for the break up of Nigeria is challenging God.

“When people talk about restructuring, if they mean we should disintegrate the country, I will not support it. But if it means making things and lives better and much conducive and convenient for Nigerians, then lets sit down and discuss about it,” he said.


“I know that many of these groups from the North, West, South-South and South East agitating for this or that have their positions. But despite the realities at present, no group has the right to tell anybody you must leave this place or that place if we still live in this country called Nigeria.

“And I support the President’s position 100 per cent, I believe what he said is right. And I say, instead of talking about devolution of power, let’s talk about devolution of economy.

“It is good to sit down and dialogue, but there must be respect. I must respect you and you must respect me. And the greatest thing we can do for this country is to always reflect on our history. We didn’t fall from the sky, but came from somewhere.

“We became Nigeria in 1914 through amalgamation. People are shouting that our coming together as a country in 1914 was a mistake, but God doesn’t make mistakes. If God doesn’t want such a thing as Nigeria to happen, nobody could ever have made it happen.

“So we claim to be very religious, but we challenge God, you don’t come out in the open and say you are challenging God, but by actions and utterances, many people are virtually challenging God. There is no wrong in you saying I want to be better than I am.”


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  1. Jully says:

    I never knew that this man is very stupid. Just imagine how he reasons. He says that pulling yourself out of bondage is challenging God. Haba Aboki

  2. Wilson says:

    Hahaha power mongerers, Sultan if sokoto said in support of the president, buhari, let us talk of devolution of economy rather than devolution of power, hahaha you talking to fools, hahaha

  3. Charlie Wagner says:

    U mean d god of uthman dan fodio that does not believe in justice and equity. U never defended Nigeria rather u speak when northern interest is threatened. Instead of quit notices and master servant relationship, is it not better we go our separate ways. Both in culture and religion we are many miles apart. But if on d other hand u feel that we more or less constitute ur worth, then u accord us our due respect in d Union. Tell ur people to stop killing ndigbo under a y guise be it political or religious reasons. The oppressed must continue to cry and fight for freedom and equity which u have vehemently deprived us. U are indeed not sincere rather u are diverting attention instead of addressing d grievances of d oppressed. I challenge u to a public debate so that I can address ur ignorance or pretence as d case may be. We indeed want to be free from northern Hausa Fulani domination. Allow all sections of this country to develop at their pace. U hold d key to Nigeria survival. Fairness, justice and equity can still remedy the situation or a day shall come when a new song shall be……to ur tents oh Israel. I pray it comes in peace not in pieces. U have a large followership in Nigeria, so please tell them we need economic and political restructuring and mutual respect for each other. No born to rule or slave mentality. We all love Nigeria unity but not that of Jonah in d belly of d fish. If u love Nigeria actually, please set d captives free.

  4. Yea Maxie says:

    All of you Clowns are ignorant,
    The Unity of Nigeria is negotiable, the unity of every Country in the world can be negotiable, it’s only uneducated people that can use the word “none negotiable” because in a democratic society everything is negotiable.

  5. Chukwudi Nwangwu says:

    Islamic belief has always been a copy cat religion. Their God blessed them by using force or bloodshed to get what they want. So to this Sultan, he is right, by force is of their God. Jews and Christians are far away different from them, in every area especially in reasoning and none blood tasty, not by force.

  6. Emmanuel Emeka Elemçhi says:

    OH OUR GOD, THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND ISRAEL DO Not KEEP SILENCE AS THIS HAUSA’S WANT TO TAKE YOUR POSITIONS IN OUR LIFE, remember you cannot share your glory with any man, oh God let them know that you are our God

  7. Tajuddeen Hafiz Gyaranya says:

    When you want to know how animal portray as human beings come to Nigerian when you come fine these animals igbo’s who have no religion excerpt the one that teaches them to insults every body they lack manners because even the history shown them as naked people in the traditional era and now were prostitutes, kidnappers robers and all untold vices animal you won’t see biafara forever the more we hausa existing and we shall remain forever.

  8. Emmanuel Akabueze says:

    Just look at the quality of people deciding for millions ??? Complete idiots and fools !! May the Almighty God forbid you , the Satan of devil worshippers .. evil parasites.. right from the time immemorial, biafrans have absolutely nothing in common with you , blood suckers and devil worshippers…. so , Biafra must be restored..

  9. Musa says:

    Sir, I dont understand why we dont believe that this infidels South-South/IPOB are not worthy to live together with us. even Allah has warn us to not equal with them in cordial relation ship as not to fellow their wicked ways , Why are we doing as if without them we cant exist. to me let them go , Al-Mumtahinah 60: 8-9

  10. Muhammad Nashmad says:

    Igbos are too confused too blind to see or listen to any fact, the hatred in their mind is like hell, but the problem is they’ll all die counting on the vision that can never happen, igbos you are Nigerians forever and ever, swallow your thought and live a peaceful life.

    • Kelvin Yinlayefa Ebiowei says:

      @Nshmad, talking about hatred, how many Igbos have u ever heard that have blown or burn down a mosque? How many Igbos have u ever heard that is a suicide bomber? How many Igbos have u heard that are killing people senselessly? When ur brothers(Boko haram) were killing Christians, did he say anything? But he talked when ur brothers started killing Muslims( I quote: boko haram should stop killing muslims.) is that what is suppose to come out from a sultan’s mouth? Finally, I want u to search ur CONSCIENCE, that’s if u have one. If the OIL (CRUDE) was in NORTH, would Nigeria be one till now? If u don’t know, we would’ve separated long ago. There’s nothing like swallow ur pride n live a peaceful lives, rather, reverse should be de case. Thank u.

  11. Eze Onyebuchi Alex says:

    If they should give the north another 57yrs they will even grow worse than the way they are now,your business center the oil you are about to loss everything because of your stupidity and selfishness. and the born to rule mentality, you are here talking about God,if you know this God as you said you people we have respect for human lives,incase you don’t know let me tell you Biafra is God’s project get this into your cow brain because you people don’t think before speaking in the buplic,God is the doer and initiator of Biafra, if you don’t know GOD IS A BIAFRA

    • Muhammad Nashmad says:

      Look at you well dress like a human but animal in the inside, you talk the way even your grand son can never, all because of selfishness, you called him the leader of all northern religions that’s a reference to Muslim, what about your fellow Christians is he also their leader your answer is no, what is your benefits in hating one another instead of you to worship your God for better tomorrow you are here wasting your time hating humans like you.

  12. Azunna Samuel Samuel says:

    You people should be bold to speak against injustice, a child whose father failed to treat like his other brothers will never be happy with his father, treat all Nigerians like your own everybody will be happy

  13. Ejeh Godwin says:

    wrong Mr sultan. Divorce is allow in ur faith which has origin of Allah. The marriage that gave birth to Nigeria was build on falsehood. If restructuring the marriage is a sin, then Allah will be pls to see the marriage (Nigeria) terminated.

  14. Jerom Chisom Paul says:

    100 years agreement has expired. We have no similarities, no ties, both in religious beliefs and cultural orientation. You have oppressed and massacred us unjustly. At the end Biafra independent shall stand.

  15. Unokhua Emmanuel says:

    Which god? God Almighty, Himself made every human being a free moral agency to choose what we wants to be, so don’t use your Islamic knowledge on everybody, we are not Moslems, who cannot challenge authority, like your Moslem people you have made to be paupers and beggers and poor uneducated and cannot ask question, because you are lords over them, nobody is lord over a Christian man or woman, but his or her Lord. Every other person must, and say again must be questioned, government must answer to the people.

  16. Peaceforall says:

    Sultan Mohammed Sa’ad there is nothing more important things that united us as a people than the British Lord Lugard and Oil and gas in Biafra land. Please Sultan can you please tell us what unite the north and Biafrans before the arrival of the British? Why will you support the disintegration of Nigeria when you have oil deposits in Biafra land and living a bourgeois life while the real owners of the oil are suffering in abject poverty. Is it God that come from the sky to Amalgamet nigeria in 1914, the answer is NO. So Sultan please leave God out of the criminal amalgamation of 1914 and stop deceiving yourself and your hausa-fulani subjects. We Biafrans can never buy that nonsense criminal sermon. The idea of amalgamation of 1914 is the idea of man (Lord Lugard) not the idea of God.. The civilized world has decided that self-determination is an inalienable right therefore whether you support the disintegration of Nigeria or not Nigeria must disintegrate. There is no amount of unity sermon or threats that will deter our determination to restore Biafra.

  17. Martin Aghanya says:

    I know that in Abubakar Sa’ad Islamic koran, Allah asked them to use the infidels as slaves and in whose sweat, they shall collect taxes to feed.
    Whereas in my Bible, God said “we should not yoke with an unbeliever”. So, I think Mr Abubakar Sa’ad shud understand that since we who are Infidels are their perpetual enemies, it rightful for us to leave. Now being the better time, otherwise, the enemity and hatred that will culminate for still keeping the Biafrans in Nigeria will never be very good.
    I’m sure Sa’ad is already seeing the hate speech to him and insults flying to his personality from all sides.
    Biafra remains the freedom to neo-colonialism and the emancipation of black conscience.

  18. Emeka Okonkwo says:

    R U God ? Is That Y U Publicly Said That U Don’t Support Restructuring. Cos U Believe That Ur Word Is Final . Ur Word Will Only B Final 2 D Muslims Whom U Lead & Not 2 D Generality Of 9jas

  19. Ejike Boniface says:

    Unless its the peadophile Muslim god, not our Chukwu okike abiama, the head and tail of Biafra, the God of wealth and great wisdom, the God of justice, not the God of killers, blood suckers and oppressors. Our God is not nepotic, He’s a generous God

  20. Samuel Victor Onyekachi says:

    People forcing God to own what he didn’t start is making mockery of God..God has made every region and they were prospering until the invaders invaded their way of life with smoking barrel and to sustain their home land they lump people of different believe,culture, climate etc together to co habit… When Men decided to build tower of Babel God caused them to disperse likewise in this British company called Nigeria,God will also cause each regions with the same culture, language etc to go their separate ways..
    God Is not Author of Confusion
    using Barrel of Gun since Britain entered into this continent till now to keep Nigerians one shows that things are not right. The sooner we negotiate the unity of this country the better for not just for us but the entire Africa.

  21. John Nwafor says:

    Hmmm, So you are god of Biafra or what do you mean, or that it will not be possible to achieve, With GOD all things are possible , I believe in the perfect will of GOD, IF GOD say yes to Biafra ,Who is the person to say no, Let the will of Almighty GOD be done Amen

  22. Onyemchi Akah says:

    Which of the God are you talking about when Did British people become God Yugoslavia was once a country USSR was once a country Pakistan and India was together before so what are you talking about you have a problem in your head

  23. Tochukwu Anthoney says:

    Please can somebody help me tell Sutan that the Lugard and British people company called Nigerian has expired since 2014 and it must fall and destroy that is our prayers everyday by day and God is answering us.

  24. Okofu Tony says:

    What god are they challenging or are you the god they are are challenging ?
    We are saying that the imbalance in the polity needs to be done away with and you are telling us that some people are challenging god.

  25. Okofu Tony says:

    What god are they challenging or are you the god they are are challenging ?
    We are saying that the imbalance in the polity needs to be done away with and you are telling us that some people are challenging god. Are you saying this because Nigeria’s lopsided arrangement is beneficial to your section of the country., would you have cried out if it were to be beneficial to the Southern part of the country.

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  27. Gibson Okey Okoli says:

    Hahahaha, this man won!t stop amusing biafrans. When soviet union was broken by Gorbachev, he challenged God.?, when Yugoslavia was broken, they challenged God? what shall we say of.EastTimor, india/pakistan case, sudan, . Ethiopia and Eritirea etc, may be they challenge God? Sultan is infact making noise.

  28. Isa Imodagbe says:

    Keep cursing yourselves by abusing elders and Religious leaders. Late Dim ojukwu who started Biafra agitation embraced one Nigeria, and said ” I no do again ” before he joined his ancestors! By the way, even if they dash you people the Biafra you are maniacally obsessed with, are you sure you are not going to be killing yourselves there? Anyways, Nigeria is your country if you like cry a river, not even a referendum to consider your request!

  29. Greatmc Benjamin says:

    You are the one challenging God almighty.
    We have already defeated you and your one Nigeria like the USA defeated Britain in Baltimore during their war for independence.

  30. Sylvanus Oko says:

    No Sultan, amalgamation is a man-made political process and referendum too is a man-made political process. The two processes have been tested repeatedly in the world as political problem and solution respectively.

  31. Divine Channel says:

    “….. Will ye fight for Baal? Will ye save him? He that will fight for him let the person be put to death….. If Nnamdi KANU is fighting your god, let your God fight him back but not with sword and AK 47. JERUBBAAL.

  32. Chijioke Isreal says:

    Satan of sokoto u must be insane, do known God? Blood sucking vampire like u calling God name with yor blood mouth how can an uncircumcised person like u call the holy name of ( CHUKWUOKIKEABIAMA)

  33. Sunday says:

    Which God is this man refering to to?
    God almighty …? the creator of Universe …? creator of man Kind …? the creator who gives breath the zoo Government are killing and yet this same man cannot come our to condemn it …
    Sometimes we should keep quiet if old age is really taking us unware …
    The God i know has ordain this struggle not only for the freedon of Biafrans but to free both Arewa,Ododuwa these three nations from slavery in the hand of thses Mafias who had held the people captives for century

  34. Princewel Jose says:

    Arrogant of Fulani born to rule northerners is unthinkable can you imagine Fulani have become god of Nigeria who decide what happens? Fulani and biafra don’t have boundary so Nigerian is artificial and British idea

  35. Onyeka Emeh says:

    Sultan Idiot Alamajiri this time we are Bringing the Fight To your door . WE A waiting for your Zoo Army to start it than you will understand that this is 2017…. Namar

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