Fayose To Buhari: Go To Daura And Rest, The Office Of The President Is Not For A Sick Man

On August 24, 2017 97 Comments

Governor of Ekiti State Ayodele Fayose on Wednesday called on President Muhammadu Buhari to go to his hometown in Katsina state and rest instead of stressing himself out at Aso Rock.

In a press release from his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Idowu Adelusi, Fayose said Buhari should resign if he want to live long.

“If not for our efforts Buhari wouldn’t have returned now. Buhari is sick and tired and even his physical appearance betrayed this and he needs to go home and rest.


“Today, they have cancelled the Federal Executive Council meeting. You cannot hide the truth forever, it will reveal itself someday. You cannot continue to deceive Nigerians.

“Every word that has come out of my mouth before the President’s return, I have no apology for them. President Buhari was indeed in coma and one of those who visited him said his recovery is a miracle, that shows that he was indeed very sick.

“Let Buhari go back to Daura and rest. Don’t send him to early grave. Buhari is not old enough to be my father, my mother is older than Buhari, he cannot be my father, he can only be my uncle. I am close to 60. I stand by all I have said about the President. We are glad he is back, but don’t over flog him.

“I am not a sycophant and I stand to speak for Nigeria. Somebody must be able to speak on behalf of the poor masses. This was how they deceived us during the time of Yar’Adua. I am not a hypocrite and I will never be one. This country deserves a very healthy person. The office of the president is not for a sick man. The president is tired and should be allowed to resign and go and rest,” he said.


Comments (97)

  1. Sanusi says:

    Nigerian is not sick, biafoolians are sick,
    biafoolians plan to kill mr presido have fail them God still reserve him for Good of all Nigerias not for the good of biafoolians, their biafoolian agenda most surely fail because the lion of biafoolians is back to set the goin smooth for all nigerians.

  2. Yea Maxie says:

    All of you Clowns are ignorant,
    The Unity of Nigeria is negotiable, the unity of every Country in the world can be negotiable, it’s only uneducated people that can use the word “none negotiable” because in a democratic society everything is negotiable.

    • Sanusi says:

      So even your former president good luck jonathan is uneducated by saying thesame as mr presido said abi mr foolished biafoolian that are blind by the hating the northerners without a curse,

  3. Danjuma Sarki Saleh says:

    what ever u feel like to say go ahead god have give him the power, mission wisdom and ,protect him.as such no any Black, ogly ,corrupt,doll,doomed person can either ham,harass,heat,hot eradicate him in and outside Nigeria .so u better allow him to save our country and wait for our time if any.No body I mean No no body in this world or wherever can dispose what god proposes

    • Sanusi says:

      But his is not nnamdi kanu who want to die for power,
      buhari only sacrifice his entire life for me and you he is the messiah of our time God sent,
      The only nigerian man who was poisoned to death but survived it ,
      touch not my anointed ,
      heat him condem him abuse him said what so ever he keeps goin further ahead with his mission to rescue God bless buhari and nigeria.

    • Sanusi says:

      The abandon ojokwu office in the igbo land, mr biafoolian the rats mentioned in the aso villa are your biafoolian remnants & corruptionist remnants that is what we mean by saying rats in the mr presido office.

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  5. Onyeka Austine says:

    The truth we will tell, however bitter it maybe. If you love the nation you will wish her a healthy leader, and if her leader be terminally ill from old age as it is now, you will advocate for change, not because you hate the in charge, but because you love the nation and would want her to be ruled by a healthy leader.

  6. Emmanuel Egbunonu says:

    In the future, history will remember our current situation as Once upon a time, there was a country of 180,000,000 people ruled by rats. My great grand children would say it’s a fairytale. Now I kinda believe fairytale story of the past generation before me.
    God how did we get here?

  7. Asuenfa Deima says:

    Nobody should blame Buhari for chosen to die in the sit of power whether good or bad, because the Hausa/Fulani parasites are afraid of living on their own independently. Buhari and his northern parasites are afraid of handing over power to Osinbajo, because they’re afraid that his Yoruba people and him will betray the northern parasites who depend solely on Niger Delta people’s oil and gas wealth and Nigeria to survive, to the south east and south south people by implementing true/fiscal federalism that will finally break up Nigeria. So, anyone accusing​ Buhari of doing rubbish, should also consider the fact that the northern parasites are afraid that they will be miserable if Nigeria breaks up. That’s why they are ready to spill their blood in order to rule Nigeria and force every tribe and ethnic group to remain in Nigeria whether they like it or not, so that Niger Delta people’s oil and gas monies can flow freely to their​ dry north.

  8. Asuenfa Deima says:

    Nigeria is surviving because of corruption and sharing of oil monies. The northern parasites own, control, steal and share Niger Delta people’s oil and gas monies at whim because of corruption. Remove oil monies from the hands of the northern parasites and stop sharing oil monies in Abuja, Nigeria will collapse and disintegrate naturally and peacefully without collateral damage.

    Therefore, the fact is that Nigeria is boiling very fast and furiously per-second-cube and that’s why it can’t stand the test of time any longer, because the British and Shell will definitely fail one day to forcefully keep Nigerians together due to their insatiable selfish interest in Niger Delta people’s oil and gas wealth.
    The only solution to Nigerian problems now is that the northern parasites should jettison their wickedness and greed for Niger Delta people’s oil and gas wealth and accept the practice of true federalism to allow equity, justice and peace to reign supreme or peaceful break up of the country so as to avoid imminent implosion and explosion of the country.

    • Sanusi says:

      Is 9ja delta not part of nigeria? so the oil money belong to nigeria, that why thesame nigeria use cotton parm canel cocoa groundnorth e.t.c to develop the niger delta foolish biafoolian most speak foolishly,

  9. Murtala Kano Sani says:

    PMB is hated cz he is fighting corruption and for the fact that he is the first opposition to defeat a sitting president. There is also the tribal and religious angle to why some idiots hate him. He is a good man. May PMB’s haters continually be put to shame eternally.

      • Sanusi says:

        as your entire biafoolians are dead mongers,
        and the dead brain Nk forgetting say Nigeria is too big for him to thwart , the that Nk always spread rumours about referendum support by international community, remember britain also confirm that nigerian unity is not negotiable that Nigerian state is capable of treating its matters, who will give him the referendum or is ireal or america? no my sister my bro na united nation chai, but na nigeria go agreed with the united nation or biafoolian land map, so your biafooling generation & anti northern agenda have open clearly to the world, so generation are mumus & they are the ones that has dead leader leading the biafoolian race die, buhari is a sound man and we stand by him for 2019 continuity, God will grant total healing and recovery to continued fighting the jackals and the baboonian biafoolians that are plotting to kill him forgetting that only God can kill one at the appropriate time not through condemnation and hate full speech, buhari is more than your entire biafoolians race, He remain the the lion king when he is out the jungle remain biafoolians noise, now that the lion king is back i hope every where is quite .HAIL HAIL HAIL President Buhari the lion king.

      • Sanusi says:

        igbo grass that that hausa man use or eat with their cows, you are not even ashame to condem your god fathers the hausa subdue igbo generation that why your biafoolians generation always hate them condem them, call them names but they moving ahead excel in achieve in, for your information tell me who is more valuable between the cow & the grass that the cow, you call hausa man a cow fine, but you the grass that they eat in feedings, meaning that you are nothing but a but a food to an hausa man, so hausa man will surely treat you as his food that he want to cook and eat, so bear in mind that you remain under our subject till thy kingdom come, stupid biafoolian baboons.

    • Sanusi says:

      Nna you still get mouth to insult ppl that more than you, chai nna na them beat us for the last battle & turn us to third class citizens of Nigeria why we no go hate them? yes fulani man rear cow of course is truth, but ebi like say all these americans and the europeans are cow boys ooo chai that is why this our cow boys that rear cows has to rear us & govern us, ebi like say all this cow boys God is always on their side ooh. nawa ohh where my igbo ancestors come from? ebi like say my forefathers doesn’t know, chai why you day so ? chai you don forget say them tell us say we are jews but the DNA result by the isrealites show say we never at all relate to them, cro so where we come from? my grand farther no tell me ohh, so you mean say him no no ? ebi like so, hhm, abeg igbo ask your forefathers to tell you where they come from? because we just the beat around the bush dey claim waiting no be yam ohh, so you want to tell me say we don already sell our secrete to the international community that we dont know our origine ? i guess bro.

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