JUST IN: Finally, Nnamdi Kanu Reacts To Army Invasion On His Home

On September 11, 2017 83 Comments

Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has accused the Nigerian Army of attempting to kill him over his determination to actualise Biafra.

He spoke after the alleged invasion of his home at Afara Ukwu, Umuahia, where some persons were allegedly killed and scores injured.

Soldiers reportedly stormed his home at about 6.30pm yesterday.

Kanu said they shot sporadically, adding that their sole aim was to take his life.

Narrating the incident to Daily Sun, Kanu recalled he was resting when one of his relatives drew his attention to heavy presence of soldiers at the main entrance to his family home.

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He said within few minutes, “the soldiers started shooting sporadically and, in the process, wounded many people within the vicinity.

“Their action was a crude show of power on innocent and defenceless people of Biafra”.

Kanu, however, called on his members “to remain calm”.

Also reacting, Kanu’s younger brother Emmanuel, in his response, said any attempt to kill his elder brother will spell doom for the country.


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  1. Ikay Kalu says:

    The issue is very very surprise, so we Igbo’s are very very important, one maga here talking about Bible does he know how Israel fight for their freedom? Must we be Nigerian, you love us so much I swear, this love is what will put you guys to shame. My brothers ignore all this fake profile commenting here, is not their business if we choose to die or have our own nation.

  2. Wisdom K.Mba says:

    I am reading all the shameless comments here by Hausa foolani boko Harams. I can’t stop imagining which part of pit of hell they where manufactured from. All of u Hausa boko Haram making noise here are just hallucinating because we Biafran’s are the one beating the drum and u bastards and ur Buhari are dancing to our drum and that dance will lead u fools to ur end soon. Nigeria is finally coming to and end. Watch and see for urselves how it unfolds. U think u can beat the intelligence of IPOB world wide? U think its Nnamdi Kanu u are fighting? He is just an instrument in the hand of IPOB. He is doing the job he was sent to do. The bigger fight is coming systematically. When the time comes we shall see. Killing Nnamdi Kanu will not safe the zoo called Nigeria because he is just one person and more deadly others are waiting to take charge. Nnamdi is just God fearing and gentle if u people don’t know.

  3. Prince Ejiro Jesus says:

    Nnamdi kanu you are bastrad & a total disgrace to ur people,I taught you said any attempt on ur life or Arresting You will bring down Nigeria,just a common Advert on ur family hux You are now being scared & running enter scatter””
    Better go & Apologize to the Nigeria government & ur sins will be 4given & You will be free or better watch ur back?,

  4. Unokhua Emmanuel says:

    [9/11, 08:53] Bro Abdul Mali: NEWS NUGGET- Attack In The South East: We Were Carrying Out Our Regular Exercise Unprovoked – Nigerian Army On Channels.

    Driving Amoured Tank In Civilian Area Is Unprovoked?

    What Is The Nigerian Army Doing Driving Amoured Tank In The City?

    What Is Nigerian Army Doing In A Civilian Population Without Authorization From NASS?

    Do You Have Tanks Driving Around Maidugiri?

    Can The Nigerian Army Just Name Someone IPOB Members Have Killed?

    Can The Nigerian Army Count How Many Nigerians Killed By Herdsmen?

    [9/11, 08:58] Bro Abdul Mali: NEWS NUGGET- …..is killing part of APC/Buhari promises?

    All i have seen since 2015 is………killing!!!

    Nigerian army keeps killing
    Book haram keeps killing
    Herdsmen keep killing

    And some people still want the “killing” to continue come 2019?

    [9/11, 09:21] Bro Abdul Mali: BROKEN NEWS NUGGET- Army Was Kept Out Of The City Under GEJ-PDP.

    I remember vividly Ondo re-election of Ex Gov Mimiko. The Nigerian Army’s mandate was restricted to the boundaries of the State, those entering and going out of Ondo State. Not one Soldier in the city.

    Do you all remember what Jonathan-PDP had to go through just to extend the STATE OF EMERGENCY in the North East? He needed permission from a PDP NASS. The approval didn’t come on a platter of gold as he was grilled and questioned why Soldiers should still be on the street of the NORTH EAST around Civilian population. Mind you North East was a terrorist zone.


    [9/11, 10:18] Bro Abdul Mali: NEWS NUGGET- While The Shameless Enslaved SOUTHERN CPC Boy Boy Make Excuse For Their Masters, A Northerner With Pride And Sense Wrote:

    From a Nigerrian Northerner and Not CPC/APC Northerner: “Paul, I sympathize with the igbos, Danlami, baka da gaskiya such shouldn’t come from you at least all northerners are not blinded over the injustice on the Igbo’s enough. There are educated and sane northerners who reason and are not Cows, I am one at least, let there be a balance, our differences should not cause hate.

  5. Ebenezer Romeo Adonis says:

    Let me ask a question…. This Biafra of a thing tired me oooo, do u think things will change, in this time of peril, don’t u read Bible, nations against nation, u all claiming Biafra land, who owns d land? Who created the earth and heaven… This world and territory u are agitating for , u will live it and die one day…. Nigeria is no mans land, stop demarcating….. Take care of ur family and live govt ,must depend on govt , lazy pole…. Go and find sth worth doing and earn ur living…. U all want to ride jeep and live in big mansion, then wait for ur own time ….Lagos as an example ….am wondering if Lagos was in Abia state or Abia state is like centre of economic turning point bumbling like Lagos , I no Igbo would have gave all tribes quit notice,, look at Lagos today they accommodate all different tribes together with igbos , doing there business there, whereas is a oduduwa land but Yoruba’s are not complaining….. U igbos should better change for good… U have spoiled ur integrity , u involved urself in leading crime in Nigeria, kidnapping u are there, stealing, cultism, rituals, greedy etc….u are there….the notorious kin kidnapper’s is an Igbo man EVANS…. U are contamination to peace hood of Nigeria….

  6. Onuoha Chinaetugo Paschal says:

    Using force to keep people together is slavery.

    President Buhari and the Army should remember that Sometimes last year the Civilians of Turkey over powered the military and their tank.

    Last month the citizens also over powered the military in Togo.

    Well Mr Buhari lacks strategy and thinking head. He is dumb, his NIA chief is dumb, his Service men are dumbest. His NSA is worst dumb.

    A Tyrant don’t listen to advice.

    If Buhari should force the Southeast to war. It will escalate to all Southern Region. It will be out of control and he can’t manage it.

    And the only solution to ending such war is dialogue that will birth referendum and a country will be born out of Nigeria.

    You people should go and tell him. Thank you.

  7. Uche Chris says:

    Unity of Nigeria is not by force,it is by mutual agreements, Military occupation of South East is illegal, senseless and undemocratic. IPOB is not violence group or armed in their democratic agitation.Provoking them to arm struggling is what Nigeria army is doing right now by their military occupation and illegal confrontations.Give them referendum that is their demand

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