BREAKING: South East Governors In Meeting With Nnamdi Kanu

On August 30, 2017 124 Comments

South-east state governors are currently in a meeting with the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

The meeting, which is being attended by the five governors from the region, is currently going on at the lodge of the Enugu State governor’s lodge in Enugu.

Emmanuel Uzor, the Chief Press Secretary of Ebonyi State Governor David Umahi, revealed this on his Facebook page on Wednesday.


The November 18 Anambra governorship election was expected to be top of the agenda of the meeting.

More to follow…


Comments (124)

  1. Ome Cash says:

    Biafra Biafra is the only solutions express biafrexit where are u people since all this killings nobody talks? referendum is the answer wicked Hausa fulini boko harram agents nd slaves bribery nd corruption biafrexit

  2. Farlokhoon Tim Psamuel says:

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  3. Prince Ike says:

    There Is No Fear, Nnamdi Kanu Is A Spiritual Giant, I Know That One Of The Topic Is For Him (kanu) To Allow Election In Biafra Land. Which Kanu Will Disagree With Them..

  4. ProfCollins Umeh says:

    Kanu should ask them few simple questions :when people are been marginalized, don’t they have right to agitations? When their is trouble between brothers, is the best way to settle that dispute not by telling the truth and trying to settle it amicably or is it by shouting down or intimidating the other?

  5. D Turn Byturn says:

    Pls tell our leader not 2 eat,drink, handshake, even 2 seat on special chair they arranged 4 him those pple on there mix is evil mens anywell i trust our hero.. Zoo must obey..

  6. Andy Emmanuel Umeh says:

    my able director nnamdi kanu, please easy with english grammar while talking to them, you know all those stupid embezzlers that call themselves governor will hardly understand your grammar….. nwaoke ike 1, #RESPECT

  7. Prince TheSpectacular says:

    So finally they seek his attention? Who said kanu is no force to reckon with? Who ever stood against any govt as he did and yet dared the security system and is still not hiding in exile? Every other freedom fighter or activist has gone into exile at some time,but kanu refused and stood his ground. He is nightmare both to the muslims and non muslims. Imagine the entire north rising one day to declare a quit notice,just becos of one man…imagine the entire north writing UN for the first time,regarding kanu,to declare him and ipob a terrorist and to even ask that referendum be granted. Kanu is an enigma

  8. Emmanuel Chigozie says:

    The North does not want RESTRUCTURING
    The North does not want DESOLATION OF POWER TO STATE
    The North does not want RESOURCE CONTROL
    The North does not want REGIONAL AUTONOMY
    The North does not want to NEGOTIATE OUR UNITY
    The North does not NIGERIA TO DIVIDE


    That is why they ;

    I. Connected PIPELINE from Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa State To kaduna siphoning Southern crude oil and natural gas to the north un accounted for

    II. Allocated Oil Wells In South South To Northern Emirs, Traditional and Religious Leaders

    III. Monopolize Lagos Sea Port, and render Port Harcourt Port, Warri, Calabar Port, Akwa Ibom Port, Sapele Fresh water Port, Benin Gelegele Port “DORMANT” because they evil intention is to bring down the EVER GROWING economy status of SOUTH EAST and SOUTH SOUTH where the nations source of livelihood is coming from

    IV. They are in charge and control all GOVERNMENT PARASTATALS in Lagos while the owners of the land Yoruba’s are placed as second class citizens in their own largest African business hub city

    V. They Shifted the federal capital from Calabar to Lagos and now to Abuja, their plan was taking it to kaduna. Because when the airport needed renovation they shifted base to Kaduna instead of Lagos our country’s business hub

    VI. They Force Igbos to bring their Businesses to Lagos
    A. Onitsha – Electronic & Electrical
    B. Aba- Textile, Fabric, Shoes, bags etc
    when they are supposed to be allowed to develop in their states and region so as to attract foreign investment and trades internally. By 2017 Nigeria is supposed to have at least 10 mega city business hubs in all regions, but because of the northern selfish, greedy and invasion agenda plan they have succeeded in making the country stagnant and underdeveloped

    VII. They are using Fulani herdsmen to expel the good people of Middle belt from their communities, with the help of the military, because they recently found large deposit solid m

  9. Wisdom Chinemerem says:

    It must be recognized that Igbo’s thus Gadites and other Israelites inhabit the U.S., West Indies and Caribbean Islands due to the slave trade.

    It is believed that over 60% of Igbos has ended up in various parts of the world and that approximately 25% of all African Americans are Igbo as well as a good number who occupy the West Indies and Caribbean Islands such as and especially Jamaica and Haiti. This is because there were some Igbo slaves either too sick, on the verge of death, to rebellious and unruly to travel to the U.S. were dumped off on these Island and some Igbo were simply sold to Island plantations and thus the Igbo were spread throughout these Islands.

    Haiti still has a proverbs that says, “The Igbo has hung himself,” meaning one would rather die than to be forced to do something. They also have a folk song called, “Ibu Lele.” Anything in Haiti that has value is referred to as “Ibu.” They also have a place in Haiti called, Ibo Beach.

    In Jamaica they have a place called “Ibu Town.” As well as a section of Belize City which carries this same name (Eboe Town).

    It is said that Jamacian Igbos are known for the reddish hue to their brown skin and are called “Red Ibos.” Interestingly enough, the soil of Nigeria where Igbos lives is red. Adam, the first man, his name means “red.” It is believed Adam was a black man with a reddish tint to his skin. “Red Ibos” are also a common phrase in Barbados.

    Ebo Landing in St. Simons Georgia (1850’s) is known as a slave ship landing area and on one occasion the Igbo slaves refused to disembark in order to be sold and instead jumped overboard and drown; believing their souls would return to Igboland. Could this event be spiritual DNA or spiritual residual memory come into play; recalling slavery in Egypt or Assyrian captivities or the Masada Revolt and Thus the Igbo would rather die than to allow history to repeat itself?

    Some believe the Jamaican Maroons and the Jamaican Patois and Rastafarians are of Igbo descent because certain Igbo words still exist in their tongue as well as their draw, affinity and practice of Judaism or Black Hebrewism.

  10. Wisdom Chinemerem says:

    Bussa, an African (Igbo) born national hero of Barbados who led the 1816 Bussa Rebellion (14-16 April 1816) against the enslaving British colonial government which, although suppressed, helped lead to the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 which officially stopped slavery in the British West Indies. [Barbadian folklore poem by Kamau Brathwaite]

    • Frank Uche says:

      Fools very soon shame will be una portion because biafra is already here. And for those of you who don’t want biafra to come, soon all of you will die in heart attack because of the name Biafra

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