LIVE: Heavy Pandemonium In Umuahia…Nigerian Army Fires Bullets, Arrows At Citizens [Video]

On September 4, 2017 76 Comments

The atmosphere in Umuahia, the capital of Abia State is currently tensed up, Nigerian soldiers are reportedly shooting sporadically and some people have allegedly been shot already.

UPDATE: We had erroneously reported Aba as the location of the pandemonium

* An arrow was also fired at the citizens.


* A checkpoint was also mounted by the army and people are been forced to raise their hands before they are allowed to cross over.

* The angry youths within the vicinity reportedly armed themselves with machetes and sticks.

Reason for the tension is yet to be ascertained.


Video by: Somto Okonkwo


Comments (76)

  1. Chima Amah says:

    Oh! God tear heaven and come down for your nation (Biafra) part of the tribe of Israelites has been attack and trying wipe them away by the uncircumcised Zoo nation ( Nigeria)whose president is cloned robot known as Buhari. Oh God! You are the man of war, arise and show them that the battle is you and not for Biafra,fight for your battle let them know that You are the God of the mountain and also God of the valley, arise and shoot them down forever in Jesus Christ name I pray, amen.

  2. Joseph Obinna says:

    IPOB family should cover all the video evidence of Nigerian military army tanks that where deployed to Biafran territory from northern Nigeria to attack Biafrans as Nnamdi KANU prepare to court, capture all the videos and pictures of all military army staged in various location of hide out to commit genocide on civilian. forward the video and pictures to UN who called for arrest of arewa youths, forward this evidence to attorney bruce fein, forward it to US Congress, Donald trump, amnesty international, EU, AU,ECOWAS, OEAS, foreign media, write a letter and attach it together with the video and pictures as evidence that the weapons and jets the bought from America, Britain and Russia to fight bokoharam has now been turned to attack Biafra instead of referendum which Biafra requested. Nigeria failed to arrest arewa youths as ordered by UN and I want same UN to receive this video and letter of Nigeria war threat against Biafra and kangaroo strange bail conditions given to Nnamdi KANU by court which the might used to arrest the freedom activist their by escalating ethnic crisis for inability of Nigeria government to arrest arrest arewa youths as ordered by UN but instead want to jail Nnamdi KANU in response to UN order.

  3. Daniel Ihekaibeya says:

    Biafrans are an entity and can not be part of a country call Nigeria. Biafra was blindly amalgamated. In all ramification Biafrans are not to be called Nigerians it was all a mistake and by the grace of God Almighty we are Biafrans

  4. Mazi Noble Godwin says:

    I just watch the video clips now and I saw an arrow fired at our people. Nigeria is beating the drum of war and they will get it soon. International community and amnesty international pls take note. The house fulani people are really daring us oo

  5. Peter Osey Louis says:

    Buhari and his brothers have planned to cause a state of civil disorder in Abia State,in order to declare a state of emergency in that state,for them to place a retired military man from the North there,ahead of the court order for Kanu’s rearrest.But it won’t work,because we will stop at nothing to stop them with their army.

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