Pope Francis Injured In Colombia

On September 11, 2017 63 Comments

Pope Francis sustained minor injuries on Sunday when he lost his balance and bumped his head against a vehicle barrier while riding in the popemobile during his visit to Cartagena, Colombia.

The popemobile, is a customized vehicle designed with bulletproof glass designed to protect the pope while he greets crowds.

The 80-year-old Catholic Pontiff appeared to be leaning outside a glass panel in front of him when the vehicle stopped and his face made contact with the barrier.

He bruised his cheekbone and cut his left eyebrow with blood staining his white cassock following the incident.

A spokesman for the pope confirmed the injuries, which were captured on video, saying he has a wound on his cheekbone and eyebrow but he is “fine.” He is receiving “ice treatment,” the spokesman added.

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Pope Francis has been visiting Colombia since Wednesday, making stops in the cities of Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena.

He left Colombia also on Sunday after appealing to the country to “untie the knots of violence” following a 50-year civil war.

Source: ABC NEWS


Comments (63)

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  2. Ekechukwu Blessdon says:

    Why Catholics seen pope as a holiness? No one is holy is only God in heaven. He is ur fellow human being, pls stop misleading your self and some people. By the way why you people called him ur holiness? Is it the peace he bring or freedom to black nations what make him a holiness? He is only a holiness in blind people that seen him as a god of Catholic.

  3. Musa Ahmed says:

    Those using Ibo names to write derogatory things against the pope are not truly Ibos. I am a Catholic though, not a true one, cause I do not believe in all its doctrine. At the same time, we DO NOT disrespect the pope at all. The haters of Ibos and the Biafran nation will use Ibo names to post derogatory things to make the Ibos look stupid but you should read between the lines to find the truth. For instance, I am from Imo state and I cannot possibly bear the name Musa Ahmed. I rest my case.

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