People Are Fed Up, But “Biafra No Be The Answer” – Obasanjo [Video]

On September 12, 2017 226 Comments

Former president Olusegun Obasanjo, in an interview with BBC News Pidgin has said that Biafra is not the answer to the agitations by the young people of the South eastern part of Nigeria.

“Di young, young people for Southeast, dem say na Biafra, wetin dem know wey bi Biafra? But di thing be say dem no happy. Dem no happy as things dey for Nigeria and I no blame dem,” Obasanjo said.

“Some people are hungry, some people no get work… de problem be say, people are fed up because wetin dem want, dem no get. Hunger dey catch dem, family dem no fit take care of ,” Obasanjo said.

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Comments (226)

    • Peter China Ejirika says:

      Rather than focus on human resources, you are placing your hope on nonreplenishable resources. You are not aware that in 2050 Oil will be $10.00 Per Barrel and Biafra is ready with her scientists and finance wizards for that era . Please comeover to the Unites States and watch Ibos in Action our toddlers can read and write at the age of three and know what they want to be when they grow up while you bank your hope on oil.

  1. Faddy Valine says:

    We have planned how to kill our leader with hausa fulani alamajirs on October, do you think that we do know what you discussed with saduana of sokoto. That your ota farm will burn down if you don’t know, foolish man

  2. Peter Anonaba says:

    People are fed up you contributed to it too. by know you suppose to lead by example we don’t have men of integrity any more, why? BECAUSE OF SELFISH INTEREST. GOD WILL SEE US THROUGH IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  3. CK Ahouno says:

    With all due respect the formal president of nigeria general olusegun obasanjo has not moral right to speak for igbos, he can decide for the yoruba’s but not igbos on biafra issues or our future as igbo nation, we as a people has the right to determine our future and no man born of a woman will take that away from us, more than one hundred years of nigeria assistance yet no future and someone want us to still remain in a failed country like nigeria where everything is been controlled by one particular tribe that has hold this non nation down for age’s (the hausa fulanis). God forbid i will never be part of a wicked heartless entity called one nigeria. Biafra freedom is the only solution to our situation in a failed wicked no regard for human life country we’ve find ourselves. God bless nnamdi kanu.! God bless biafra.

  4. Joseph Agbai Snr says:

    Obasanjo if you are wizard, this time your witchcraftcy (English Majors I crave your indulgence) will utterly fail you. Does anyone remember “Abiola is not the Messiah” saga? This old lazy pepper soup and draught playing “general” shamelessly conspired with his gang of looters to anul an election clearly and neatly won by his own brother Abiola, when he was guaranteed a place in the looting business called “ONE NIGERIA” by Babangida, which was nearly twarted by Abacha! Abacha’s demise saved him and paved a way for him…. And did he loot? (You answer). That’s why he can prance about and make lazy comments here and there. What we need is not lazy comments backed by witchcraftcy, that won’t work no more. This is another age, the age of knowledge economy, when men engage one another with the power of the intellect. You better bring sound implementable arguments that will seek to address our national problems than open your mouth carelessly. Let me see you bring something to the fore that will be an answer to our problems otherwise with all due respect sir, close your crap or do you have a mouth, and enjoy your looooooooo……(if you put “t” na you sabi!) until you maker removes you from here to let people breath fresh air!

  5. Michael Amaliri says:

    We are equally fed up seing u stealing frm our land. Biafra is what we want forget how we survive. We are fed up paying u as ex president when non frm our land has recieved. We are fed seing u spend our money while our land lie desolation. We are fed seing lagos port and airport working to international standard while non is working in east we are fed when theres no government present in our land no development not even good road in our land yet everyday billions are taken frm our oil yet u call us one nigeria? Is lie hausa and yoruba gang up is over ur thief. All the oil blocks we are fed with one nigeria is robery and Suicide.

  6. Gideon Golden says:

    Old fool suffering from adult delinquency! The time has come for you to vomit all the oil money you swallowed. It is now time for revolution and the youths are ready to take their future into their own hands.You are the most pathetic being on earth because you dont even have the blessings and support of your people.

  7. Oscar Godwin Ogandu says:

    Buhari is a big fool, An illiterate and a big time terrorist. Buhari is afraid of conducting a peaceful referendum for the people of South east and South South decide if they want to remain as Nigerians because it is their fundamental human right according to the united nation international law not by forcing people with gun to stay together which is an act of tyranny by Buhari and the zoo soldiers.

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  9. Uche Izundu Iwuala says:

    Thank God you agreed that people are fed up with Nigeria. The reason why you disagree with Biafra as remedy, because you fought against Biafra ideology. If truth should tell Obasanjo known that Biafra Ojukwu proposed was really the remedy to Igbos. We don’t know about his kinsmen. for igbo is the answer.

  10. Chimaobi Ononiwu says:

    Papa Obasanjo,Biafra is not Nigeria where you have detected what will and what will not be or work. Precisely you are Oduduwa and don’t have the right to choose for the people of Biafra what they want. I put it to you that Biafran’s have taken a stand. Which your likes can’t stop.

  11. Adewale Samuel says:

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  12. Darlington Egbu says:

    “Biafra is not the Answer” — Obasanjo.
    But it was Obasanjo who created this mess. Prior to 1999, every state, zone or region was doing very well, when Abdusalam handed over to Obasanjo, that was when Nigeria started falling apart. Obasanjo started promoting hate against the Igbos, because of his hate for Dr. Okadigbo, whom he later killed; and gradually he planned and stiffled all the Igbo owned businesses and industries in the Southeast.
    If Biafra is not the answer, then what is the answer; since you, Obasanjo has destroyed Nigeria

  13. Kelvin Ben says:

    stupid idiot, evil man have you finish sleeping with your son’s wife useless man you have mount to call Biafra, your people are calling for Oduduwa your here talking rubbish you better go and support your brothers on their own Oduduwa republic Fool

  14. Kamara Fredy Fredy says:

    Since you know the answer, why haven’t you provided it until people got fed up? Bloody criminal. You don’t want biafra to go because of the oil,stupid monkey, you think everyone is as foolish and ignorant as you wicked creatures?

  15. PC Jeff says:

    Open confession to Obj, i no blame south east youth for the agitation for Biafra but Biafra is not the answer hahahahaha i thought u called they miscreant..Anyway u acknowledged that Biafra is the answer,

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