Restoration Of Biafra Is NOT NEGOTIABLE – Nnamdi Kanu

On August 25, 2017 114 Comments

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has denied reports that he dropped his demand for the actualization of Biafra.

Speaking in Umuahia, Abia State capital, the IPOB leader said he could not have made such a pronouncement when there were no indications that the injustices against people of the South East could ever be addressed through restructuring.

The IPOB leader appealed to his followers and those sympathetic to the Biafra course to disregard the speculation.


Kanu said the restoration of Biafra is not negotiable, adding that no amount of blackmail or intimidation will make him give up the struggle.

He stated that those who believe Nigeria could ever be restructured were living in self-illusion because “those benefiting from the current lopsidedness will stop at nothing in resisting any move towards restructuring.”

Kanu insisted that it is too late to restructure Nigeria “because those who think Nigeria is their estate have made restructuring impossible.”

The IPOB leader said advocates of restructuring would one day come to terms with realities but regretted that such realisation might be too late.

Kanu said he was born to restore Biafra and could not afford to fail God and his people who are yearning for emancipation.


Comments (114)

  1. Chris Orogwu says:

    My reason to support Biafra agitator nnamdi kalu is because he always stand firm on whatever he says or does irrespective of pressure from all angle my brother I will always pray for you as you pushed towards your Biafra dream

  2. Prince Charlie says:

    I think any individual in the SOUTH that is attacking Kanu Nnamdi concerning his agitation for justice ,equity and fairness for his people in Nigeria should ask himself or herself if he or she or his /her people are better off in the cheating game. Think about LGA fraud, think about VAT fraud , think about cut of mark for unity/federal schools fraud, think about number of states fraud , think about cut of mark for university JAMB fraud, and the recent 120 mark fraud for JAMB
    etc.Think about the herdsmen fraud. Think about the lopsided promotion in the police,army and federal establishment fraud. Are you not involved. Wise up my people.

  3. Nwabueze Biafra says:

    There is a Song composed by BIAFRAN RASTAFERIAN TITLE: COME BACK HOME. The Song advice Biafrans to Come Back Home b4 it is too late. Come and Invest in Biafra Land than to continue investing in northern & western Zoogeria. Whether u like it or not A day is coming u shall regret why did i put my Investment in the North & Western Zoogeria.

  4. Chidera Ojukwu Obiechefu says:

    The fear of Nnamdi kanu is the beginning of severe wisdom for Nigeria..
    Nnamdi kanu is never a war monger..
    Nnamdi kanu loves his people and want a peaceful referendum so his people can decide their future..
    God Bless Nnamdi kanu

  5. Abdullahi Abubakar says:

    Igbo’s disunity cannot restore biafra let me ask a simple question ,when Anambra will not marry Imo, you ask for Biafra when Nsukka people are seen as third class igbo people, you want Biafra yet Abakaliki people are not seen as humans amongst several igbo people. you want Biafra yet discriminate amongst catholic and Anglicans. what are you fool’s fighting for. #GodHelpNigeria

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