“They Can’t Stop Biafra” – Turkish Diplomat Reacts To Military Invasion On Nnamdi Kanu’s Home

On September 11, 2017 137 Comments

Abdulkadir Erkahraman, a Turkish diplomat has reacted to the reports that the country home of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), was allegedly invaded by soldiers.

The controversial diplomat who was the first international emissary to visit Nnamdi Kanu in Nigeria in a post on his Facebook page on Sunday, September 10, said the Nigerian government is crossing the red line and wants to push Biafrans to arm struggle.

He wrote: “Nigerian army is crossing the red line. Army Invade Nnamdi Kanu’s Home, Kill 3 “The Nigerian government wants to PUSH Biafrans to arm struggle! Self defense is allowed in international law.


“We already sent the live video to Turkish Government TV TRT, CNN and local Tv Channels and international media.

“They can’t stop Biafra Nation with this kind of dirty games. Time to be together Biafra Nation.

“The Nigerian government wants to PUSH Biafrans to arm struggle!

“Right now states that operatives of the Nigeria Army under Operation Python Dance II have invaded the home of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s in Umuahia, Abia State.

“There is no doubt that the present deployment of troops to the South East is to haunt for my client and possibly eliminate him.

Let the whole world know that if anything untoward happen to Leader of IPOB, that president Buhari and his Chief of Army Staff should be held responsible by the international Community.”


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  1. Nelson Udeani says:

    Buhari & his blind supporters are claiming the almighty, not knowing the resultant effect of their actions.
    A lot of warnings has been issued from many reasonable personalities & quarters, but Pharaoh would not listen.

  2. Adewale Samuel says:

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  3. Akinyemi Ayoola Taiwo says:

    Turkey wanted to sell weapons. Period!
    Federal Government of Nigeria should ignore this narcissistic Envoy from Turkey.
    Nigerians even preferred chicken for dinner than a useless and tasteless snew called Turkey.
    And by far we’re not a turkey mate we’re Eagles.

  4. Martin Aghanya says:

    MATT 10:28
    And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.
    Biafrans are not afraid of mortal death bcos Biafra is SPIRIT.
    Nigeria govt can only kill the body but cannot kill the spirit!!

    • Akinpelu Lanre Muyiwa says:

      You’re of watertable reasoning so what I’ve said is bad…..ah that shows na cheaply you wan sell your neighbour to an outsider, person you never know well, na im you come rely too much like this on, and.I bet you’re not in Ibeku, the Nnamdi village, you this coward must be in Lagos or Ibadan hiding to write nonsense on online, why you no go Abia go fight those army, you just they caused problems for Kanu and the innocents there through your syncophancy, you better go sit down somewhere!

    • Akinpelu Lanre Muyiwa says:

      Chinedu I’m not but we just have to reasonably talk this out; disagree to agree not just to be wasting the lives of our people through senseless stubborness, all this does not warrant violence but sheer wisdom my friend, it’s when you challenge me to fight I show you Iam yet the news we’re getting from is contradictory as IPOD are saying theirs so is the Nigerian Armies saying theirs but you’re not there now then how do you want to know the facts…..o boy, you’re of a chicken heart calling me coward as you’re not there dodging there in Lagos or Ibadan, now saying welldone to the real courageous ones right there at Ibeku Abia, you’re a sheer coward, my broda !

  5. Eze Okani says:

    Failed plot to kill our leader,,in his own home…Haba nigera when will you learn…Killing boko haram leader by police has cost nigeria more than 500,000 her citizens and the war continued after 8years of hot battle…The boko haram is even winning if not the lie lie propaganda adopted,by the army and the APC led government. Killing another leader of a group like ipob will finally send nigeria to total colapse or disintegration…Buhari,,,army,, Apc,,and the citizens should,condem the questional manner the army invaded, the country home of the leader of indiginous people of biafra…I this point too kanu should reduce welcoming visitors to his home..The game is not over yet,,the army is on a mandatory mission to get him dead or alive,,before the anambara election..His life for now in danger,l am more afraid of his court day ….

  6. Xtoben Nnwa says:

    Nigeria is a curse, after much try,efforts,co-operations.but still every leaders,or any opportuned person at post cares and wants are only there useless self interest, just an inherencial things,but there are peoples who has been long seeking for change.what u look for in sokoto,has to be in sokoto. Why are ur investments outside?pls it hard time we need to think straight,every Nigerians are suffering one way or d other,Nigerians are so rich that every individual can contract oyibo for work,cos of Nigeria American transaction only,Nigerians are too much to talk,in comparerizim to individuals to individual status today.there are lots of problems with ur so called Nigeria…..

  7. Hassan Yakubu says:

    It has already been comfirmed that, Nnamdi Kanu is being assisted by foreign country. Hence, the country that give such assistance has been revealed – Turkey. I was listening to news on air, I heard that our custom officials in Tincan Island has apprehended containers full of sophisticated weepons and large catch of ammunitions. the weepons were imported from the same Turkey. It was also comfirmed that, Turkey is supporting terrorism in Nigeria, through terrorist groups. Now We comfirmed the story. It is imperative for all peace loving nigerians to frown face against this unfortunate development.
    It is therefore the duty of Nigerian government to investigate, and take appropriate measures against Turkey. I personally condemned this action perpetrated by an enemy who support terrorists in
    the south-east.
    The story also revealed that, the Turkey diplomat in Nigeria had visited Kanu and heartedly supported his terror activities. Nigeria must act at once to intercept the move as well as put a stop to this evil agitation.

    • Xtoben Nnwa says:

      Where they blind seeing d homicides,we’d voted for as a president,mumu idiot,oni igo,u are a very useless person,u mean at ur age,u still think u are ok being a Nigerian?, odéé u are just a suffering and smiling idiot….

  8. Nazeer Abdullah says:

    so it’s Turkish that are backing your agitation against peace of Nigeria. don’t let pmb hear this because he’ll send his soldiers again to wipe you and your so called small country turkish.

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