An Open Letter To Nnamdi Kanu: Nigeria Is Already Burning

On September 14, 2017 41 Comments

By Okoye Chinekwu Paul

“If I’m re-arrested, this country will burn, I assure you”. That was Nnamdi Kanu’s statement during an exclusive interview with Okey Sampson of The sun newspaper, published on Sept 2, 2017.

I have always had a soft spot for Biafra and what it stands for. Having learnt all about the Nigerian civil war (1967-1970) while growing up from a father whose love for Biafra knows no bound. He was and is still very much Biafra centric.


And since History as a subject was not in our curriculum, I simply grew with a single story of the events surrounding the events of 1967-1970. I was made to believe that the rest of Nigeria ganged up against my people and nearly sent them into extinction. That was after a massive pogrom was carried out against us. I was taught that we are being marginalized and hated by all, except those of our kind.

I can still remember how enraged I usually was when I was told tales of how Nigerian troops invaded Biafra land and the smiles that crossed my lips when the stories changed to victories recorded by the under-armed Biafran army which had civilians as its core.

I can also remember vividly how I fantasized about becoming like General Ojukwu, the super hero who tried to take his people out of their Egypt. To me then, Ojukwu was simply Moses, Nigeria was pharaoh and I am definitely going to be Joshua. I am going to take my people out of Egypt into the promise land.

Many years after, most of the views I held then have changed, not drastically though, maybe I should say my views have now been modified. I have read extensively and have heard various accounts of what happened and of course, I can see how things have been going on.

I have made friends with those from other ethnic extractions and I must say, they are not actually the devil I was meant to believe they were. In fact, two of my best friends in school are both of Yoruba and Hausa extraction, and they have been nothing but good friends turned brothers to me, and every passing day, I bless the day I met them.

I for one have never been a fan of Nnamdi Kanu’s way of running IPOB, but sometimes the government of the day makes me want to give them kudos. In fact I started off hating anything that had to do with IPOB; I saw them as miscreants and as an assembly of low-lives. But over time, I have come to admire their courage and the tenacity with which they pursue what they believe in.

Now I see IPOB as a necessary spark that will trigger off other chains of reaction, which hopefully will usher in a new Nigeria or a divided one. The way the government have handled their agitations so far isn’t helping issues either.

However, Kanu and his IPOB members must learn how to embrace tolerance; they must not castigate or attack those who are not of the same view with them, especially their fellow Igbos. Even Jesus Christ never had the loyalty of the 12. They must also learn to cut down on their hate speeches and inflammatory remarks.

There are procedures to be employed if you want self-determination, they should also remember that reprisal attacks will not help it will only escalate issues and also expose millions of Igbos living outside the South-East in Nigeria to reprisals too.

Scotland and Catalonia amongst other states struggling for self-determination didn’t get the goodwill of the international community behaving like IPOB. The earlier they learn to coordinate themselves in a more civil way the better.

As for the Nigerian government, refusing Kanu bail on several occasions even after courts of competent jurisdictions have ruled to that effect is highly condemnable. The rather weird decision of not arresting those that issued a quit notice to the Igbos is outrageous.

Deploying soldiers to a security threat free zone to shoot and maim at unarmed civilians in the guise of operation python dance is even more outrageous. Invading the secretariat of the Nigerian union of journalists and harassing/manhandling men and women of the fourth estate of the realm is simply disheartening.

I believe the federal government should look into the claims of these people and address them accordingly. Its either the country is restructured or they allow for a referendum.

Social media is not even helping issues, with inflammatory and all forms of unprintable words and threats making the rounds these days on the cyber space. The social media is slowly but surely radicalizing people.

Nnamdi Kanu may have said the country will burn if he is re-arrested, but I dare to say that the country is already burning. The fire though is still at an infant stage, it is now left for us to fuel it or put it out.

Nigeria today, is in a precarious state, tempers are flaring, hate speeches are flying around, physical confrontations are already being recorded, but before you join in fanning the embers of war into flames, online or in-person, do kindly note that when it starts burning we will all be consumed in the inferno that follows.

Okoye is a final year student at the university of Nigeria, Nsukka

Op–ed pieces and contributions are the opinions of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Oriental Times


Comments (41)

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  2. Princewel Jose says:

    Buhari don’t hav any reason to killed people’s country are people not animal and Nigerian is a union of nations joined together by foreign imperialism British slave’s merchant for theirs own business purposes interest not for those who are refer as Nigeria? Idea of Nigeria is British idea not for slave interest refer as Nigeria? Whoever love you can’t not killed you? What you are seeing now is terrorist Islamic Fulani group? Shame to you all think killing people is the meaning of country? Biafrans is not a crime don’t be deceived by killing mechine Fulani in Nigeria uniform? Biafrans better off from killing union called Nigeria

  3. Nazeer Abdullah says:

    The utterances from the lips of the ipob members about Nigeria,alone is abusive and character assassination. Bokoharam issue has been dealt with and its a continual process. If the army doesn’t react this way,ilthis group will even grow Wilder than bokoharam. What they are doing is not exercising human right,human right has limits. How can a soldier on parade be abused as fools, zoo country and all soughts of words,even throwing stones and bottles. And when the soldiers react,its that one the whole world will react. Soldiers fight unarmed citizens. People should learn to respect a country. Even if u need ur own country as the case may be,is this how abusive you will be of Nigeria.? Nigeria is me and u. Nigeria is not one special human being. You make live what it is for u. No government no matter the tribes, will seat and watch what nnamdi is doing. Forming a group is not bad,but a group against Nigeria is treason. And using vulgar words like I will go to abuja and bring buhari head for u. Everywhere in the world can’t be the same. I know how Spanish soldiers in Jerez treat groups who stand against its government using any form of hate speech. The state was getting out of control to the extent even the ipob securities and members where harrasing mutants in the state,in the name of Biafra normal state activities where not moving. This is a state under Nigeria. Military presence was needed to calm situations but where abusive words and use of weapons disrespecting the Nigeria military, surely the army will not keep quiet. When the Nigeria army dealt with shites at Kaduna,igbos say,Hausa killing themselves. Now such in igbo land. U hear word like they are killing us. Even if u want Biafra,must u fight Nigeria through rugged protest in getting it? Don’t they see how protests are done in the united d States? Talking about bokoharam. There are still some developed countries fighting the issue of terrorism till now,so its not a Nigerian phenomenon. France and the units d States on daily bases face it. Any group standing against the Nigerian government,is an enemy of Nigeria. Do not call Nigeria names because you are daring the Nigeria security. All activities is being monitored by bbc. Imagine aside nnamdi violating his bale conditions. He is even trying to stop a constitutional state election in Nigeria from holding. No government will see this and keep quiet my brethren. We know how tough the economy is for everyone,but this is treason and injustice to The rule of law and Nigeria government. I expected d this act of the military earlier before now. .if you call Nigeria a zoo country,it will be a zoo for u,and u will be the animal in it. What u believe works for u. Nigeria has a spirit,so be careful of ur utterance. Let me take us to the Holy bible. The way things are now. Igbos are like the first born of Nigeria because the first Nigerian president was an Igbo man. The prodigal son in the bible got up one day and felt his father loved his younger brother than him,and asked that his father share his property among them. He needed separation. And so after much talk,the father shared his property. The bible recorelded that the first son who is the prodigal son,went far country to spend his own money, at a point he was broke,he ate with pigs,he had no choice but to return home. The father still received him with love n killed a fat cow for his coming. The Igbo’s are seeking Biafra like that prodigal son. I don’t see in any way were the Igbo’s don’t have free rights in government n trade in Nigeria. In our ports,the Igbo’s have taken over importation than any other tribe. In government,sensitive positions like chief security of the nation,and secretary general of federation,Nnpc chairperson,ministers are all occupied by the Igbo’s. It is clear that d average Igbo man don’t have interest for military but money making. So few Igbo’s are in the military. Most major hotels across Nigeria is owned by Igbo’s. In fact Igbo’s are the chief sponsors of every election in Nigeria. They are known to be wealthy people in their onions. Let’s even look at it squarely,if we say Hausa’s have more positions than Igbo man in appointments,how many of them earn more than a businessman who is an Igbo man. Constitutionally Biafra is an offence. Because of the terrain of incidence that it went through,we now have a voting system. If you feel an Hausa man is not doing well as president. Contest and win. And change Nigeria to be what u want. In football. Our national team selection is 90% Igbo’s. Unity does not mean everybody doing the same thing. We are all skilled in different areas. Nnamdi should stop giving a wrong mentality to their people. If we are to judge by tribes. There are many tribes in Nigeria who haven’t smell government and they are in their happiest state. You call yourself unarmed biafrans,with armed abusive words and stones, and trying to stop all Nigeria activities. You are violating laws within your limit. Below are some of Kanu’s speech: “Nigeria is a zoo and everybody living in that God forsaken zoo deserves to die.” There will be no election in Anambra and I Dare Buhari to arrest me or send soldiers to arrest me in Biafra land and see if any of them will return alive I will be coming to Abuja on 21st and I will come with 1millions biafrans and if anybody Dare arrest me, Burn down the zoo and Nigeria will seize to exist I just launched Biafra secret security to Dealt with zoo Nobody can arrest me and if they do , zoo will seize to exist and Biafra will be achieve fast “Kumuyi should be stoned and dealt with thoroughly if he comes to Aba for his planned crusade.” “By the time we finish dealing with the animals in the zoo, there’ll be none left to tell the story.” “We are assembling weapons and we need some more money to thoroughly equip our military to enable us unleash mayhem on Nigeria.” “Niger Deltans are cowards; we know what to do to them. Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Edo and Cross Rivers State are our territory and anybody who tries to oppose us will be crushed.” “No Ibo man should attend any Church where the pastor is a Yoruba man, they are criminals and fools.” “Nigeria should prepare for war, we are coming to annihilate you, my secret service are already studying the zoo and strategising.” Here is the man those people who call themselves Ohaneze Ndigbo are defending. I blame President Buhari for condoning this kind of highly disgusting and provocative hate speech for this long. If I were the president, python would have started its dance a long time ago. Nonsense.

    • BiafraUnited says:

      @Nazeer, I tried reading through your post but stopped half way through because I read so many things that showed me that you are misguided. I do however, commend you for your post.

  4. Jnaral says:

    You see people coming to islamize me and u and use us as slaves now u are dear speaking english nnamdi kanu should continue his struggle until biafra is restored we are here in aba facing everything we still remain resolute

  5. Chika Fidelis says:

    Okoye, well as a final year student , I may not blame you as such because you still have to graduate before I can hold you accountable for not knowing what constitutes a hate speech. When you graduate, you will be able to know what is hate speech and what is freedom of expression and speech. Whether you like it or not, you should know that “”you talk to humans and shout at animals””, since Nigeria is a zoo, you just have to shout at them to get them do the right things. ALL WE NEED NOW IS BIAFRA and nothing else.

  6. matekpo says:

    O Lord of the most high, creator of KNK let your glory rein upon your children so that the Egypt we are into today we shall see, stay, live no more. who know him, pmb tell him to let umu chukwu okike abiama ( BIAFRAINS) GO. 2WEEKS ON IT SHALL REIN TREMENDOUS WONDERS MANY STRONG HOLDS , INTERNATIONALLY, AND LOCALLY WILL FALL O BABYLON DE GREAT HAS FALLEN. THE GOD OF KNK ANSWER PRAYERS. THROUGH HIM, WITH HIM AND IN HIM . O IT IS FINISHED AMEN.

  7. Uche Chidiebere Joe says:

    Same friends from other regions you mentioned will be told to hate wen they gets to political offices, they will asked never to let you have the chances or you will outrun them, especially the Yoruba friend will deny You at the very point you needs him most.

    • BIAFRAN RABBI says:


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