We Are Not After Nnamdi Kanu – Nigerian Army

On September 13, 2017 118 Comments

The Nigeria Army has denied that the home of the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu was under siege. According to Deputy Director, Army Public Relation and Information, 82 Division, Colonel Sagir Musa, no soldiers were deployed at the home of the IPOB leader

Col. Musa who spoke in Umuahia when visited by the Abia State Council of NUJ which was attacked by some overzealous soldiers, also said that the Operation Python Dance [Egwu Eke] was not targeted at anybody but aimed at tackling the security situation in the South East zone.

Musa who regretted the action of the soldiers said he came to apologize for the action of the soldiers.

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He said the General Officer Commanding 82 Division, Maj. Gen. Adamu Baba Abubakar sent him to tender the apology even as he promised that the soldiers involved in the act would be fished out and sanctioned appropriately.

The Operation Egwu Eke (Python Dance) will commence from 15th of September to 14th of October and the exercise is not targeted at any group.

“The exercise is targeted at all security flash points in the entire South East geopolitical zone which is the reason behind the army show of force; particularly it is targeted at kidnappings, armed robbery, cultism, insurgency and session agitators”, Col. Musa said.

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He insisted that there was no military siege at the home of the IPOB leader and that the Egwu Eke operations was not targeted at Nnamdi Kanu or any person or group.

In his response, the Vice Chairman of the Council, Ezeogo Boni Okoro said that it was a shame that the military would invade the NUJ state secretariat over flimsy excuse that journalists were taking pictures of the show of force convoy.

Okoro said that he was slapped, gun cocked at him while his iPad and the phones of his colleagues were smashed by the soldiers and called on the military hierarchy to rein on their junior men and to also fish out those behind the dastardly act and deal with them accordingly.

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  1. John Ike says:

    Then what are you jobless soldiers doing with tanks in front of Nnamdi kanu house, shameless people, Nigeria break up is eminent, intimidation will only make the breaking up of Nigeria faster

  2. Samson Kanayo says:

    Nigeria soldiers are more dangerous than Myanmar soldiers. .Nigeria soldiers are killing civilians with armoured tanks give to them by UN and UK it’s happening now in Biafra land Nigeria soldiers are now political killing machine ..justice for Biafra people

  3. Adeline Josh says:

    From an Igbo brother Obinna Nwosu, despite provocation.

    WE MUST FIND A WAY TO ASSIGN AND INCULCATE THAT GREAT IGBO REASON INTO OUR PEOPLE LEST THEY BE TRICKED INTO THUGGERY…..it is unigbo to be dragged along without clarifications…..Igbos in their intrinsic republican nature do not herd.. We are great individuals of manifold capabilities and skills…we are a tribe of proud acquirers buying stakes in even unwelcoming territories and zones, imposing our attitude of searching and keeping on every environment we find ourselves…,we the true igbos are intercontinental citizens of commerce with litany of investments,interests and companions across religious,tribal and racial contours of the world and at that are and should remain beacons of custody and promoters of freedom of association,commerce and immigration wherever we are…., we must secure the lives and properties of others in our midst to leave and sustain the wisdom that will protect our ways and owns… It would be preposterously stupid to engage in destruction of others or even contemplate indifference in situations where such happens knowing that he who live in glass house shouldn’t throw stones….. All true igbos of value must protect and guard all outsiders in our midst and do whatever that is required to cull on our out of line kits and kin back into line now that the provocations are still barely manageable…..it is totally an abormination to kill,maim or destroy others while attempting to assert yours and there will never be a justification for the murder of a single innocent life….. We must not be pushed to loosing our igboness…. “The tiger must retain its tigerittude sake it becomes a rodent in color patches”… Let us defend all that have made us the Igbo because we are world citizens and must remain that for progress and development of our land and selves.. Good morning folks

  4. Michael King says:

    Very stupid illiterates. Boko Haram are using them for suya for sambisa the only have power on innocent civilians. Why not go and dance python dance for sambisa make Boko Haram show una how to do the dance. Illiterate that don’t even know how to spell their names only to kill

  5. Michael King says:

    This shows that Hausa Fulani people were born naturally to kill. Check the whole countries in the world the countries that you will hear violence is Muslim countries. They were destined for violence but it’s not their fault their leader Mohammed had a covenant with the devil that if he brings many souls to hell he will make the Hausa Fulani people his tribe to will worship him and him alone. The covenant is still moving

  6. Regina Oluoh says:

    You are afraid to accept the truth in the eyes of the whole world but it’s too late to exnorate yourselves because the news about your wicked killing and evasion of Igbo land has reached far beyond the planet. You have burst your balloon and it’s unamendabl and this shows your hatred to the people and lack of professionalism. Don’t worry your cup is full and your days of judgement in staring at you. Go to Ghana and learn how to be a good and honorable soldiers; this is because Ghanaian soldierslove their country beyond human imagination and are ready to sink their lives for the sake of every one Ghanaian. As for you, you are tribalistic, sectional, corrupt, you have no honor in the eyes of the world because of your excesses. You take on the work of the Police force there by religeting them to them to the background and make them look useless to the whole world. Because of your excesses, you took to the Gambia the new gunship the country procured this year to quell political skirmish there when all ended and President came back to his country, he thanked all the countries that stood behind him during the tumoil but Nigeria never received any appreciation from him and that showed how the international community sees you and your abracatabra. Stop shot and redress your misdirected steps

  7. Chiboy Chuks says:

    Don”t worry United Nation is Watching all you Zoo Nigeria Amry doing in Ipob home town and direct to his Living Home ,, Shooting at his gate, the videos are going all over world and they are watching it,, you and not after Nnamdi Kanu , but you are after your fathers and mothers in Nnamdi Kanus Resident The whole world are carefully watching you blood suckers

  8. peaceforall says:

    Retrogressive core north, the primitive forces of oppression and the asinine peddlars of lies, ignorance and falsehood to destroy someone else’s yearning for freedom from oppression and aspiration for liberty.. People believe in crushing, destroying, humiliating, killing and jailing their perceived enemies and political adversaries for no just cause the moment they feel threatened or intimidated. No government in the history of the World have ever successfully supress the will of the people. No not now that the civilized world has determined that self-determination is an inalienable right. Restoration of Biafra’s sovereignty is justified under international law and practice and our rights ultimately are what we are willing to fight and die for.

  9. Solomon Eva says:

    What are you people doing in his residence? Is there any forest in KANU house where your Python can dance? Why then your Python begin it’s dancer in his residence? Who sent you there if your mission is not to create war? Why sporadic shooting in his residence and state since September 10th? Why shooting of unarmed civilians who interrupted your mission? Why did your men attack innocent journalists including there building and working equipment if not on the fear that they will expose your evil mission in KANU residence and entire state? Let me pause here, better think twice before you address the public. The world is now a global village where no evil can be hidden again with the help of technology.

  10. Emmanuel Njoku-Adi says:


    Can the Nigerian Government and the Nigerian Army led by President Buhari and General Buratai explain to the world at large that they are really interested in the Unity of Nigeria by organizing OPERATION PYTHON DANCE 2 in the South East.

    It is unacceptable by any standard for a good Teacher to waste his/her time without first explaining the OBJECTIVE OF AN INTENDED LESSON.
    The objective of some lessons are obviously revealed by their TITLE. Example “Operation Desert storm” by America is a storm in the Desert in WAR terms. We are not going to go there because that Military Operations objective is in its Title.

    Nigeria Army Just declared “OPERATION PYTHON DANCE 2”
    on the SOUTH EAST OF NIGERIA and using Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the IPOB leader’s Home as GROUND ZERO. The Nigerian Government should kindly explain to the International Communities that that is not an already Declared WAR against an unarmed youths of that Region of Nigeria.

    My understanding is that a PYTHON is an Animal that kills it’s prey by strangulation. A DANCE is an act of bringing into a specified condition by Dancing. This specified condition could be JOY OR SAD.
    In the case of a Python, its Dance with its prey is joyous to the Python but sad for its Prey.
    Is the Nigerian Government not clearly Declaring WAR against the IGBOs? The Igbos have been knowingly marginalized for decades perhaps in Operation Python Dance 1 depending on when they chose to reveal the name of the strategy or the call for genocide against the IGBOs even now by the Nigerian Army and Government.

    Recently the Northern Arewa youths in both public declarations and songs called for expulsion and genocide of the IGBO race by October 1st 2017 while the Nigerian Government remain silent over that call.
    The Ododuwa Republic was declared recently too by the SOUTH WEST of Nigeria which in my personal opinion is their legitimate human right to do so peacefully; No Operation Python Dance has been organised against them. The Nigerian Army is solely focused on their Ground Zero, which is Nnamdi Kanu’s Home.

    It will be a terrible miscalculation to bring any harm to the IPOB Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Let me remind any reader of this my simple observations and questions about a Lession in management: “Don’t corner a Cat in a closed room”. The resultant effect is that if the Cat becomes desperate in wanting to escape your wrath and finds none, it’s time if you are wise to find your own escape route.

    God is the Creator of all things and the Father of all. He has an inbuilt structure to defend the vulnerable and the defenseless things, especially People. They say, a word is enough for the wise.

    Please share until those in Authority get the message and leave God’s people alone to freely determine their own choice in a Referendum.

  11. Mikel Akon says:

    My fellow nigerians , ladies and gentle men, the Nigeria army PPRO have made another statements which required an answer from different quarters, that operation showed of force which also coded as Python dance ll was not meant to dance for mazi nnamdi kanu ,but was to tackle and checkmate criminal activities in the state. My question is that, was there any official announcement regarding by the Python PPRO that Python was going to dance part ii at afaraukwu community or elsewhere and that the people of the said trouble community should not be panic,if there was none or as the Python was dancing suddenly the road close against them and that there was no other routes for Python to pass than dancing through the lpob leader’s hometown. Where there is a glass house, do not throw stone and where there is petrol do not go there with fire,the way and the manner the Nigeria army Python danced is capable of calling for the renewed of another civil war

    • Enyi Ugo says:

      They claimed they are not after Nnamdi Kanu, yet they held him hostage in his house in his hometown in Biafraland. They claimed they are after criminals, kidnappers and secessionist group, in effect, they have classified secessionists as criminals
      which they have totally failed to class Boko Haram all these years.
      The same Boko Haram have challenged them to leave Biafrans alone and come to Sambisa Forest and face them.
      Today, why have they killed the numerous innocent and unarmed Biafrans in Aba?
      It is indeed a big shame that they have continued with same lies their administration has been telling their citizens since May 2015 —— REALLY VERY BIG SHAME.

  12. ObIano says:

    If you are not after his life and that of biafrans why were you trying to enter his compound and did you concentrate your evil dance around his home, considering how volatile such action will be, this time around.

    Nigerian army and security operatives cannot stop lies, and deceptions.

  13. ObIano says:

    We therefore order all these untrained and uncivilised soldiers called nigerian army to vacate South East with immediate effect. Cow birthed individuals.

  14. Ihiechukwu Chidire says:

    But who????when did the Nigerian militry head quarter located at Afara ukwu,near kalu the greatest house.i see that both the igbo elites and Nigeria govt re so envious of kalus popularity.pls can someone show them where the transformer is,abeg

  15. samuel madumere says:

    My question is why did the army go the house of Nnamdi Kanu. Now, they have caused a lot of problems in both the south and northern Nigeria. Our leaders should lead us well and not to divide us as a nation. I thank God the history will in future tell the good and the bad stories of our lives. Am sorry for this nation that is now deeply divided.

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