Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Deceiving Agitators, Igbos Will Loose More If Nigeria Breaks – Mbaka

On September 4, 2017 781 Comments

Controversial Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, has once again waded into the current agitation for a republic of Biafra spearheaded by the Indigenous People of Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu.

Addressing a gathering of Igbos in East London, the controversial cleric said that Igbos should be the last people seeking to leave Nigeria. He said: “No Hausa person owns property in Igboland. No Yoruba person owns property in Igboland. But 60% of businesses in northern Nigeria are owned by Igbos. 40% of businesses in western Nigeria are owned by Igbos.”

Mbaka implied that Igbos had the most to lose by the breakup of the country. He claimed to know about how much Igbos owned across Nigeria because he was regularly being invited to say blessings at the opening of new businesses by Igbos, especially in northern Nigeria. He said: “Go to Sabon Gari in Kano and see what Igbos own there”. He added that Igbos could complain that they were not enough of them in government, but under former president Goodluck Jonathan, an Igbo was finance minister, Central Bank governor, and so on.

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He went on to suggest that those Igbos that have been seduced into agitating for Biafra by Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of separatist group Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are “the children of the poor”, who in his view, are not thinking properly about the implications of secession. Mbaka said those people were being deceived by Kanu.


Mbaka then moved on to what could happen in an independent Biafra if it ever came to fruition. He said: “If you think we have trouble in Nigeria now, we will see trouble in Biafra. No Anambra man would let an Enugu man be president, no Imo man would let an Abakaliki man be president”.

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He was very convinced that fault lines between different Igbo communities would come to the fore if Biafra ever became reality.

When challenged on talking about politics, Mbaka responded that “politics is part of life” and “I read political science and political philosophy”. He added that decisions made by politics affect everyone.


Comments (781)

  1. matekpo says:

    All hail biafra…… this is to inform you that if really that mbaka post such comments, well am not surprise because he’s trying to protect his job that put food on his table. with biafra no body will go to his ministry for husband, wife, job, deliverance, contract etc.. therefore he will lose more people. ejike take it or leave it , the PRINCE from the eastern part of the trigger of the GUN has given us what we “BIAFRA WANT” UNITED STATE OF BIAFRA.

  2. Daniel Okoronkwo says:

    Nonsense. So because of igbo community fault line, Igbos should remain slaves in the contraption called Nigeria? Please people should stop saying rubbish and maybe focus on their calling if they have any.

  3. Johnson Nwala says:

    mbaka knows more than you people. if what mbaka said was lies, why didn’t nnamdi kanu go with the five states giving to him by the federal government for biafra? rivers state says they don’t belong to Biafra, what is the hope of biafra? ?? biafrans will suffer if they don’t listen well.

  4. Awogbemi Ajagunno says:

    Am Ifatunde grandson of Baba Ajagunno of ijebu Igbo land am here to advertise my grandfather job what do you realy need. you want your market to be selling fast, you have any disease, you want to be more richer, do you have a husband problem or wife problem, in any problem you have, just come to Ifatunde. Have the evil spirits blocked your marriage from having the fruits of the womb,Protection ring, Do u want to get promoted in ur office,Do you want your lover to take good care of you and continue to spend for you, or Are you suffering from one of the deadly diseases that you are ashamed of or u want progress in your work this is the opportunity for you…. Address Awolowo way ijebu Ogun state. 07056265700 IFA AGBEYIN OOOO

  5. Uche Eya says:

    Whatever Mbaka says, the opposite will happen. He prophesied that Buhari will be the best an messiah of our country, today, Buharis is the worse and destroyer of our country. Mbaka, face you church and stop decieving people before God faces you. This country belongs to God and no one can alter it

  6. Daniel Ihekaibeya says:

    Biafrans are an entity and can not be part of a country call Nigeria. Biafra was blindly amalgamated. In all ramification Biafrans are not to be called Nigerians it was all a mistake and by the grace of God Almighty we are Biafrans

  7. Raymond Igwe says:

    you are a very useless man, is Igbo getting any good thing in Nigeria? you’re a devil advocate. Those that worship with you are fools, because you’re a Judas and a big disgrace to Igbos.

  8. Kelechukwu Clinton says:

    These questions will summarized all the comments in this post, including the post.
    And I ask…..
    How many of the Israelites survived to reach to promise land?
    And how populated are the Israelites today?
    We prefer to suffer in our own land than suffering as slaves in another man’s land.

  9. Michael Crystal says:

    In due respect for your divine position.. I’ll try not to sound abusive ..
    Sir!.. I doubt & refuse to concur with your opinion..
    There are 3 mighty features that exists in the DNA of an Average Igbo man.. They are:
    *Natural ability to adapt in any given Environment..
    So… Sir!.. If Igbos everywhere across Nigeria can make it in this perilous & torbulent time..
    They will equally make it in a strong fulfilled BIAFRAN NATION.

  10. Simayann Banko says:





    It is my pleasure at this time to put on notice to everyone that called themselves AREWA YOUTH to underlined and differentiate the tribes and Languages it will be a setback and unfortunate to some group of people who think we Hausa will end up in all our life been decieved.and remain in this evil union with Fulani, this is the time we tell ourselves the truth.


    Don’t be surprise to hear this, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the truth must be told. What is Hausa relationship with Fulani? how come we are called Hausa/Fulani? What a combination name is that? Can anyone tell me the History were we come from? Am still going on research about the geology of Hausa/Fulany. Please cut this crap. I said no body can decisive me again. Hausa and Fulani are not one and if you think so, why are they so violent ? Maybe you think we Hausa are.
    Who are the problems of this country think well is FULANI’S.
    Who are the BOKO HARAM’s ? Is FULANI’S.
    Which people Boko Haram are killing is the HAUSA’S
    Then tell me the kind of family we are, some time I think all this still I cannot get it where the relationship came from,
    I can tell you that Fulani’s have completely distroy our reputation in other people eyes believeing We Hausa are the same with Fulani. While Fulani have killed many of our people, distroy our homes occupied our land systematically conquered us in the name of one family called Hausa/Fulani, is time to differentiate the two names, and that time is here.that is my reason to say quite notice to IBOS remain.
    OCTOBER FIRST..A BIG BLOODY AREWA/FULANI quite notice to the IBO’S and not by HAUSA’S because we love IBO we will never join Fulani to hate the IBOS or disrespect

  11. Joe Ohams says:

    Evil has taken over this man called mbaka if he have said something like this. Nigeria government have turned millions of people to Zombies. But how did mbaka become such a Zombie King or is he evil all this while?

  12. Emmanuel Okoro Kalu says:

    let Nigeria break first we the igbos are not afraid of anything we always know how to survive is in our DNA,any bishop,arch bishop,pastor,Apostle,priest,or a father ETC,that is not preaching about biafra self determination and sovereignty in his or her church is actually going to hell

  13. Izebu Godwin Inevitable says:

    All the prophecies that you gave before non of them is working, you said Buhari is the solution of Nigeria under his watchful eyes Nigeria is depreciating everyday, i don’t know how to insult men and women of God, please don’t push me to do so.

  14. Godswill Arunsi Ulu says:

    From every indication, mbaka is a confused man, if you have followed keenly his comments on everything, both Nigerian issues, Biafra an Kanu, you will easily figure out that the man is confused… Today he will say this, tomorrow that. He is only deceiving those ignorant fans that follow him blindly. Whereas, he is protecting his interest. The Bible said that God is not the “author of confusion”, but mbaka whom many in their ignorance believed that he speaks through the spirit of God is really an author of confusion, hence, he I not speaking from the spirit of God but spirit of money and ignorance… But, I bet him, whatever spirits he is using will soon leave him when the time comes.

  15. Stanley Chukwukere says:

    Mbaka we are tired bein slavery in our onw Land please live us alone enough,if is they will of God let it be,we are not asking you to support us we are fighting for our children but you are not fighting for any body, thanx for ur advice,

  16. Manuel says:

    This sell out of a cleric has gone bunkers. I wonder how people still go to his adoration ground to decieve themselves. Mbaka will soon be history. He has destroyed himself.

  17. Samson Nwankwo says:

    If you are a man of God, you should be educating us better about Biafra spiritually speaking than in this canal way so to me you are not spiritually carried. if I may educate you, Biafra is a divine project.

  18. Franky Ekechukwu says:

    Mbaka didn’t say anything. These evil politicians are using any means to destabilise the agitation. They will surely fail. All these fake stories do come from Anambra because of the election boycotting. You people think you are smart. Okwala unu.

  19. Godswill Kalu says:

    This biafra struggle has made some us loose decorum in our speech and manners…will the promise land be a land of terror…where no dissenting views is entertained. In as much some wants biafra those who don’t want it shouldn’t be smacked at what they say…let be civic in this biafra issue. Most speeches are not civilised.

  20. Tricia Amaka Iroha says:

    Before u open ur mouth and talk rubbish, if it’s what he says it’s true. Igbo’s wealth including house up to 60% is in the North. And even if we later gained freedom, somebody from Abia will be dragging president with somebody in Imo

  21. Ifeanyi Ochobi says:

    When people of Israellite about to leave Egypt people like ejike mbaka who claim to be prophet of and tax collectors tell people of Israel not to listen to Moses. History is about to happen again.

  22. Mark Nnamdi says:

    Fake News. Dangerious properganda top split and put fear on Biafra struggle, but I bet dem the more they try, the stronger we become, Biafra is a must, we have Like 99 more rugged and inteligent Nnamdi kanu that have not surface, formidable leader that Can do more than what is on ground now. The ZOO must fall and the Lionking Will be chase aways by the Eagles.

  23. Chinedu Anthony Odika says:

    This man wants us to remain slave forever? What does 60% and 70 assets in the north and west got to do with our freedom? Tufiakwa!!!we prefer to die standing than to live kneeling!!! Biafra is formidable, very very formidable!!!

  24. Wisdom Chidi says:

    Eyllo sir mbaka what you are tallking may be the truth but what abauth the prophesice of 2015 that you say G E J is badluke to Nigeria that buhari is maisireand to day what are seeing to day is just unmainsion please explain your prophetic for us in order to understand?!

  25. Dion Nick says:

    ” No eyes have seen, “No eras have hard, No mouth have spoken what the Lord God are preparing for his people. Only him alone knows his plan for the people of Baifra… #Baifra is God own people.

  26. Ben Okey says:

    Fake platform everywhere.
    Original times, hw did u guys knw dat mbaka said all dis!
    Dats hw u pple use to broadcast fake news everywhere all in d name of seeking for followers..
    Remember d Bible said touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm…
    See hw u guys re laying courses upon ur generations…’s a pity

  27. Ogochukwu Nwabiafra says:

    Stupid men of gun dont talk when real men what do igbos got to losss??aint you taking igbos to heaven anylonger? why do you care about the worldly things igbo tribe stands to loos and who told you that iam afraid of loossing catholic religion

  28. Adelak Kayode says:

    Rev. Mbaka they don’t worth your time, so don’t waste it on them. They hate anybody telling them the truth. I wish them good luck in their agitation. Kanu will soon be a commissioner or a political appointee in his State and many people would have died because of his selfish interest.

  29. Ikay Kalu says:

    That is one thing I hate about religion, is the mother of politics, remove religion and the world will be a better place, who is this guy, is he God or what? Also does Biafra issue concern him? He is a business man to me, with his church business and a religious political business rev father.

  30. Nzekwue Roylce Gideon says:

    Mbaka are you a priest or a politician? mind your call not talking politics like a family issue, the way you opposed things makes us suspect you coz I think there is skeleton in the cupboard that why you are so much interested in all this political issue not minding your ministry

  31. Martins Okorie says:

    Mbaka you are mad man, will you shut up your mouth in the issue concerning Biafra, let me tell who you are, physically u and an IBO man but spiritually you are an Hausa man, go to u blind seer

  32. Mohammed Musa Ayuba says:

    a word is enough for a wise, an average Igbo man have nothing to gain even a biafra is actuallised. we need to hav sense of reasoning. sudan and south sudan ar one but they seperated then what happen. south sudan is now burning. plz i know an average Igbo man is very hard working. while, the agitation cant neither be good to you nor your childrens yet unborn. but, rather the vicious circle will always hav their way; peace is priceless, agitate not violate.

  33. Ugwu Victor says:

    Is there any of your prophecy on your Buhari that have come to pass, you told us that Buhari is the prayer answered but nothing good is coming out from the government, only killing of your people by the herds men, total marginalization of the other regions and the most confused government ever.

  34. Josephat Nnacho says:

    It is time our Bishops will restrict this man to mind Church business . He cried when parish was taken from him as a punishment for his excesses but still he has never learnt his lessons. I don’t know whether he believe in Jesus or Mohmed. All the time he is supporting them to islamise Nigeria. There is no sane priest that will support the marginalisation of Igbos and always being on the side of Moslems that are killing christians and burning down churches. I have been waiting to hear from him all these times Fulani herdsmen are rampaging and killing people all around Biafra land to no avail.

    • Abubakar Mohammed says:

      Islamize Nigeria in Democratic? How? Osinbanjo could’hv resign. Or do you know it better than osinbanjo? If Muslims engage in killing Christians and burning of churches, I bet no Christian neither church will remain Nigeria, just bcos we Muslims associate with Christians in the markets, offices, schools e.t.c pls don’t so sentimental or are you tryn to advertise your ignorant in the media?

  35. Tonia Agha says:

    Did he not tell us that he heard cry at Aso Rot and many other fake news. You better mind what God has called you to do and stop delving into politics before God takes away your anointing.

  36. Ihionu Nonso Victor says:

    This political Rev father go n rest.I’m a born Catholic but I hate it when somebody who is supposed to know beta are turning the truth upside down. All d professies u gave from Gov chimaraoke to Buhari are all false,So y would any body b listening to u.Fulani herdsmen went to ur place to rape n butcher pple,I didn’t hear any advice from u.Man of God my foot

  37. Osinachi Oliver says:

    You people are being deceived by fake news. So you are not aware Nigerian government pay the media houses to be posting articles to discourage Nnamdi Kanu followers. Biafrans. Please don’t insult the man of God so that the anger of God will not fall on you.

    • Martin Uzochukwu says:

      @spinach Oliver. How do you know these people are the true man of God. Can you prove them to me pls. Anyway, i know this story is fake. Last time i watched Mbaka live on air saying he’s in support of Biafra that if war comes up tomorrow that he will fight for Biafra. So why this crap talk now

  38. Mile Segun says:

    Facebook igbos dey curse ds man….those Igbo wey their papa don gain ground for lag kano abuja and other part of Western region only wan peace person wey im papa no get anything wan fight because thy r looseralready

  39. Obiora Richard says:

    This man of devil has started again! You twisted our good luck to badluck and deceived us into believing that this devil is God sent. Look at what you’re God sent is doing. You’ve now jumped into our struggle! You better shift and concentrate on your ministry before we look in your direction!

  40. Wilson Ukoha says:

    This man don carry come again, let me ask! What and what is it that the Igbo’s are going to lose? Starting from your ministry, is it not the Igbo’s that are patronizing you? Or are you afraid of losing your followers?

  41. Frank M Obilo says:

    Let it rain. Let us go to our separate ways in peace. Mbaka please stop misleading the children of light. The Bible said “its either you are hot or cold” mbaka which one are you Zoo or Biafra? You can’t serve two different masters at a time. Please if you can’t support the agitation you should leave Biafra issues alone.

  42. Chinedu Ani says:

    Mbaka should tell us the tribe that is more prosperous than Igbo today after we lost everything we had after the War,i will not insult Mbaka today but if he tries anything stupid again i will pay him back with his own coin

  43. Kelechi Daniel says:

    nobody insulting man of God but he did to his mother Biafra and he most speak when the spirit of God command him or can only mbaka’s prophecy all be deference when it comes to Biafra matters mbaka why?

  44. Ozumba Charles Chidozie says:

    Not all posts are true cos Mbaka cannot reduce himself against what he knew is the only way out. Kanu could be corrected but not calling him names. If he’s this vocal,he would have confronted the FG over Herdsmen killings in his state. I don’t believe this post

  45. Uchechukwu Agbaeze Chinonso says:

    Mbaka can’t alter such big rubbish. even if he does, him and his god should tell us which suffering will be bigger than
    1) eaten our hard earned certificates after schools ( no jobs/appointments and the available ones are given to Hausa/Fulani/Yoruba)
    2) no single motorable high way?
    3) no near seaport or international airport?
    4) no government loans and grants?
    5) government security agents killing Biafran citizens everyday?
    6) no quality and affordable education, health care, electricity, drinking water etc?
    7) no salaries for workers after month end?
    8) Allens destroying our small farms after cropping with cattle from nowhere?
    9) only going from east to far kanduna, abuja and Lagos to process our visas?

    I far as I no coming of Biafra will automatically solved all those problems because
    1) visas and passport processing will be in our lands
    2) we surely have functioning sea and international airports
    3) it a must that Biafran coming will employed people into at least military and paramilitaries agents( let alone of people working in our local& international government houses
    4) Fulani and herdsmen story will disappeared because Biafrans don’t have any people known for moving around with animals among them
    5) let me not forget that people flying the meaningless green and white flag high internationally in sports, education, commerce, politics etc are 98% born Biafrans.

    So mbaka or the nonsense propaganda news writer should tell us how his fake god is going to suffer us more in the restored state of Biafra?

  46. Nwangwu Eloka says:

    One question for this man. If he thinks that there will be more problem when we get biafra in terms of who will govern.. Why are we not having that difficulties in who will govern our states? Or Hausa or YOURBA people involve in our governorship election.. When a greedy and selfish man talk, you will know

  47. Helsingborg Segelino says:

    MBAKA Y U LIKE DIS???Stop tlsaying all dese so DAT ppl don’t abuse u.Dey already know who u r n yet ur still talking….Pls Father,face ur salvation work for which u were called.Nnamdi KANU was called to liberate Biafrans….U can’t have d whole gift all alone na….pls!

  48. Muktar Ali says:

    I have warned you igbos leaders if you can’t support biafran agitation please keep your mouth shut bcos they don’t have respect for anyone who is not supporting their agitation

  49. Cliff Osita Udeala says:


  50. Chris Ben says:

    Mbaka if not that God made me know that you’re his i would have coursed you, I must tell you the truth you have deviated from your call. You are presently more politician.worse you are against your people. May the Good Lord have mercy on you.

  51. Chinedu Ani says:

    All hail Biafra,Biafra is number one news in the whole world now,,,any in relevant and forgotten person that wants to be had or get attention from Nigeria Zoo government always choose to talk negatively about Biafra,just like Mbaka is doing

  52. Emeka Egesi says:

    When an acclaimed man of God now jettison the teachings that says… What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul…we see hypocrisy if this is actually coming from him. Most of them were no longer sent by God but are evil prophets of doom and apostles of evil politicians.

  53. Johnson Oluwasegun Tanimola says:

    Whether KANU is deceiving or not, a wise man knows that it is not well with Nigeria. Righteousness exalted a nation but sin is her reproach. Our sovereignty is filthy, deceitful and sickening, our political, economic systems are deceitful and fake, our ethnics groups are living in an environment of “Things Fall Apart” and sooner than later, the center will no longer hold. As Boko Haram is struggling to overtake from the north, so also the ravin wicked herdsmen are killing innocent Christians and farmers, as Biafra and Odua Republic are consolidating, so also Niger Delta are waging war of survival of the fittest. As APC engage in reckless propaganda to sustain their legitimacy, so also PDP are launching the war of ‘no retreat no surrender’. As Fayose and Fanikayode is exposing Lie Mohammed cunningness and hide and seek game, so also the law enforcement agents are threatening innocent jobless graduates on social media. As kidnappers and ritualists are rampaging, so also protesters are shouting “our mumun don do”. Our President seem to be incapacitated and dumbfounded, as a result the shock seems to be too much for him to bear, so the cabal has to arrange that he should rest, but the sycophants are preparing and gearing that our President must recontest come 2019. Dead body get accident and the owner of dead body, na double wahala for dead body and the owner of dead body…….. Ye pa ye pa.

  54. Precious Diala says:

    In the name of Jesus Christ! To your hands God I commit this so called prophet mbaka. He has shown to us he’s working for the devil. Father deliver him from the manipulations of the devil. Make him truly serve you and not to serve evil. Plans of the devil to use him against man, I command such plan cancel and be of none effect. All the demons working through this so called “prophet mbaka” to frustrate, deceive and blind innocent people, i command those demons to seize all operations, bound and be cast down to abyss. Bonds, sacrifices done against or for him causing him to manipulate, deceive or lead astray people, I command fire from heaven descend and destroy them all. Wherever his spirit is operating from the 3rd world or occult chambers or held in captivity either swallowed, tied or buried, heavenly fire descend cut his spirit loose. Holy spirit recreate his spirit, blood of Jesus Christ cover his spirit. Blood of Jesus Christ cover him and his family. Holy spirit divine take control of his life. Use him oh Lord for your purpose and protect him always. Oh Lord give us BIAFRA and prevent the killing of innocent lives. I thank you heavenly Father for prayer answered. Take all glory in things in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  55. Ugbala Joseph Uzoma says:

    whether Nnamdi Kanu is deceiving us (as they say ) or not, what matters a lot is that we are struggling for BIAFRA. We are struggling for what we want, what our forefathers, Mothers, siblings, children, died for. Their death cannever be in vain. Anything can be said or done to discourage us but forward we shall move. All our voices is all about BIAFRA everyday and we believe that the God of our ancestors ”God almighty” will hear us because the voice of the people is the voice of God.

  56. Wilson Mike says:

    Mbaka you are a saboteur!! The holy spirit has gone out if you. You are now empty. If you were a man if God you would advice buhari to condemn the actions of the Fulani herdsmen. Since buhari wife visited you in 2015 and bought you faith in exchange for Money you never said or been opposition to the present government because they wisely bought you ever… Shame father mbaka.Buhari will not be president for ever, but Igbo nd Biafra is for ever. If you are a priest given sheep of God to look after and you sell them for fame and money as you have done already the judgement of God is coming soon. You love Igbo people and you are in love with buhari how many times have you told buhari to stop his army from killing Igbo’s even as they never had guns? God will judge you mbaka.

  57. Lynda Ndubuisi says:

    Loose how abeg. Even when it’s clear that Ndigbo are gradually loosing their stance and relevance in government. A case in point is the recent lopsided NNPC appointments,to mention but a few.

  58. Demann Okwu says:

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  59. Usman Muhammad says:

    Now this is the 2016 Internally Generated Revenue by Geopolitical Region
    1) South-West: N404 Billion
    2) South-South: N198 Billion
    3) North-West: N69 Billion
    4) North-Central: N54 Billion
    5) South-East: N49 Billion
    6) North-East: N29 Billion
    Lagos: 302,425,091,964
    Ogun: 72,983,120,003
    Oyo: 18,879,084,132
    Osun: 8,884,756,040
    Ondo: 8,684,406,573
    Ekiti: 2,991,041,855
    Total: 414,847,500,567
    Rivers: 85,287,038,971
    Delta: 44,057,915,472
    Edo: 23,041,425,599
    Akwaibom: 23,269,750,752
    C/river: 14,776,808,331
    Bayelsa: 7,905,458,280
    Total: 198,338,397,405
    Kwara: 17,253,829,559
    Kogi: 9,569,124,487
    Benue: 9,556,495,064
    Plateau: 9,191,372,277
    Nassarawa: 3,402,616,062
    Niger: 5,881,584,409
    Total: 54,855,021,858
    Kano: 30,959,027,531
    Kaduna: 17,051,864,537
    Zamfara: 4,777,169,537
    Sokoto: 4,545,765,527
    Katsina: 5,545,900,833
    Jigawa: 3,535,349,908
    Kebbi: 3,132,343,261
    Total: 69,547,421,134
    Enugu: 14,235,512,227
    Abia: 12,694,839,539
    Imo: 5,871,026,976
    Ebonyi: 2,342,092,225
    Anambra: 14,791,175,253
    Total: 49,934,646,220
    Bauchi: 8,677,265,878
    Adamawa: 5,788,979,592
    Gombe: 2,941,438,110
    Yobe: 3,240,867,567
    Borno: 2,675,723,063
    Taraba: 5,895,538,974
    Total: 29,219,813,184
    We all know NE wouldn’t do much bcos of the war with Boko Haram in that zone but the SE what’s up with us biko.
    So with his chekere revenue u think u can make it as a Country if given Biafra and I hope u guys know that SS will never join Biafra.
    If I hear marginalization again or Biafra eehhh…..Nonsense!

  60. Onye Emuru says:

    There is no man of God in Nigeria. If there is a man of God as they claim why have they no use their power to stop all the calamity that is increasing everyday both in government and individual..

  61. Fredrick Agwaga says:

    Mbaka should stop meddling into politics and face his missionary assignment. It’s better to lose properties than become forever slave to Hausa/Fulani barbarians. Reverend you are wrong for saying that Nnadi Kanu is deceiving us.

    Don’t know where you saw the vision but it’s fake and unacceptable by those who really meant well for Igbo people.

  62. Mavin Kane says:

    give to ceaser what is ceaser’s and to God what’s God’s, stop preaching politics in the church, there re many versus u can use aa sermon in the church, the bible said the works re many but workers re few, so wat re u really doing?

  63. Alumona Ernest says:

    Let us lose more mbaka, are you lacking any thing? You will go and join Hausa Fulani and if Biafra come so that you will be herdsmens preacher. P/s biafrans worldwide should not listen to this man, don’t forget he was the man that said that Good luck is bad luck today ask mbaka were is the change? Ask mbaka if his family member is on chain or change? Biafra is the only thing we can keep for our children today and for the safety of our unborn biafrans worldwide

  64. Iwuji CHukwuebuka says:

    Fools!! big compound fools!! See what u guys are saying against a man of GOD.Are u aware of the consequencies of the calamity u guys are bringing upon urselves? I’m nd will neva be a party 2 this.Biafra will no 2 ways it.

  65. Mike Napo says:

    I don’t thing is you saying this, if it’s you saying this so now tell me how can the Igbo’s loose? As you said, pls pls all that we the Igbo’s need is our freedom from Nigeria we are not one people, Biafra or death,

  66. Ifaseun Ogunbiyi says:

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  67. Billy Jones says:

    Who’s this mad man again? I hope this is Malam Mbaka again.This efulefu is an idiot & need not be answered.This is one the idiots that claimed to be man of God but they are man of Satan who has made their belly their gods.He,s working for his master’s the Hausa fulanis & that is why he,s Malam Mbaka QED

  68. Akingbola Akintunde says:

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  69. Itz Giddy-Guy Bankz says:

    Nigeria got independent since 1964, at least they have achieved some few things ,you want to start from scratch,u go later run from Biafra,,,u guys should reason, why is all this happening there is no way this agitation won’t bring violence or war,fighting ,you guys are still young ,instead of thinking on how can I be rich and enjoy your life be the number 1 above your friends ,you are here talking of Biafra,guys reason, Usa and north Korea are talking of Hidrogen Ballistic missile Una dey use bare mouth and highest cacia stick dey walk on street singing solidarity for ever ,your mate are making waves in other state or country,the world will soon come to an end ,brothers, I am a Yoruba Guy, and I love most of my Igbo friends ,but guys u guys should reason as well, am sure majority of us ,and Igbo’s of this era haven’t seen what a real War is, but believe me by my encounter with Elders and Old Men’s ,they said it is the most disastrous thing that could ever happen, people will die,some will loose their families ,,now what about those in other countries, that are Igbo’s, they will be safe ,later come back to build land on what you guys are fighting for,and died, bro let me tell you guys if three tribes can come together to represent 1nation is every strong ,devided we fall, it not going to be an easy road for you guys to realize Biafra o,but am just saying you should know what you are doing ,if war should eventually start now,,where will you be,? U will loose a lot of things ,friends ,families ,even your son and daughter then u will realize I should have take them away to a safe place first,the safe place u want to tale them to, what if they say they don’t want another tribe too? That’s human,Jesus loves every Man and woman regardless of their tribe or colour, and besides end time Don come ,shey u wan go dey fight kill person and go hell or make u dey think on how you go take make heaven,cus this era now Nations is already rising against Nation ,end time is near already, Wise up bro,
    #if u wan insult me ,you are free, but make Una sabi say as you are fighting for agitation, think as well? What you are doing

    • Iwuji CHukwuebuka says:

      U are a fool,big one.Biafra is going nowere.What do u think u have dat is swallen up ur head? U have raised curses against a man of GOD.Remember what the bible said”touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm”.U are calling him names what happened during eletion,infact i u were close 2 me i would av given u a dirty slap idiot!!

  70. Ndubuisi Nwokelo says:

    Man of God nolu kelu nwayo biko, ejim Chineke yo gi. When Buhari was in abroad on medical trip that he spent more than 100 days in London no one heard from you, why must you be puting sand in our own garri just bcus you’re a man of God? I take God beg u ‘nokwara nu nwayo’!

  71. Obafemi Gbenga says:

    My fellow country men, I think it is high time we stop underestimating this man Kanu, it is crystal clear that he (Kanu) controls the entire east except we want to live in denial, we should understand the implications of neglecting southeast position. However, I do not think a referendum is too much a request from the igbos at this critical time, so, I advice the federal government to call the various agitating groups to a round table talk, and if they insist on leaving Nigeria so be it, there is no need politicking with people’s lives without a recourse to it after effect but to think Nnamdi Kanu is not a leader but those by chance politicians is like playing with the truth. Mr kanu’s balls must be the size of a water tank, his authority is reaching high heavens, he does not mince words nor speak in parables, his words are as plain as the day and their meanings lay bare for everyone to grasp. Kanu will be ranked in the class of Mandela and Sankara if he can successfully lead Nigeria out of this Unitary mess. I’m a core Yoruba, if you come for my head, I will go for your throat. BIAFRA HAS COME!!


  72. Igwe Innocent Nkemakolam says:

    Mbaka has been an APC member for decades. This was exactly how you keep talking about goodluck Jonathan and was promoting buhari claiming he was God’s look at the current condition of Nigerians and compare it with the previous one during the regime of goodluck Jonathan. And now you are here today again talking against biafra again.I don’t just know heat concern you concern this issue. You are just making people to hate you.