IPOB Provoking Army To Kill – Presidency

On September 15, 2017 183 Comments

The Presidency has stated that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, was deliberately provoking soldiers to commit acts of violence in order to draw sympathy from the international community.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said this in a statement on Thursday.

Shehu said, “While the military are taking all precautions to observe the rules of engagement, there is a deliberate sinister agenda by IPOB to provoke the soldiers into killing innocent people in retaliation so that Nnamdi Kanu would use the pictures of the victims for international propaganda by accusing the government of ethnic cleansing against the Igbo with the sole purpose of gaining sympathy.”

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The Presidency has also lambasted a former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, for accusing President Muhammadu Buhari of being a sectional leader.


Ezekwesili, who is a Co-convener of the #BringBackOurGirls group, had on Wednesday advised Buhari to rise above sectionalism and evacuate the soldiers deployed in the South-East as part of Operation Python Dance 2.

According to Shehu, Ezekwesili failed to condemn IPOB and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who, he said, had been promoting violence for several months.

The President’s spokesman said since the former minister was very active on social media, she should have been using her energy to condemn the IPOB leader but she chose to look the other way.

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Comments (183)

  1. Ifatunde Ajajunno says:

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  2. Charles Ejike Ugwa says:

    The Army has killed to their satisfaction, even without any form of provocation yet, my worry now is, what will the Army do when it becomes clear that they have been provoked? Mr President you can now travel, you have indeed satisfied your conscience and that of the Arewa Youths, Arewa Group, Arewa Men and women, both Old and Young. See you when you return.

  3. Chi Bu Ike says:

    IPOB a terrorist organization? All we can do is laugh hard and long. Same people who found it grueling to name Boko Haram a terrorist organization. This doesn’t surprise me. IPOB has been a terror to the forces of injustice that reign supreme in the Nigerian polity. We have been terrors to the nefarious and corrupt maneuvers of those who wield power. We have been terrors to the falsehood of a One Nigeria mantra.SO NIGERIAN ARMY OVERRULED COURT???

  4. Zobam Josephine says:

    Boko Haram killing people with explosive, u captured, rehabilitated and gave jobs. But these ones that have not caused any violence or killed any body, you are rather destroying them. God Almighty will kill you with Hemorrhoids.

  5. Okechukwu John says:

    you have told us that you are working with Boko Haram. the U N nation and U. S.nobody ask have ever ask Buhari what so said when Jonathan was in power. biafra land is a god onw land. no force on earth will stop the spirit of biafra

  6. Justus Alban says:

    PMB is a sectional leader, there is no doubt about it. That alone makes him unfit to be a leader talk less of a president of a country like Nigeria, is disappointing in all its ramifications.

  7. Isaac Bitrus says:

    Hmmm may God have mercy on our presidency. So the army has become so weak that the can’t handle IPOB under rules of engagement? If Goodluck has said this we will understand but for a general to say this is unbelievable! I doubt if truelly is Buhari that return from UK.

  8. Prince Kalu Peter says:

    What is the definition of a true leader, a true leader is someone that has the love of his people at heart, A true leader is someone that can sacrifice his life for his people, Just like the way jesus chist sacrifice his life on the cross of Calgary, a true leader is like a father that feels the pains, Hunger, problems and desires of his children, a true leader will sacrifice his life for his people, but in Nigeria (THE ZOO) the reverse is the case, rather they starve their children, kill them, maltreat them, send them into prostitution, rape them, even rape there own kids. This is the leadership orientation of an Hausa Fulani Nigerian leader. So heartbroken that people are so wicked, what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lost his soul. Everything is vanity upon vanity. My biafran people God will surely vindictive our struggle. All hail biafra we are watching them from afar. After the ragga, the blue continues.

  9. Eziekem Damian says:

    you are a foolish representative, how can you justify shooting of unarmed people, dont they teach your men the rules of engagement. well in nigeria we know anything goes. i only blame the ohaneze of fools and the likes of you blood sucking ritualists who delight in shading innocent blood. how can you sleep with the knowledge that you wasted many souls all in the name of presidency

  10. Solomon Eva says:

    Presidency should shut up their dirty mouth and stop disgracing before the world. What kind of nonsense statement is this? If someone calls you animal, you still behave as animal. That means truly you are an animal. Don’t you people see how other countries handle their internal differences? Nigeria has become a complete disgrace to other African countries under APC government. Oh my God, my heart is boiling seriously. Shameless people.

  11. Chika Fidelis says:

    Who is this shehu garba? Another blood sucking ape, Hahahahahahaha, fulani cowmen do not provoke the army, it is armless and harmless IPOB that is provoking the army is it not?, okay just wait, we will not forgive, never and you should not glory yet as long as all the Biafrans are still not dead. I bet you there will be no peace again in Nigeria except Biafra is born. All Hail Biafra

  12. Assuming'itz Gabriel Dennis says:

    Python Dance: Leave them na when we start ours…. Remember king of egypt told his magicians to make pythons to challange moses God then when moses cast his staff it turned to a mightier phyton and swallowed all the phython of the magicians when Biafrans will join the Dance we would swallow them all then they will know that our God is a living God

  13. Prince Charlie says:

    For some days now I have been so shocked that I could not utter a word, just like Joseph Stalin on hearing the German invasion of Soviet Union. I been wondering why an unprovoked army is on such high level of rampage against her own peaceful citizens for no other cause than the mere demand for referendum that will determine their future. I have also been appalled at the high level of hypocrisy, ignorance and sheer stupidity being expressed so far by the Nigerian government and a section of Nigerians, some of whom are even Lawyers.
    In as much as one may rightly not be in support of the Biafran struggle, but we as a country is still a million miles backward if the only method and logic for a united Nigeria is the use of our own military force to murder in cold blood our own citizens who are already feeling marginalized in a supposedly failed State.
    Our Constitution provides for freedom of association, peaceful assembly and expression, right to dignity of human person, right to fair hearing, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, as well as fundamental right to life in Sections 33, 34, 36, 38, 39, 40, &41 of the 1999 Constitution respectively. Nigeria is also signatory to Article 20 of the African Charter on Human Rights which specifically provides for a peoples right to self determination.
    Accordingly, it is not out of place for Nigerians to agitate for self determination based on the above laws & Charter , including the United Nations Charter on Human Rights since our own government is a Party to these Resolutions.
    It is therefore worrisome and appalling that the present Nigerian government which craves for the creation and recognition of Palestinian State and another State in far away Morocco has yet to extend that same charity at home. For everyday we are told that to question the unity of Nigeria is to cross the red line and that it is non negotiable even without reasons and any justification in terms of administration and equitable distribution of resources. The recent massacre of innocent and peaceful people in Abia State amounts to serious crimes against humanity and calls for condemnation and prosecution of all those involved in this.These wanton destruction of a people’s lives and properties is synonymous with the German killing of Jews during the Second World War, it is the same with the Ottoman Empire’s killing of Armenians in the 1st World War, it is also not different from the the present killing of Muslims in Rohingya , Burma ; for in these cases ,people were simply murdered not for any known crime , but for their beliefs , race and ethnicity. Therefore, it is high time the whole world should do the needful by wading into these incessant killings by this murderous Nigerian government and her military with a view of bringing all those involved to justice, the same way the NAZI officials were tried in Nuremberg. One love………Bonaventure Chidozie

  14. Ikechukwu Abiai says:

    Passing the buck? Putting the cart before the horse or incompetency in governance? Better still, wickedness of soul as has been severely demonstrated even in appointments. One cannot just be a fool forever. One day for the owner of the house against the thief.

  15. Ogbonna Phc says:

    So president buhari knows that his armies are killing the igbos. Haters of the igbos will never live to see the sun. The generations of those who hate the igbos will end mysteriously. Watch and see the end of those that hate the igbos.

  16. Ameen Odike says:


    Nnamdi Kanu Linked To Seized Imported Weapons In Lagos
    Strong indications emerged yesterday night that the confiscated 1,100 pump action rifles loaded in a 20 foot container in Lagos were allegedly shipped in by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu.

    It was gathered that the weapons, brought from Turkey, were concealed inside a container which Bill of Laden indicated it was conveying wash hand basins.

    The importation of the arms were part of the moves by the pro-Biafra agitator and his sponsors to stop the incoming governorship election in Anambra State from taking place as planned, AIT News has reliably learnt.

    Kanu had earlier vowed to kill any Igbo person that goes out to participate in the forthcoming elections

    The Kanu-led group had roared that the forthcoming governorship election will never be held, saying the reverse will be the case only when all members were dead.

    “We are going to use Anambra State to set an example so that other states in Biafran land will learn. We are sure and we are going to assure them that there will be no election in Anambra State. The message is that there will be no election in Biafran land starting from Kogi, Benue, Edo, Delta, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Cross River, Akwa Ibom and others,” the group had threatened in a recent statement.

    – AIT News
    13 September 2017.

  17. Christopher Uwem says:

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  19. Godswill Uche says:

    Bokoharam have not provoked army to kill
    Herdsmen have not provoked army to kill.
    May all those army who killed ipob members die with their families, may bokoharam wipe them out with the presidency that support this evil genocide.

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