BREAKING: Gov Ikpeazu Declares Curfew In Aba As Military Turns Abia Into A ‘War Zone’

On September 12, 2017 64 Comments

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state has declared a three-day curfew in the commercial city of Aba following heightened tension.

Unarmed members of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) led by Nnamdi Kanu are currently involved in a face-off with the Nigerian army.

The residence of their leader in Umuahia, the Abia State capital is presently surrounded by heavily armed Nigerian soldiers.

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Comments (64)

  1. Jerry Ikechukwu Okoye says:

    I don’t think military invasion will bring to order the much needed peace in umuahia, for now. Political dialogue i feel, soothes the situation and should be embrace as the only solution. Giving order to the happy trigger men(soldiers), may leave the God’s capital city in a precarious situation. A lot of innocent lives both young and old, definitely will be lost. Let’s emulate North Korea and US, despite all, trump has been threading with caution, just to forestall peace. It high time the mil cabals, understood the need for dialogue, in other to embrace peace. My personal opinion.

  2. Louis N Mgbemere says:

    Kill!!! The language of evil hearts. What is military business in democracy? I suppose sambisa forest is there to conquer not killing innocent people of ethnicity they hate but God preserved. This nonsense must stop.

  3. Enukaorah Clems says:

    How on earth did we Biafrans get into d mess called nigeria! How can we be living together with blood sucking vampires(hausa Fulani),how do we get into dis contraption called nigeria where we are seen as 10th class citizens. All dis intimidations have given us more reason while we must restore Biafra.they have sent their useless and poor trained soldiers to our land and they are killing us.they left d terrorize north nigeria where bokoharam are laking havoc, killing people in there thousands. They have never arrested nor prosecuted any terrorizing herdsmen but they are killing innocent Biafrans. We totally reject d kingdom of darkness called nigeria with anything in us,nothing on earth will ever make us to accept dis unholy Union called nigeria. Enough is enough, any day we decided to take up arm and counter dis brutality, dat day will be d end of d hell called nigeria. Not too long from now we shall bring nigeria to dust.mark my word

  4. Kelechi Mbamalu says:

    Hmmmm…The leaders and Elders of this country should save its citizens frm war…this is not the issue of bokoharram but total war…buhari government and his cabals real want to drag this nation into war..we re watching.

  5. Chuzzy Emeka Amadi says:

    Brainless fool do you Understand the meaning of curfew??, you want more dead bodies on the road right???
    This is the best opportunities to slaughter people at night by the hausa army and police, you have given them the 100% opportunity, governor that can’t finish his project since he resumed office, governor that is still owing workers


  6. Camillus James says:

    It’s an indication that the foolish Eastern Governors are slaves to Hausa-Fulani caliphate. Stupid governor. He doesn’t want IPOB from other states to troop in for rescue and to subdue military fright

    • Chidebe Sunday says:

      What did you expect him to do my brother, Biafra Agitation is a non violence movement, Some utterances brought about this New development, Governor is still under Federal republic of Nigeria, there is a way he will react Abia will be declared state of Emergency, by then it will be worse, The world observed Biafra, it is going to be a peaceful Separation if we can guide words in social Media ,Real men don’t talk much but Action, How many are we that we keep losing soul Everyday,

  7. Chibuike Ukadike says:

    Governor of abia and other states in south east are aware of what is happening to igbos today. So i suggest is time for the whole igbo people to start dealing with them one after the other because they are the ones that give the hausa fulani army chance to enter biafra land because of money

  8. Dion Nick says:

    Remain curfew in your home town until when? What stop him from telling the government to withdraw the military out of the state. Is Nigeria still in democratic or military government.

  9. Mascot Maduabuchi Ezechi says:

    So this idiot want all this bokoharam to kill our people more, and he is the one that said, if the Hausa bokoharam killed our leader, that they know how to stop Biafra agitation, this man is real enemy of Biafra, that’s why he is introducing curfew.

  10. Kessy ndimele says:

    let the governor of abia state tell the hole world the way nigeria army have hold the indiginous people of the land captive,and killing the people without fear and non respecting of human right,biafrans are under serge now let he international community come for our rescue and also united nation should intervain on the matter.

  11. Daniel Nelson Dike says:

    I am not surprised about all this Eastern governor’s, Buhari the terrorist has started using Paris and London Allocation money to blackmail them if they do not support him to massacre’s IGBOS, I suggest it time we go after all this governor’s to create vacuum and have our way in civil rights disobedience. In all our state.

  12. Okorie Okafor says:

    Is it curfew we need or to call the sick man to withdraw his soldiers from abia,he wants western Sahara from Morocco y is he killing Igbos bcos Morocco wants Biafra from this animal kingdom

  13. EbereObunigwe Don Ezebuilo says:

    What a stupid and useless person Abia people elected as their governor … Governor my foot …u allowed military to take over ur peaceful state from u when nothing is happening and now that they have started shooting n killing ur people for no just reason and u were calling for state of emergency…. Big shame on u governor and all the governors in d South East . U have all sold ur conscience , pride , generation and unborn generations to Hausa Fulani for slavery . U will reap everything u re all sowing today before u die bet me . Do not think that because ur sons n daughters are out of the country where u sent them to reside with our stolen funds n resources that they are save their or out of reach… we shall reach them one after the other as time goes on mark my word ! There is no place for a claimed golden fish .. we shall see …

  14. BiafraUnited says:

    May the good Lord help us the people of Biafra. The Hausas want to make us slaves in our fatherland and the Lord rejects that. Republic of Biafra is the only solution for the Igbos. Can the good Lord send thunder and fire to consume the Nigerian army and their commanders in crime.

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