Nnamdi Kanu Should Be Put Back To Jail Immediately – Waku

On August 29, 2017 618 Comments

Member of the Arewa consultative Forum, Senator John Kennedy Waku has called for the immediate detention of the leader of the indigenous People of Biafra, Nnàmdi Kanu for violating his bail conditions.

In àn interview with Vanguard, Senator Waku said nobody is above the law and Kanu should not be an exception.

He said this is the only way the federal government can prove that it is serious.

“Did he not violate his bail conditions? He should have his bail revoked and put back to jail. Nobody is above the law. The government should demonstrate that it is serious” he said.

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– Vanguard


Comments (618)

  1. Joe Best Ubachukwu says:

    As old as you are you are not ashamed to call for Nnamdi kanus a rest, while you can not muster courage to support the a rest of ariwa terrorist that issues quite order to igbo in the north to leave the region before October 1, Nnamdi kanu is wiser than all of your types put together.

  2. Kele Winsome Kele Winsome says:

    Hopeless uneducated imbecile, is only a blind person that won’t be able to count how many people u have killed by looking at this your ugly dirty unbearable face! Homeless bastard, why can’t u come and arrest him by your self so that you will understand why we said that we are FORMIDABLE.

  3. Chris Deo says:

    There are many mad animal in this animal kingdom call Nigeria old idiots and fools who think because government bribe then in one way or another they now open their useless mouth to talk rubbish

  4. Charlie Wagner says:

    Sergeant Waku please this is democracy and not garrison command. What efforts have u made to free ur people from herdsmen. You are obviously living in d past. Leave Nnamdi KANU alone. We want a Nigeria state where every citizen is born free and equal. Not born to rule and slave mentality.

  5. Murray Attah says:

    You are not always known for sensible argument since your days in the National Assembly. i have never heard people like you speaking up for the arrest and prosecution of Fulani Herdsmen ravaging part of Benue state thrown already impoverished people into more poverty and untimely death.

  6. Kaycee says:

    It is unfortunate that people like former Senator Waku who should no better is refusing to say the truth. I see Senator Waku everytime in Chicago because he lives in a foreign land after retirement as a Senator. He did not do anything to make his country better. All he did was to acquire so much wealth that he can afford to buy properties in America and relocate to live in a good retirement environment. Without equity, fairness, and justice Nigeria is not going anywhere as a country. He is a member of ACF but Fulanis are murdering his people on a daily basis. Out of cowardice, Middle Belt elites like him cannot save their people. Biafra must be free whether they like it or not.

  7. Freedom Banks says:

    A govt that wants to negotiate with armed boko haram, ignores excesses of Arewa youths and fulani herdsmen but prefer to arrest and clampdown on unarmed Biafra agitators can never be said to be civilised, transparent, detribalised, democratic and serious. Those who are supporting them have shown open display of hypocrisy, mediocrity, foolishness, unintelligence, backwardness, gullibility and nuclear stupidity

  8. Umunna Manchester Nwosu says:

    Why are people seeking for recognition where and when no one will see them. People are using this medium to show their ugly views. Imagine Onochie putting mouth in places where titled men are talking while some henpecked men are talking too. Some people will faint when they see the face of our great leader. Silence is the best answer to a fool.

  9. Johnson Omonigho says:

    Has nigeria… become so lawless dat hoodlums and drug addicts are now celebrated heros? let him dat is going to war….not boast than him dat is coming from war.. all of u dat are running ur mouths… has not experienced war before… war is not eguisi and akpuoo..

  10. Nazor Maduike says:

    Foolish man what did you said about the quit notice giving by arewa youths ? Are you sleeping or dead? That is why we called you zoo people. If you don’t arrest arewa youths now god will punish you all.we are moving forwad . All hail biafra.

  11. Chike Okeke says:

    Idiot Waku, dats hate speech o. U can even. Refer as treason. Don’t worry fulani-herdsmen are still coming to ur village. For ur mind, u have impressed ur masters na abi. Die b4 d end of dis year as I have decreed.

  12. Kevin Nwoko says:

    All this people from Benue state seeking for attention from the north. Remember Agatu genocide? You need to settle your people before speaking for the north that hates you to the highest heavens.

  13. Andrew Chinenye Nwachukwu says:

    Fulani slave you are one of the lowest animal in the zoo republic of nigeria, the fulanis are killing your people every day but you are celebrating them,it is a pity that at your age you are yet not reasoning like a human being, but we want to assure you that by the time Biafra finish with you ,your senses will be normalized .

  14. Obagha Onyedika Harrison IJ says:

    All these Old fags sycophats the hidden cankar worms that has eaten holes in nigeria economy are now worried over KANU and RESTRUCTURE poseing threat on their source of Loots which two of the threat will cut off if any of the two succeded in gaining ground in nigeria. We know pretty well why they are passionately worried, it is all about Loots,crumbs,Cakes. that’s why they all are coming out of their burrows to make noise

  15. Ayodeji Oladapo says:

    What is the meaning of Nigerian Nigeria is an Amalgam of the words: ‘Niger Area’. The name was coined by Flora Lugard, wife of Lord Fredrick Lugard the Governor General of both the Northern and Southern Protectorates . The predominantly Muslim North and Christian South were formed into one country for adminsitrative ease. Although the benefits of the decision which seemed wise at the time are still being debated, it nonetheless brought into existence the largest Black African nation on earth…. Hope you can see the definition of Nigerian . Please igbo tell me the meaning of BIAFRA

  16. Eke Paul says:

    I always laugh at nigeria stupidity.what makes think that putting kanu back to jail will solve nigeria problems?putting kanu back to prison will be a nigeria biggest mistake. Fool

  17. Sunday Onyemara says:

    He should be back to jail just because he has never asked his people or his followers to start killing innocent people like your brothers the blood taste boko haram is busy doing in that part of the country ,that is the reason why he should be put back jail uncircumcised sets animal in human form

  18. Ezemah Martin Emeka says:

    Ifeajuna was the only core Igbo man that played a major role in the 1966 coup, there was also Nzeogwu from Niger Delta, 4 Yorubas, two Northerners, one Tiv, one Esean and yet it was called an “Igbo coup” and the North has yet to “forgive” us for that. The Yorubas who had more representation amongst the coupist also joined to propagate that misleading information. Except Olisah Metuh , I am not aware of any Igbo man or woman who played a major role in the Dasuki $2billion bonanza and yet Igbos are the most corrupt people in Nigeria and we are the only ones that love money. Since the time of Isaac Adaka Boro , the Niger Delta has been the hotbed of restlessness and strife in Nigeria but we the Igbos are the trouble makers. Almost all the bloody riots in Nigeria occurred in Yoruba land and the North but we the Igbos are the trouble makers and killers. Kaduna is the Nigerian Kidnap headquarters but the arrest of Evans turned every Igbo man into a Kidnapper. Anini and Shiner Rambo who made armed robbery history in Nigeria are not Igbos but Igbos are accused of being armed robbers every where. 8 out of 10 ritual killings take place in Yoruba land but Igbos are dubbed ritualists in Nigeria. Majority of the prostitutes in Italy and Dubai are from Lagos and Benin but Igbos are called prostitutes every day in Nigeria. From the NDLEA 2014 report, the record of arrests for drug trafficking was……katsin a-609. Kano-503, Bauchi -471, Lagos-434, Akwa Ibom-401. Google it if you have any doubts and yet Igbos are tagged as drug pushers. Boko Haram has caused more havoc to Nigeria than any other group and yet Igbos are the destroyers of Nigeria ! All the unprovoked attacks by Fulani herdsmen have gone unresolved , not a single arrest or prosecution but we kept quiet and prayed to God instead but still no one is happy. Arewa youths ordered Igbos to leave the North but we didn’t reciprocate with a similar order against Northerners, they still live among us in peace and continue to destroy our crops with their cattle and we suck it up and continue with our lives but they are still not happy. Buhari offered dialogue to Boko Haram inspite of all that they have done but all he has for IPOB has been bullets and needless bravado ! What have we done to you to be hated and misrepresented in this way ? Which way my people???

  19. Okejeme Gideon says:

    Hahaha, waku or wuka anyone wey be your name why don’t you yourself go put am there morckard man , busy saying he has to be put back to the jail every time but you wey dey say so why don’t you lead the crew and arrest him. Foolish people

  20. Gift Umunna says:

    Y dnt u pple think of better things to do wth ur time, y dnt u think of hw to make right d wrongs u hv bn doing to d masses of Nigeria, what Hz Nnamdi Kanu done dat is more than d atrocities u hv bn doing in d country

  21. Benjamin Akah says:

    Because he killed your wife and rape your daughter. because he is the leader of the terrorist group called bokoharam. Because he is the virus that injected corruption your system and the entire Nigerian leaders in general. kanu and the millions of his followers has done nothing wrong. give him your support so that Biafran people will forever be grateful to God and loyal to you.

  22. Uche Agbasi says:

    Waku is trying to impress the Fulanis with hope that they would see him as one of them. Waku wake-up, Fulanis do not like other people, and I think that they are seeing you as a very useless ugly man. I was feeling sorry for this ass hole when Obasanjo was dealing with him without understanding that Obasanjo know too well that he hates southerners.

  23. Michael King says:

    Look at this bloody bastard old fool I don’t even know why we have old men as rulers of this country not only they are old but Wat pains me the most is that they don’t have brains they are empty headed old fools just take a look at his face you will know that a country having this kind of sickle cell will never Cynthia Prosper

  24. Bright Didi says:

    Fulani herdsmen demand for freedom of cow the government agreed and mandated all the state to give them land for the freedom of cow or lamah or Nnama ,while Nnamdi KANU demand for freedom of his people the government let the gate of hell open .what an irony? God help us.

  25. Wealthson God'swill Maduagwu says:

    I do not expect Northern bigots to articulate freely and intelligently…because you all have Religious heridatory psychological deformity.

    How can poor depraved minds like you not misrepresent a legitimate request for Referendum as a call for war, therefore a felony?

    When it is proven that Over 99% of Northerners/Islamists of which you are one, are products of rape and pedophile.
    Do you debate this fact?

    Your mother was either abducted, raped and forced into early unwanted marriage… do you deny?
    It is your religion.
    It is not an insult.

  26. Bright Didi says:

    What has this man done to deserve all the hat speech going to him? The man is only asking for freedom of his people ,not asking the power monger to hand over power to him .

  27. Uche Okore says:

    Senator baboon waku from zoological republic is a stupid buffon.He is criminal politician who loot to impoverish his people.Senator baboon waku, slave of hausa/fulani could not call for the arrest of fulani herdsmen terrorists that invaded Agatu in Benue state and killed his own people.This baboon could not condemn the killing of thousands of his people by fulani terrorists.He is a disgrace to humanity. Baboon waku ,Thunder fire u .

  28. Benson Ikpe Osayi says:

    over 56 years now did our government did not violate the law. 90% of Nigeria roads are very bad, did our evil leaders did not violate the laws of the country? the failure of our leaders the bring poverty to our yourt not violate the laws of the country? god will kill you all

  29. Uche Okore says:

    Senator baboon waku from zoological republic is a stupid buffon.He is criminal politician who loot to impoverish his people.Senator baboon waku, slave of hausa/fulani could not call for the arrest of fulani herdsmen terrorists

  30. Obaino D Tempoka says:

    They thought me to respect more the elderly people but you NKUKWU or KAKU the respect i will give you and i want you to have it with your open hand, Let thunder from ijabu ode paralyzed half of your body also let God give you more grace for more years so that you can reach upto one thirty years with that your paralyzed body, I pray through prophet Muhammed Amin.

  31. Alex Chima says:

    But first you really need to go back to school for you’re an illiterate, you know nothing about constitutional right and freedom of speech…you’re a disgrace to the entire public.

  32. Daniel Nelson Dike says:

    Waku it seems u has lost ur mind, but why is it that all this old fools that are nearer close to their grave are having sleepless nights?, The real change has started not will stop BIAFRA, and No body will intimidate us again, our great leader is a FREE man , as long as zoo is concern. Divide Nigeria now!

  33. Chukwuemeka Echetabi says:

    About Nnamdi KANU , you should know that he is not alone. You should ask why the agitation, which you ignorantly refused to see the reason .You should know that the unity of Nigeria must not be by force . It must be discussed. It seem you are enjoying the agitation here and there. Why should the Ariwa youths give quit notice to innocent southerners living in North . That was an act of terror , with the genocide song. Mind you many southerners have left the north and will not come back , some destroyed their house. So tell me why ariwa youths should not be arrested. When some one is agitating , their a way to solve the problem . Call them for talk. So don’t be bias.

    • JAMES MARK says:

      waku is a fool by making such speech ,you and ur generations are the ones to take back to jail, even this animal called him self aliyu ,you all are going to face untimely date .why are u people crying because we said we don’t want to remain with u people again?,,does it mean u can’t survive without we IGBOS ? where were you people when the court gave order to release our LEADER NNAMDI KANU but the idiot called (buharia) refused to do so and u are here making noise ?MAY HEAVEN STRIKE YOU ALL,,fools like you hausas .

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