Nigerian Army Allegedly Meets With GSM Providers, Plots On Shutting Down Internet In S-East

On September 13, 2017 51 Comments

The security arm of the Indigenous People of Biafra has alleged that top officials of the Nigerian army and some cabals are currently in an emergency meeting with network service providers in a bid to shut down GSM network in the South East and South South of the country so that Biafrans will not have access communication.

The short statement from the BSS reads “The Nigerian government under Dictator Muhammadu Buhari is about to repeat the media blockage they used against Biafra during 1967-1970 genocide as a weapon of war.”

“We hereby alert the UN, EU, AU, ISRAEL, and the international community to wade into Biafran matter and save Biafrans from another genocide.”

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  1. Samson Kanayo says:

    Nigeria soldiers are more dangerous than Myanmar soldiers. .Nigeria soldiers are killing civilians with armoured tanks give to them by UN and UK it’s happening now in Biafra land Nigeria soldiers are now political killing machine ..justice for Biafra people

  2. Regina Oluoh says:

    That means that they are actually committing unwanton killing in the South East. They don’t want to be seen by the outside world. Any way, Abacha did the same during his time and that this regime is repeating history is not a surprise.

  3. Chidiebere Aguigwom Laventure says:

    What is this rubbish threat about, shutting down the internet?
    How can Biafrans who pay Billions of Naira, to Network providers in Nigeria on a daily basis, be bothered about their misguided threats?

    Please network providers shut down and I bet you, all of you will come begging Biafrans, because Hausa/Fulani Men are not ready to abandon their Chinese Carton Phones, that deafens their ears with BBC Hausa, for Data bundle.

  4. Clement Oforma Ezema says:

    Boko haram is deadly. They are armed to the teeth. They have killed military men in their hundreds. They have killed civilians in their tens of thousands. They have burned down houses and villages. They have burned down churches and mosques. They have threatened to blow up Nigeria. They even blew up the United Nations building in Abuja.
    Northern elders/leaders, including Buhari, opposed any attempt by the military to invade any Northern community as a result of boko haram’s presence. Northern elders,again and again, asked the government to withdraw the army from Borno ,the headquarters of boko haram.
    In fact, Buhari publicly said that it was wrong for the military to move against boko haram. He specifically said that any attack against boko haram should be viewed as an attack against the North as a whole. I’m not talking about a century or even a decade ago. I am talking about a few years ago.
    Lai Mohammed,speaking for APC ,Buhari’s party, said that it was wrong for the government to label boko haram as an unlawful organisation. This was immediately after the Nigerian government had declared boko haram an unlawful organization. APC said that declaring boko haram an unlawful organization in Nigeria is unconstitutional .
    I also remember that when the United States government wanted to declare boko haram a terrorist organisation, the North vehemently opposed it. The Sultan of Sokoto lead the opposition. He openly canvassed that the USA should not label boko haram a terrorist organisation.
    Only CAN ,as led by pastor Ayo ,canvassed for the United States to pencil boko haram down as a terrorist organisation. I remember that when pastor Ayo traveled to the United States to lobby its government to declare boko haram a terrorist organisation, he was ridiculed by Northern leaders for daring to cause their boko haram to be called a terrorist organisation.
    If an organization as murderous and satanic like boko haram could have northern leaders and APC leaders, including Buhari, as open supporters, why should the unarmed and harmless civilians in the south East not be supported and protected? Why are southern leaders acting dump? Why are south East governors behaving like house boys?
    Nnamdi Kanu, hate him or love him, has not killed a single soul. You may be irritated by the conduct of some of his followers ,but the fact remains that they are not armed. They have not burned communities, have not blown up mosques or churches. They are just a group armed with social media and a radio station.
    And yet you say that the army should clamp down ,attack and kill them.
    Same you who said that boko haram should not be attacked because that would mean an against the North!
    Same you who said that boko haram should not be declared an unlawful organization by the Nigerian government!
    Same you who pleaded that boko haram should not be declared a terrorist organisation by the United States government!
    Shame on you . by Udoabasi

  5. Abodunrin Daramola says:

    If they had used this kind of strategy for the Islamic terrorists, bozo harem of the northerners maybe they would have made a headway, but against peaceful secessionist, trying to provoke a dissent is totally a no for me… Everything being equal, being an AFONJA or buzu does not matter now

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